Romance scam letter(s) from Greg Van Vuuren to Erica (South Africa)
Letter 1


I was contacted regarding a situation where someone is using my pictures to pose on a dating website. The pictures you sent are mine. I am not Greg van Vuuren. I do not know who this person is and I am not involved in any dating web sites.

Kind regards,

David Wilson
Letter 2


I am sure you can understand my hesitancy to share too much information. While it sounds like your employee has lost more, my pictures have been stolen. The files you attached are labeled up to 77. It makes me wonder how many pictures he has stolen. The pictures came from Facebook. I have gone in to my account to make these files private now.

Letter 3

Hello honey! how are doing today? though i should send you my pics when i was in the hospital. sorry i was looking horrific but it nice to share every thing with you.
missing you so much and will be online latter. i am at the site and its crazy out to you latter
Letter 4

Hello my angel, i am sorry for not chatting to you the time i did promised to but please understand, i was very busy with paperwork trying to save my contract. i know that after all i am not worthy for your trust but i am really inlove with you and all that i say to you is the truth, i needed you more than money can buy, i saw peace in you and i so future in you my love, please forgive me for i know i am not perfect but you can see that i have made up my mind with the true love i have for you will never be betrayed and i am sure you loved me with all your heart.... Please do not let go of me my love, we have gone a long way in this relationship and you have sacrifice a lot for me and i do appreciate that and i thing i ow you a lot and i promise that i will make it up to you and pay you back with great pride i have come to love you more than words can say. between God and man what ever i say to you lately that who i am, i do understand your insecurity at this point but i am begging you not to break my heart if that will be the case i suggest you forget about helping me but but don't let go of me at this point. you are the reason why i wake up every morning and go to bed at night. you have brought light to my sading life, you have me the hope of a dream life, you have shown me the meaning of true love, you shown me that i can be inlove without a physical touch. God knows that i love you with the last drop of my blood and i promise not to disappoint you. please find a place in your heart to forgive me and i will never let you down. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WILL WILL ALWAYS DO
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