Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Silvery (Canada)
Letter 1

my name is Sgt George the US Army deputy commander and currently serves as the Commanding General of ISAF in afghanistan.Sometimes when i found myself less busy i do like to talk to someone but nobody around,am here to find a nice friend,a friend is the one of the nicest things you can have, And one of the best thing you can be.FRIENDSHIP isn't a big thing,it's a million little things,Friendship is to sit together and laugh about the comedy said above.Hope to hear from you as soon as you accept me as your friend forever,I hope you dont mind?Take good care of yourself my dear friend.Thank You
Letter 2

I would have been retired by now but am still working because of the dept my ex wife incured in me,My last assignment which is commanding of V Corps in Wiesbaden, Germany on 10 January 2012 was suppose to be my last assignment.I was planning to retire after my last assignment I just brought my real estate back home which cost me about 10 million USD.That was my life savings,All that i have worked for,I was planning to set up a private security firm
My wife told me that her and my brother in law wanted to go into a car shipping business and that i should seek for a loan for them from my bank.I stood for a loan for my wife and her brother,My brother in law and now i am stock up with the bills
I am even at the verge of loosing my real estate to the bank cos i use it as security for the loan
This was the reason i am still working and serving,I took the deployment in June to serve as the commnder of ISAF and deputy commander of united states force so that i can come up with the money
All my salaries and allowances are being paid directly to the bank,I only receive the payment slip on my email
Letter 3

I wanted to be Soldier ‘from as early as I can remember,I carry a distinguished warrior’s resume, but my roots and values are pure small-town America.I grew up in a military family. My earliest memories coalesced around a desire to emulate my father, a World War II-veteran NCO who ultimately served 32 years in the Army in a combination of active duty and National Guard.From as early as I can remember, I thought I wanted to be a Soldier,“My dad inspired me. His traits — his concern for Soldiers, his attention to detail, the serious nature with which he treated his job and his duties, being proficient in his profession — are things that I grew up with.I was “thrilled” when i earn a nomination to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.My decision wasn’t difficult.Frankly at the time I thought (West Point) was probably a long shot, but it worked out,“I enjoyed, as much as one can enjoy, being a cadet for four years. It was tough, but it was the right thing for me.”While at the academy, two tactical officers, the primary leaders and developers of cadets at the company level, became important role models for me, Herbert Lloyd and Boyd “Mac” Harris. Lloyd had enlisted without a high school diploma, worked his way through the ranks to sergeant first class, and earned a commission from Officer Candidate School in 1964. He retired a brigadier general, having served multiple tours in Germany and Vietnam, Harris graduated from West Point and likewise served two tours in Vietnam. After teaching military leadership at the academy, he played a key role in developing and writing the Army Leadership Manual. Harris was the author of the “Be, Know, Do” philosophy taught to generations of junior Army officers. He died of cancer at 40.One of the great things about this Army is the people you’re around,That’s why I’ve wanted to stay. That’s why my dad stayed on so long.The hardest thing about being a leader is inspiring subordinates, “touching their souls.I have been fortunate to know officers, NCOs and Soldiers who have inspired me.I’ve spent a lot of time around them, and they’ve absolutely had an impact on the way that I lead and the way that I see my duties as an officer in the United States Army.
Letter 4

Here is the details of what is bothering me,Few days back we had a tip up on the Taliban stronghold, in the Afghanistan province of Helmand. That is where they had their entire hide out. I lost two of my men here. I have really been sad due to what happen.
During the raid I came across two briefcases full with money in their hide out, and we found out they were going to use this money to buy guns and other weapons for bombs attack, when we got back I had to keep this money in hidden here in Afghanistan, Because I am not ready to leave now and will not even be leaving now. I am still on assignment for here in Afghanistan from now until I have my holidays I did not include this in my report marking so I was really thinking and finding ways and means to get this money out of here as soon as possible.I am a public figure and there are lot of eyes on me and people monitoring me. So God been good one of the red cross diplomatic Spanish man that I have work with so long was leaving to spain so I ask him to take it along with him for me and I will direct some one to come and meet him for the delivery.He will be taking up a new assignment very soon,I am really pleading with you to help me to call the man behalf,so that the man will help you through the bank procedure.
Please I am really begging Karen you to do this for me I am really confused until this can be done. I trust you that is why I am telling you this. I have talk with you and build up that confidence in you.
This is a commitment to you that I will come and meet you soon.
As I am writing you this mail now a Spanish diplomat name Diplomat Johnson Tetteh has help to air lift the brief out this country and is now in spain Please lady karen I will want you to contact him and let him know that you are contacting him on my behalf regarding the brief cases.
Below is the information of the Diplomat
Name: Diplomat Johnson Tet
Please contact him and let me know how you go with him. Name: Diplomat Andrey Avetisyan
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