Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Tan to Jessica (Hong Kong)
Letter 1

Hi Dear, How are you doing?Thanks for your message,I just hope and believe there is someone out there that is my mate,my companion,my lover.I was born and grew up in Singapore.I am the only child,My both parents are late,My mom was from England and my dad was from Singapore,Presently i am living in Singapore(Novena). I have not work in HK before but been there once are could like to work there that is why i contacted you to looking for a soulmate that will show me around the place and show me care,love and understanding.

There is no H7N9 flu in Singapore yet,i will keep you updated if there is any.I haven't been to Malaysia before but it is nice there. About my Job,I work as a microbiologist,I do both microbial and Fungi smear and do investigations on various microbial and fungi diseases I have a son called Richard,he is just 5 years old,he is smart,Intelligent and Honest. A lot of things make me happy,outdoor activities,a hand to hold,sharing with someone,sharing dinner,a movie and a moonlight walk with someone special.I like a lady that knows she is a lady and doesn't have to prove she is.A lady that is classy but yet can put on jeans and a tee and go out and have fun.Someone unafraid to try new things or teach someone old things,A lady with a true heart and doesn't pretend,someone who is truly content on herself. I love to site see and go different places,i enjoy visiting my friends,enjoying a glass of wine,dancing,going to a movie. I love photography and going on long scenic drives. I like to cook and If I had more time I would write more poetry. A lady in a relationship with me should first be my best friend.She is always treated with respect,her voice is always heard.She is treated as a lady with kindness and concern.I always go out of my way for her needs as she becomes part of me.She will always feel love and compassion. I am affectionate and caring and show my emotions. Hope this will give you a little better idea of me. what are some things you enjoy?What makes you happy?What your favorite color?Tell me about your ideal date?Can you send me some of your pictures too Hope to hear from you Take care and bye for now. Richard
Letter 2

Hi Dear, How are you doing?I am so sorry that i am just writing to you,i have been busy because of my research work but you were always in my thought, I am so happy and excited and feel joy and happiness within me,Thanks for praying for my success because it is finally granted,today is the best of the day for me. I am happy because they granted my request for my research on tuberculosis to be able to write a book on it,I have applied for more than a month now but happy it is granted.

It is my research work to be able to publish a book on tuberculosis and be a Professor of microbiologist,I really cant wait for us to see each other,I will be traveling on Thursday to West Africa for about two weeks to conduct my research,I will be traveling with my son,and i need to get an approval from his school because i don't have any body to leave him with and i would be seeing you see once i am done with my research work

It is a research on tuberculosis that i want to conduct and it will be for two weeks,they just granted my approval and they have sent me a certificate for my conduct,I have attached it to this message

I will still be online to send you an email and update about everything that will be going on there,So i am not loosing you(smiles),I could be coming over to see you after my research so that we could meet and see each other because i really want to see you,I will let you know how it goes,I cant just wait to see you when i told Richard about it,He was so excited. Once i get to West Africa,I will send you an email so that you can know all i will be doing and when i will be done,I want you to know that you are always in my heart and i will always be there to make you smile and happy because i really care about you. I will show you my place instead of sending you pictures when i am back so that you can see everything about me. Richard is here with me and he is sending his hugs and kisses over to you,I really enjoy your message and i cant wait for that day that we could be together. I am thinking about you
Letter 3

Hello Dear,

I have been down all day because of Richard illness,I just left the hospital because i really don't know what to do now and i am so stressed and have been crying and cant even type here,I cant do anything than to tell because you are the only one i have on here,I really don't know what to type on here,the doctor told me that he had to do an Operation following trauma injury to the head,I told the doctor to have the operation done,I had to fill some surgical procedure form for the operation,the doctor said he had Subdural heamatoma,Bleeding into the Subdural cavity and they will need to do an urgent burr hole and evacuation of the blood cloth for him to be conscious back because his Blantyre coma scale is very low and poor and they want me to donate some pines of blood about 3 unit of pines of blood and i have donated already,I am so worried because i want to see my son healthy and fit

