Romance scam letter(s) from Daniel Timothy to Emi (Philippines)
Letter 1

I am Capt. Daniel Timothy a senior officer of the Engineering Unit of British Armed Forces here in Kabul, Afghanistan.I am glad to meet you from here while searching for a very reliable person to partner me in a short term Business Project. I have good amount of Money which i want to move out of the Country. It is (Four Million six Hundred and twenty Thousand Us Dollars) and British Military will soon pull out completely from Afghanistan, and i have to act very fast before time runs out. We acquired this fund in a Military raid in one of the Tunnels in Afghanistan and after will splits it with my senior officers this is my own share . To escape military awareness, i decided and deposited the money in United Nations' Military Base Vault pending when i get a reliable Partner who will receive this Fund on my behalf. While depositing the money i declared that the content of the TRUNK BOX is Family Valuable Treasure. This Money is oil money, and everything is legal. I have made a concrete arrangement to move the fund out of Afghanistan as a Family Treasure. The most important Question is, Can I Trust you? I will offer you 30% for your assistance, then you have to find a safe place to keep my 70% Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to or kept, Mine is sending it to you safely. If you are interested. I need a straight answer; YES OR NO. If yes, then let's work, and let me have your contact details, because there is no time to waste. I must complete this before we (British ARMY) complete pull out process in Afghanistan please note that all necessary arrangement for the smooth release of these funds to you has been finalized and we shall follow strictly all the legal procedures entailed in our laws and international laws in transferring the funds to you. Kindly notify me via my e-mail, upon your acceptance to assist me.Further details will be made available to you as soon as you reply and i shall provide you with my confidential phone number, once there is positive response from you. Best Regards, Capt. Daniel
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