Romance scam letter(s) from Rupert Marc-Andre to Sarah (USA)
Letter 1

Hi pretty!!!
I was glancing through profiles when your gorgeous picture got my attracted while your lovely words had me write you, I came across your profile and just could not get my eyes off it, I am sure you do not need a mirror to tell you how pretty and attractive you are, I would be doubting if you were single if your profile had not said so. I am new on here just wanting to meet some one cool that enjoy the simple things of life. I'm a warm caring person that loves to laugh. Life is way to have to enjoy it. Here are some concepts I live by: I believe that great love and great achievements involve great risk, I respect myself, I try to respect others, and I take responsibility for my actions. I like to learn the rules so I know how break them properly. I try not to let a little dispute ruin a friendship. I try to share what little knowledge I have in the hope that it will help me achieve immortality. When I make a mistake I try to immediately take steps to correct it, checkout my profile and if it tickles your curiosity, drop me a line best regards. Toni.
Letter 2

I am sorry honey I was not able to text you, the signal on my cell is too low can't text. How are you doing this morning I hope you slept well, I am so sad and right now because I got to my site today and found out that the tax board has seized my working tools and stop my workers from working and they said I should come and meet them in their office, and when I got there they said the reason they did what they did is because I have not paid my tax for working there ever since I came and they where expecting me to do so before now but I refuse and I told them that I don't have any idea about paying tax here nobody told me and also told them that my work was suppose to be inspect today, right now I don't have any funds on me that they should just allow me to complete the project and I will pay my tax before I leave but they refuse and insisted that I must pay my tax before they can allow me to finish the project, and when I ask them how much I will pay they said its 11k and I don't have that much on me and what I have is just only 6k and I tried to offer that to them so that they can allow me to finish up the project and I promise to pay the rest as soon as the contract is completed but they still refuse and keep on insisting that i must pay the complete 11k. I am so confuse and frustrated right now and even the 6k I intend to give them is all I have on me right now and I will be left with nothing but yet they still don't want to take it from me, the worst is the there is no way I can get money from here because I can't access my account here and I don't have credit card because it makes me run into debt, I came with enough money but I use it to pay my workers and buy working materials and the rest is what I have been using to take care of myself and Catherine and the only money left on me right now is 6k, at this point I don't know what to do sweetie,the inspectors came and said I did a good job but I have to pay tax so I can finish and get my balance, I did not work today just been trying to get things resolved I just think I should let you know what is going on.. I am back at the hotel now I will text you when I get a good signal, love you .
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