Romance scam letter(s) from Andre I. Dayang to Bonnie (Canada)
Letter 1

My Sweet Bonnie, How are you doing? It was a lovely day today and it started out beautiful by reading your emails. You are such a sweet woman too! Well, I think we are both surprised to find out we have the same values, morals, dreams and goals. Our lives are open books. We have lots of things in common which is rare in many relationships. Please don't go to Morocco without me..LOL! It will be nice for us to meet somewhere quiet in the country, by a lake and have a picnic. I am looking forward to that my sweet Bonnie. Hearing your voice, listening to your words come from your actual voice was endearing and made me smile. I'm glad you like my accent and had very little trouble understanding what I was saying. It is rare to find someone that you can communicate with comfortably and openly and honestly as we have been able to do with each other. That is a sign of real interest in each other. My reaction when I will see you will be to throw my arms around you for a great big Hug and some kisses. I like how you makes me feel! I am a firm believer in destiny and fate.......I have always felt that there was someone out there in the world that was made for me and that would appreciate and cherish the type of person that I am and I am in hopes that I have found her in you. I feel that I can be honest about my feelings and that they should not be ignored, but rather discussed and a mutual conclusion be made. In the same reason that I know it is important to hear my partners thoughts and feelings and give them credence and let them know that they mean something to me. I am not one to argue as yelling and fighting solve nothing, I am the type to sit down and calmly discuss whatever the problem is and to work with my partner to solve it to mutual agreement. There are so much about you that I like and I love reading your emails and reading all the wonderful words that you send to me. They give me such insight as to the person that you are and more importantly the person that you are not. That makes me feel so special when you say such nice things to me and let me know that you look forward to hearing from me. It is nice to know that someone in this crazy world is thinking of me in such a wonderful way. I think it's better to stay with a girls who can bring SMILE to my life. No doubt We have begun a journey that will turn into something real and strong and true. It's so funny cuz sometimes I feel like a school kid and the thought of talking to you makes me have butterfly and feel quite shy...It feels wonderful to know, that I have been "having strong feelings" towards you. I feel we are bonding and am experiencing warm affection for you. It does strike me as strange that two people who have not met, can share something like this. So, where do you think we should go from here? As much as I believe in equality in a relationship, I can also be a little old fashioned and find it very appealing for a man to take the lead sometimes. People probably wonder what I'm up to! I feel so childlike (in a good way) because I know we are sharing our precious thoughts with each other. You seem to be extra ordinary based on how I feel towards you. Just realize that my transformation into the new and better "me" is a journey that I have recently begun. I want you to know that I'm enjoying getting to know you. There's this funny feeling inside of me which is the confirmation that there's a strong bond and connection between us. I have revealed only truth in my emails and with each one I draw closer to you! I live for the day when we will be able to talk and laugh together face2face! I am not perfect, just an ordinary male waiting for his princess :). How can I miss someone so much that I've never met and yet to meet? I know a lot of it is to do with us writing to each other and explaining our thoughts and feelings to each other, but I believe when your heart tells you that someone is THAT person you've been waiting for to come along and who takes over your thoughts and feelings then you have to follow what it tells you. I’ll be off to Malaysia on Saturday this weekend to fetch my mother home. As a friend please keep holding my hands. Do you know "no matter how much the wind will blow in our opposite direction, the moon will follow our hearts, because the quality of my life has something to do with the amount of time you are in it. We found a donor for her on the National Donor list. Here is the test; A Molecular 02CWZK 25GS B Molecular 07CSJW 18TRR DRB1 Molecular 1501 0701

I hope that this might help her doctor should know within second of looking at the numbers if it could be a potential match. That’s what they tell me anyway. I will keep my fingers crossed that they do. I pray that she has the strength to continue her fight to be healthy once again. I'll continue to be a source of strength for her. Thank you for sharing a little part of yourself with me in every email....I am always excited to learn something new about you (good or bad). Anticipating your reply...and look forward to maybe collecting some Big Hug and Kisses from you soon....and excited at the thought of running my fingers through your hair! Good evening! Andre xo
Letter 2

