Scam Email(s) from Aaron Bittencourt to Wanda (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello Dear,

Here is the military email address { } And also here is what you are going to write to the military office dear.

I am ........... hereby applying for the casual leave of Col ................of UN/UNA-MID. I shall take all the charges as my responsibility because I want to have a constant conversation with him as I am his future wife. I will be extremely grateful if you can grant my application. I am taking this opportunity because ' I really wanted to get to know him better and to see him personally.

get back to me as soon as you send the message to the military office through your email address.the leave processing will start as soon as you send the message.

love you

Letter 2

Dear Ma ,

We got your messge and we are glad to hear from you on time,it show that you really need your husband with you.You are a luck woman to have Col.Aaron Bittencourt as your husband bcs He is a Good and hard working man.

You are to make the payment through western union or money gram.Here is the payment information.


NOTE : Get back to Us with senders name,sender address,senders phonenumber,question and answer,control number { MTCN } Let your question be { month } and your answer should be { june } get back to us and notify us to know if you send the money through money Gram or western union.

We will be await for yourreply soon.


Letter 3

Dear Sir /Ma

We received an e-mail from your fiance about the request, if you will have to request for your fiance let us know, we can help you with that because Col.Aarin Bittenncourt is one of our best officer here and we want to reward him for his good services He has rendered here in Afghanistan, If you have any question, please do not hesitate.

Note : All soldier will be coming home soon, some arrived two month ago through leave, while some will arrive soon but we are not sure if your husband will be release to come home for now because there is a lot for him to do for us here, is likely we redeploy him to Libya for the political crises there just because we need a brave soldier like him but if you want him home for like three month or more we can do that for you. To be sincere he don't like to deploy to Libya but someone will have to put in for his leave request but this involved a lot of trust, and he said you can be trusted.

* Do you want him there now or you want us to redeploy him back to Libya firstly? and later come home after some years later, but he may not be happy with that because all his mind is at home right now and he said you are the only one he can trust, please let us know what is in your mind within 24 hours.

We must let you know that there are some process you need to go through, and the request will be granted as soon as everything is done by you. There are some paper works you need to print, read it carefully than fill the form, sign it, scan it and send it back to us, The form has been attached to this email.

Read the instruction:

(i) Returning officer applying for leave request will be liable to receive some amount of money as Leave Bonuses and this will be claim by His/Her beneficiary for Col.Aaron, which means you. The amount is ($99,330.00 USD)

(ii) All soldier leaving the camp on a family or spouse request should have a liberty pass card with him or her at departure and arrival, Identification Card shall suffice to identify a service member on authorized absence not classified as leave.

(iii) Beneficiary liable to pay for the liberty pass card processing fee with any other expense it may be require, it may be approximately ($850.00 USD) you can read more about this in the policy and instruction for leave request form which your will be sent to you.

(iv) Paid leave should only be granted to soldiers who eligible for leave, unpaid leave to the non-eligible soldiers under any kind condition.

Note : You will need to give us your account details to wire the bonuses there for you as soon all necessary thing been done by you, on no account should not third part intervene with the whole processing. Madam we are happy for you to have him as your fiance his a good man and very respectful man is one of our best and hard working military Air Artillery officer. Wish two of you good luck.


Leave Unit/TS2




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