Romance scam letter(s) from Wade Arrison to Lisa (USA)
Letter 1

Hi pretty,I am writing you based on your photo I saw on your page.I have the courage to contact you through your message box.I have no idea of who you are,either we have met before but the zeal of writing you is because of your photo I laid my eyes on.
My name is Arrison Wade.I am a coordinator in Lady Moura cruise line.I live in Kensington London city.
I have impression to know who you are.I am a single Dad,My son live with me he is 6 years old.I am desperate of knowing you better,I can't take my eyes of your photo.I am not praising you but I am telling you that your beautiful in my eyes and is pleasure meeting you.I will hope to have your feedback letters.good to see ya here.
Letter 2

I am very happy to hear from you.I saw your on your profile,where else do you want me to see that?=D I have been waiting for a moment like this when you will surprise me to receive your letter!...I am grateful for the time to write me,I am very sure we can become friends and get to know better.Who are you and where can you be found?
Letter 3

Hello Lisa,Good to hear from you,Sorry for the Divorced news.Hope you have recovered from the pain.I will continue to write to you because you are charming and pretty,tell me,what type of friend do you want in your life?have you had a friend from UK before?what do you normally do with your family?shopping,beaching?clubbing? hulaala,I might be funny right?
Letter 4

Darling,I am here I know you have waited for so long...My Job has been depriving me from having a constant communication with you.Could I say I hate my Job,How could that sound to you?I hate to make you feel left alone because I hate to be alone too.
Your the eyes of love passion that suit mine.My eyes sees love within you.
What I meant by friend is someone you know that is living in UK.I saw your page at the right side of my profile under people you may wish to know.You may check yours also.
How I spend time with my son,I try to make him feel at ease with me,He is my lovely son and a friend.We laugh together and play together whenever I am at home.I am a Coordinator who instruct to make sure that the necessary service is been given to all the passenger.
Waiting for you with the deepest craving!
Letter 5

Hi.......Gorgeous you make me happy because of how you show up to my world.Your so Amazing person that cross my heart and refuse to be forgotten.Your presence brings wonderful smiles and loving thoughts within my heart.I feel natural after knowing you exist.
I got something to say just listen I am a man and your a woman what else do we want?
Letter 6

Sweetie I wrote to you directly from here.Not with a translator.What made you so confused?I guess you have not heard the things I say to you from anyone before is that right?lol
I will be on the ship for three moment and go home for a Month Holiday.
The ship rout is all over the Europe,Australia and middle East Asia.Our head office is in Spain.I invite you for a visit if you have Holiday you are welcome to visit our ships.Good night.
Letter 7

Hi,what's going wrong?I hope your in safe condition!...I have been looking up through the few conversation we had previously.just to find out if I said something you didn't like,not hearing from you is quite boring and I am worried if you had a problem there.
Letter 8

Thanks for your open mind.Finding a friend can be anywhere but it depend on one's choice.sincerely you have given me enough,from what you wrote to me I can see how good you're.
I am looking forward the period we can spend time together chat and talk about about us.
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