Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Dirk to Mindy (USA)
Letter 1

Hi sweetheart,how are you doing?Its Saturday evening here,I haven't got anytime to get on my im or let alone email you for the past couple of days, you must noticed.I'm sorry if i had you worried its just things haven't been so good lately.Jess is really sick right now and has been admitted in a private hospital not far from the hotel since Thursday night i noticed around midnight her temperature became very high and she started shaking.I was so scared, i had to call the attention of the hotel manager, who helped me get cab and we took her to the nearest hospital not so far from our hotel where she got admitted. The doctors diagnosed and found out she's got "typhoid fever”. It must have been caused by untreated water she drank, most likely in my absence.This is why i haven't been able to get int ouch to with you lately cos i have to stay up in the hospital with her most of the time,I only come in and leave almost immediately to get supplies when she is sleeping.I also misplaced my phone that night in the process of everything, that's why i couldn't even text you the situation but i know i would find it i just have to check around our room properly must have dropped somewhere. We were supposed to be on our way back to Texas as you already know but couldn't make it cos of how bad she was.Even worse, turns out my meetings with the clients didn't go so well,we would have managed to still return home if not for Jess's present medical condition.The doctors say she is not in good shape to travel yet till she gets better,hopefully in couple of more days.Baby you have no idea how i feel right now about everything.How much i miss you and how worried i am about my daughter.I could never forgive myself if anything happens to her.I'm sure she will be fine as the doctors have assured me that.Who would have thought things would turn out so bad after it started off so nicely.
Baby,i cant wait for this to be over,i know it will very we can all be together at home where we belong.I really do care about you and mean everything between us with my whole heart.You mean so much to me, pls put me in your prayers always.I will be in touch as much as i can.Lots of love n kisses,
Letter 2

Hey honey,hows your morning going?its around 4pm in the afternoon here, I just came in to the hotel to send you this mail.As difficult and ashamed as I am to say this...Unfortunately everything hasn't turn out well at all and the entire trip didnt go as successful as expected.The doctor in charge just came with her discharge details indicating she could be released today.Jess should have been discharged today cos she is doing much better and fully recovered now,I'm thankful for that.If all goes well, We should re validate our flight tickets tonight or latest tomorrow and we would be on our way home.Due to all this problems and our extended stay, we have accumulated more charges than expected.Jess's medical bills is about $1750 plus the extra hotel charges, Mom sent us $1100 yesterday(she says that's all she has in left in the bank, virtually emptied her account to help us)The problem now is,I still wont be able to clear her medical bills with what i have which is most important, for her to be discharged.I didn't wanna tell you earlier cos i thought i would be able to handle it on my own,that it won't have cost this much plus I didn't think it'd be right to ask you. Right now,I seem to have no choice.Baby,i need you to pls do you best to help raise and borrow me about $865, so i can add it to what i have to settle everything and be on our back home.Its not like i dont have money or cannot afford to sort this out without stressing any one its just that my cards won't work here (cos they are out of their service area) so i cannot access any money from home and they only accept cash payments.I tried contacting my bank but i need to have identity documents verified which is impossible from here and even if it was, it would take a lot of time. Pls get back to me asap so i can let you know how to get the money here to me..I'm very sorry to be bothering with this, i have no right to ask you for such favor cos you probably have issues of your own. I wish there was some other way to get cash,its important that i get this money soon, so we can be on our way home.Once we get back home I would settle everything and get it back to you within 48hrs of our return to Texas. Pls let me know....I will be waiting to hear from you.Lots of love n kisses,Michael
Letter 3

Hey sweetie,how are you doing?Its about 9am Sunday morning just got in from the hospital this morning to freshen up and pick up some thing for the day.Thanks for being so supportive, positive and encouraging,its exactly what i need right now and really means a lot to me.I can't tell yo how much I appreciate all the helpful tips you gave and also how much you are willing to help. I haven't been able to get on my laptop or check my emails much since all this started cos I barely stay in the hotel these days.I'm glad to know i have you to return home to,its so lifting know i have someone as sweet and caring as you in my life.The doctors are doing are very experienced and are doing their job regards taking care of her properly. She is getting better and responding to treatments.I'm glad she is gonna be ok. The doctors say she should be discharged on Tuesday we would be home a day or two after.It won't have taken that long if it wasn't typhoid fever,other ones like malaria are less chronic,your probably know that if you ever had the experience.She would still have to continue treatment when we get back home.I'm so glad this is almost over.Too bad the whole trip didn't turn out successfully as anticipated,I know there is a reason for everything.I really do miss you very single day and wish it was already home with you.I haven't been able to call too due to the problems here and it costs a lot to call from here with the calling card.However we just gotta endure this for now,i will be with you soon.Hey,I found the phone this morning behind one of the boxes, all i have to do is charge it and i can text you.Miss you very much,I will keep you posted Michael
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