Romance scam letter(s) from Anthony Jamgotchian to Adriane (Netherlands)
Letter 1

How was your night? I woke up so early today as I didn't know when I slept last night because I was so tired.I went straight to the kitchen to prepare myself a toast and coffee as I was so hungry that I could eat up a full elephant :)
Thanks for the brief insight into your life.My life is an open book.You can ask me any question and I will be happy to answer you.We are getting to know each other and openness is a key factor in any relationship.
I am Armenian as you know already.I moved to the UK 9 year ago from Armenia a year after I lost my parents as I wanted to fresh start,a new beginning.You seem very fluent in English.I have been divorced for 4 years.I filled for a divorce when I found out that my ex was having an affair with my best friend.It was very difficult for be to comprehend.I was totally devastated that is why till today I don't keep much of friends around anymore as it's very hard for me to trust anyone after what my ex did to me.I have not spoken to her since our divorce and to be honest with you I don't care as her presence irritates me now.I enjoy Jazz,Soul,Country,Blues and Classic.I don't like Rap and Rock music.My work keeps me very much occupied.It gives me that sense of fulfillment. I am structural engineer and I love what I do.I am a private independent contractor..I work from home.I am into designs of roads,bridges,railways,tunnel and other industrial structures.I enjoy reading,swimming,walking,going to the cinema,golfing and bowling.I don't go to the cinema much theses days as it gets boring going all alone.I usually go golfing every Sundays and bowling on Saturday.Bowling is so much fun.Do you go bowling?.I don't have any kids.It's not that I don't like kids but it didn't just work out.I am not looking for kids at this point in my life now as I feel it's already too late for me.I was born into a catholic family.I am catholic.My parents passed away in 2002
There is no Armenian community over here in London.I don't know about else where in the UK though.I came on the site in search for a true and lasting relationship.At this point in my life I am looking for a relationship to be a place of sanctuary , passion,commitment and love.The search for love is not an easy task.
Now over to you :) tell me a bit more about yourself,what you do and you kinds of music you enjoy
Looking forward to hearing from you Warm regards Anthony
Letter 2

Good evening Diane First I foremost you plan to make me or even try to convince me to be "not interested" in you will not work ha ha ha. If I was looking for an English lady I wouldn't have come up on the site. I am looking for some different and unique.After my divorce I lost faith in any relationship close to me.Your profile attracted me to you and I got that feeling that you are a lively and humorous woman....I think I was write with all what you wrote and your occasional jokes from time to time :)
Relationship to me is all about understanding,be it just casual friendship or something deep.You don't appear as a shy person as you say you are :) You are vibrant. I lost both my parents in a car accident on the same day.They were on there way back home from a friend's place when their car got smashed by a drunk driver.Recalling everything again makes my heart a bit heavy.I miss them with each passing day.I am the only child of my late parents. As a child I got all the attention one could ask for.My mother was British and father Armenian.So you can say I am the best of both worlds ha ha ha. My mother was sort of the disciplinarian in the house,my dad always wanted to spoil me(giving me everything i ask of him) When I come to think of it,I think he was doing it unknowingly,I don't know how to explain it.I hope you understand what I mean. I love both my parents ti the very end. You seem very occupied with your job.I hope you don't stress yourself much.What other sports do you enjoy? I go for a walk every morning.It clears my head and makes me think well.Are you a religious or spiritual kind of person? I must confess to you I like my woman with a bit of flesh and not skinny :) I will try and send some of my photos to you soon.I don't have any on my computer at the moment Looking forward to hearing from you Warm regards Anthony
Letter 3

Good morning my dear Diane
I want to express my appreciation for you,but I don't know where to start.I want you to know how grateful I am for your understanding heart.You're such a beautiful person, so thoughtful and so kind...You're like a four-leaf clover,so rare and hard to find.And I wouldn't want to face a single day without you.Because you have a
special way to make the gray sky sunny and blue.
I got home late yesterday that's why I wasn't able to write you back.I am currently working on the supervision of a ware house construction which with I designed,the next couple of days will be a bit tight for me..I am a spontaneous kind of person sometimes,as I do think,I just act ha ha ha ( not very often though).
I have a weakness for Italian meal,especially Spaghetti and tomatoes sauce.I am a disaster in the kitchen I must say lol. The last time I tried preparing Chili sauce it ended up tasting like my car's engine Oil.I went to bed hungry and my stomach rumbling that night..I eat out mostly in restaurants.Maybe someday you can give me some few cooking tips. What is your favorite meal? .I have allergy to Mangoes as I don't take anything with Mangoes in it.It makes my face swell.
Have a lovely day ahead
Anthony P.S..I'd like to hear the sound of your voice and put a voice behind this wonderful woman I am corresponding with :) ..Here is my number: +447418469352. By the way,I attached some of my photos here and I'd appreciate if you can send me some of yours as well.
Letter 4