My precious Queen Bonnie, Thank you so much for the time you spent chatting with me this morning. It was as if you were right here beside me. I really enjoyed talking on the phone with you. Yes, there were a couple of times you didn't quite understand what I said, so, you just asked me to say it again, and that was just fine. Hope you are feeling much better from the pains? Have been thinking of you- and I will continue wishing you good health. I am glad you were able to find an inner strength to push faster and paddle harder despite the difficulties with your arm socket! When you are determined to do something, all you have to do is focus a little more on it. If you are determined, chances are that you will not have to spend the rest of your life as a mediocre and a slave. Instead, you can become the best there is at anything you do or decide to get involved. I have been trying to get the Skype working on my mother's desk top. Just don't seem to understand why it's difficult to download. But I will keep trying. I wish to thank you for your invaluable support and advice on mother's situation. Your irreplaceable heartiness, Love and understanding are the sources of my strength. Please, accept my heartfelt message... I agree with you, faith can move mountains. Sorry about the stress you are going through at work. Sweetheart, I know you can’t control everything in your work environment, but that doesn't mean you’re powerless—even when you’re stuck in a difficult situation. There is a limit to the amount of work you can do on your own, and taking on too much yourself will result in burnout. Try to keep a balanced schedule and tackle jobs in order of importance okay... I know you are very committed to your work. Hopefully the job lead for a Procurement Manager at Shell will be possible too... You have a dream Bonnie, that's why you do push yourself personally to do well in your career by setting high goals to reach. I'm proud of you baby! "where have you been all my life"? I think we were both working to be a better people before we met. Or should I say I've been hiding in your closet. The Wi-Fi signal is pretty good in there. I don't want the IRS to find me..LOL! Fate and luck are the same thing, it all depends on how you look at life! Fate being that everything happens for a reason. Luck meaning that life is what you make it. You & I have made this relationship possible through our commitment to each other. I hope your mom's friend don't give up on her husband. why did she get married in the first place. I know that having a beautiful picture of a loving and healthy husband with kids is every woman’s dream. Sometimes, this perfect family doesn't always happen exactly the way we wish. This is simply due to the fact that life is always evolving and sometimes we get what we never bargained for. She has to support her man. Hearing you voice before I left for hospital was pure pleasure to me and such a wonderful surprise and start to my day! I feel special that you chose to discuss me with everything about you. That tells me you meant what you said about how you feel about me and that you too take our budding relationship serious. I believe that in meeting you has been one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me. We need to be able to talk and work all of our future details together and I think the best time for this talk will be when I arrive back there and we are able to just relax and really get to know each other from the front cover to the back cover of the book, as we have already written a book and we need to share all of that and figure out how to write the next one.. LOL! I went to see mom at the hospital this morning with a huge grin on my face. She asked me what I was so happy about and I just said that I had a beautiful start to my day and nothing was going to spoil it. So thank you my mean the world to me already and if we were to meet today then I could honestly say I would probably fall more in love with you. I know that those are strong words, but I said I am honest and open and I feel like that more and more each day even though we have yet to touch each other. I blush every time you tell me how you feel, miss you and the things that you think about. .....My heart beats so much faster when I am talking with you on the phone. It is so easy to tell you how I feel about you but sometimes hard to explain the deep emotions I have when talking and written to you. (I hope you understand this). It's so unfortunate that things are not going according to my plans and I've come to realize that, compromise is the only way forward at moment. These guys have insisted that I must go with their advice if I don't want to regret my actions. All I want is the best for mom. I am completely falling apart. And I don't want to be overwhelmed with guilt of self-induced. I feel I am completely capable of making correct decisions now to avoid making things worse! So, rather than wasting time arguing with the doctors, I have decided to allow them to carry out the surgery. First of all they want to make sure the surgery is done with the method of radiation therapy which involves stopping the growth of undetected cancer cells. Radiation therapy they said will reduce the chance of recurrence. According the Dr, he also said that with the combination of surgery and radiation therapy it will long been considered as a safe and effective alternative to completely remove an organ. He told me that radiation therapy in leukemia cancer surgery is used to reduce pain when the leukemia cancer has spread to a bone and if chemotherapy hasn't helped. My mother is suffering from (acute lymphocyte leukemia) which means all these would be considered best for her. The surgery is expected to be carry out on Monday next week. I’ll keep you posted on her situation! I will end this one for now my love. I am sure that I won't be able to stop myself from writing to you many more times before I get home. At least you will have some reading material..LOL! Just remember that I am thinking of you in the most loving and special way. In my dreams we are together, dancing under the moonlit sky, holding each other close, laughing and teasing each other, having fun and enjoying life, and showing each other how much we care and love as we caress and make passionate love. mmmmm I do love my dreams about you!!!!

All my love,

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