Romance scam letter(s) from Benjamin Ome to Paul (Ireland)
Letter 1

Attention:Paul ., Much thanks for your mail and all contents is noted and understood .
the business is legal, transparent, with benefits for both of us , i promise you that we don't have any problem i will go right to the point . This is to acknowledge receipt of your full contact details and i wish to inform you that the late Mr. Author Billings deposited a huge amount valued at US$45Million United States dollars ONLY with our bank leaving no one as the Next of kin to his funds . To this end,i will present you to our bank as the NEXT OF KIN to Mr. Author Billings and once this is done,the funds will be transferred to you as his next of kin . Furthermore,Before our bank can transfer the said amount to you as Mr. Author Billings next of kin,The Ownership of the funds must be transferred to your name as His next of kin as we will need to obtain an AFFIDAVIT OF CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP DOCUMENTS from the Ghana High Court attesting that you are now the new beneficiary to the deposited funds . So on this note,The Change of Ownership documents will give you the right to claim the funds (US$45M USD) from the bank and have it transferred to your designated bank account . Prior to the procurement of the Change of ownership documents,i spoke with an Old friend of mine who is an Accredited Lawyer and i inquired from him how such documents can be obtained and he further advised that theres an administrative charges attached to the procurement of such documents as the beneficiary will be required to pay the sum of 550 EURO as an oath fees before the documents can be issued on your name . Once we have finally obtained the documents,I would then present you to our bank as the Next of kin to Mr. Author Billings and once our bank is in receipt of the affidavit on your name,An Online account would be set-up on your name were the proceeds of your funds worth US$45M Would be deposited to as cash payment and once the payment is lodged into your online account,Our Accounts department would forward your ONLINE ACCOUNT login details which consist of your REF & PIN as it would give you access to your online account whereby you can place order of transfer of any amount to any account of choice in the world . Finally,Please kindly acknowledge receipt of this mail and confirm if you are willing to send down the payment of 550EURO so the lawyer could obtain the documents in your favour .
the deposit slip of Mr Author Billings is with me right now, my ID card is attach below and if you want me to send you the deposit slip of Mr Author Billings i will do that . Please ensure to keep this matter CONFIDENTIAL due to my position in the Bank . I Wait to hear from you . Regards,
Benjamin Ome .
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