Thanks for the photos..I couldn't stop looking at them as I can't take my eyes off you.You are really beautiful,I am not trying to patronize you my dear but just stating the obvious truth :) You have a charming smile,now I know while you like a good laugh :). There is this beauty I see radiating from the inside to the outside in you, this inner happiness.It's very nice.My dear I don't know if you understand what I am taking about. How I wish you could see yourself through eyes only then will you know exactly what I am talking about.
There are so many roads in life and so many directions to take that sometimes we get confused and we wonder where we're going and if we made the right turn way back there. But of the few things that I'm certain of,
one of them is the direction of my heart.And I know that I would enjoy spending some time with you and getting to know you better. Let's take a detour along life's crazy highway,take in the sun together,and share the warmth of each other's company.
Thinking about you
Anthony P.S...I can't wait to to have a taste of your delicious meal. I read once in a book that the way to a man's heart is through is stomach ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
Letter 5

Hello my dear Diane
I have added you on skype now. I think the problem is my my network carrier as I have been having this issue with my phone for a while now.That aside it was great hearing your voice.You sounded so calm and tender,I should an angel :) Hearing your voice stirred something sweet deep inside me.It was like re-igniting an already lost flame.I don't know how to explain it,but it just feels right with you.
I have no problem with you coming over to London to meet me first.In fact I glad about it.But I am very occupied with work and I have an upcoming contract coming up shortly.And I'd like to give you my full and undivided attention when we are together.You deserve the very best my dear as you are worth it and I want to spend good and quality time with you and not be distracted with work or anything whatsoever.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Letter 6

I want to be the flock you tend,the dream your heart desires.I want to be your everything,far more than love requires.I want to lay all of my hopes at your feet,and turn all of the bitterness that ever touched you sweet. I want to fill your whole world with fragrant flowers,and shelter you from springtime showers.I want to occupy your heart,reside in all of your thoughts.I want to make something out of nothing, create a gem out of naught.
Always on my mind
Letter 7

You swept into my life and lingered in my heart.Like a beautiful song,you made the clouds depart.And you sing so joyously,heaven's music to greet,filling my spirit and making life sweet.Do you know that you're a part of me,part of all I can think,all I can see?And every good thing I can dream of,and every good thing I can do,I owe, in part,my thanks to you!I've been thinking about you.And I know I don't say it often enough,but I appreciate all you do.I've never known anyone as giving as you. You always go that extra mile to inspire and encourage me.You make me want to try harder;you make me want to succeed.You've made me believe in me.For this and so much more,I'm sending good wishes to your door.
Always on my mind
Letter 8

Every day, I close my eyes and dream about you.I see us together before the candlelight.It feels so right as I kiss you, caress you,and hold you tight.As you gaze into my eyes and tell me how much you love me,my knees grow weak,and my heart skips a beat.Yet I suddenly feel a tempest that's as powerful and grand as the sea,because your words touch something deep inside of me.I hold you closer still,heart and soul whole at last,and I swear that my love for you will never die,that I'll never let you go.As I look into your eyes,I vow that I'll try to build a lifetime of happiness with you.
Always on my mind
Letter 9

My words that are written with my hands,reach your heart.The tender emotions I put in my written words you feel,and wont stop feeling it.You read this over and over again,because you want to.You don`t know why,but you feel it inside.And each time it gets stronger,by every word, every moment.This I share with you,because you knowit`s true.Yet I write few words,but with them they say so many things.
I love you sweetie
Letter 10

My precious sweetie I really can’t express how happy I’m right now.Dear thank you for been there when I needed you the most. You have showed me what through love really means. I’m writing this email with tears running down from my eyes.

My darling, after processing the mandatory documents for the contract today, I was been paid an upfront payment for the contract. I appreciate you so much because you made it possible.

For the love and trust you have for me in times of my need. I am forwarding you the information of the online payment given to me. Dear this is between you and I. I trust and love you so much that are the reasons I’m forwarding you this private information. It a lot of money, I will come to you immediately I am through with the contract. Below are the details.

Bank Name: Citi Bank Plc
Account Login Page :
Password: chamdh378
My sweetie I want you to transfer all the money to your account. So you will be able to send me little money to pay workers, hotel and also for flight so I will be able to come to you as soon as possible. I am so happy that all my problems will soon come to an end. You can also settle your bills once the money enters into your account; book a nice hotel that will be comfortable for both of us before I come to you.

My world, please for any further information in transferring the money you can contact the bank officer in charge of my Funds transfer via email.

The account Officers name is, Omoruyi Peter
Email Address:
Contact Mobile Number: +2347054333703

Please inform me immediately you make the transfer into your account.

My sweetie I trust in you and I’ll love you forever.

Kisses, Anthony
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