Scam Email(s) from Jack Redd to Isela (Mexico)


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Letter 1

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write you . My name is Nino Brown. I am 48yrs old single father. I am from the United State of American to be precise. My wife died 6 years ago in auto clash. I am American Sailor currently on duty post here in Libya. I am working as an engineering in the ship in Southern Libya. I have an office of my own. I have been in Libya for 1 years now and I will be going back to U.S in three months from now.

I enjoy my work and my attitude is positive and grateful.I have a son who is 16yrs old his name is Phillip and he studied foreign languages in the Africa. which is usually a smile on my face and I have been very blessed. I have had my share of setbacks in life, haven’t we all? But, in spite of everything I have never stopped being grateful for every experience that I have been given. I am a very happy person. I like to have fun, work, travel, play and smile. I think of myself as clever, but harmless. I am an easy going person, humorous, witty, kind and a very jovial man. I want to experience as much of this world as I can before this lifetime is over. My hobbies are horse riding, baseball, music’s, food, soccer, jogging etc. I'm looking for a woman to love, someone to spend the rest of my life with, someone to share my life, my adventures, Sometimes I will pull you away from your work without warning for some bit of fun, and while your work went undone; your memories will be enriched. I am looking for you a good looking, intelligent, passionate, caring, loving, understanding and independent woman. A woman ready to love me for whom I am.

I do not seek perfection, as I am far from the mark myself, but I do need to be with someone who wants it, someone who strives to reach her goal. I can help you when you stumble, and you can help me when I stumble, and together we can work our way up the ladder. I also want to meet someone who is contented with her life, someone who is ready to share that life with me, and ready to have my life shared with her.

Attached are my pictures and my son pictures for you to know me. Endeavor to also tell me more about yourself, your life style, your age, your dos and don't, your hobbies and also send me some of your pictures when replying this mail. I sincerely wish you the very best .

Hope to hear from you soon.
Nino Brown




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