When i had to go to the revenue unit to pay the money they told me that it will cost 5500 dollars and all i have here is 4500 dollars and i have already paid for it,I need 1000 dollars more to pay for the operation and management,and the operation need to be done as soon as possible and i don't know what to do now because i have the money,It is a third world country and i cant access my account here and even cash my check here and my health insurance for my son cant work here and i don't know what to do now,I have been down and crying like a baby,I really don't know why this could happen to me now because i never wanted this to happen,I have no one else to call on for help because you are the only one i have now and no one else,the only friend i have right now is in Afghanistan for broadcasting,he his a newscaster,I am so ashamed to ask about this from you because i am the one that is meant to be giving you and making you happy but i don't know what to do now.I promise to pay you back once i am back to be with you with Richard because i will be able to cash my check and access my account too and even use Atm.I am so tensed baby,I wish you can see me now,I am looking so taggered and frustrated my only son,I really love him with all my heart because he is my best friend and my love just like you to me Honey,I really need your help here and i promise i will pay you back once Richard is out of here and i am with you,I will give you back in double fold,Please let it come from your heart if you want to help me,I need your heart,love and passion here to see me through this,I want you to always Pierce my heart because i have that love for you always and i will always show you how much i love you.

please once you can help me with the money,just let me know,i will give you the doctor bank information to have the money sent to so that Richard treatment can be commence.

Honey i will be expecting your mail,It is 8.00 am here,I will be going back to the hospital to let the doctor know that i have contacted you and tell him that you could help me with the money.I will be expecting your message

Cant wait to hear from you
Letter 4

Hello Dear,

How are you doing?I was so happy to receive your message,You are in my thought. I have been sad because Richard is not feeling too fine now,he woke up this evening and he was having his bath and was playing in the hotel bathing room and had an heavy hit from the water bath when he was jumping up and down on the bath and fell down bleeding with lot of blood pro fusing from his head,I rushed him into the hospital and he has been admitted,he is receiving treatment now,I am so down and depressed because i couldn't imagine this myself,I told him any time he want to have his bath he should always tell me so that i can bathed him

Well,he has been unconscious and was admitted into pediatric Ward so the doctor told me that he will have to do some investigation for him and i should keep calm,that they need to access his Blantyre coma scale and the cause of his unconsciousness,I just told the doctor the history of what just happen to him and it has been documented. I want you to pray for him and wish you were here with me. I am feeling so down now that he had an injury on his head after been warned not to do what he is did.

I really miss you and have been thinking about you and wish you were right here with me,I really cant wait to see you.I am having a hectic day because i have been watching him and taking care of him.

I will tell you about his condition once i get to see him later today,It is just 9.30 pm here,i just wanted to send you an email before going to check on him in the hospital,I will send your hugs and kisses to him as well

You will always be in my heart forever and i cant wait to be with you .
Letter 5

Hello Dear,

Thanks for your message,I am praying for your mom and her surgery will be successful and all will be fine with God,I will have to stop my research work for now and get back home because my son need to be properly taken care of so that there will be no complication,the embassy here can't solicitate to my son illness because he fell down on his own and it is my responsibility to take care of him when i contacted them and i hardly share my problem with people it is just because of the situation i am face and didn't know it could cost much.

I am planning on traveling back to Singapore on Saturday because i can't stay here anymore and my son life is more important than my research work,i told the doctor about going back home on Saturday and he said i just need to get him some medication and pay the hospital bill which will cost 1500dollars for everything dear.

I will be needing your help finally here for this dear and i promise to pay you back on Saturday once i am at the airport,i will email you my flight information and my landing time so that you can meet me at the airport then i use ATM to pay you back the money,i will really need your help dear because the environment here is not conducive and it is also malaria endemic since my son health right now is not too good so he will be prone to infection and i don't want him to get too bad here,I have been with me all day and he his still sleeping but we talk to each other when he was awake and we prayed together.

I need your help right now dear and will get back all the money to you on Saturday,You can send it to the same doctor information so that when i show him the receipt i will be out of here and be with you and mom on Saturday,I promise you my love and i am so thankful for helping me dear.

Thank you so much dear
Letter 6


I just donated blood and got some medication for my son,you don't trust me and i don't know how to prove myself,once i am back to Singapore,i will pay you back your 1000 i promise you

Thanks and take care
Letter 7

Hello, I had to send my son alone to Singapore to be with the nanny,i am still here because i can't leave here without i finish my research work or i will not be paid,i gave the nanny my bank details to have money transfer to you and myself here too and Richard is not too strong,can you help me with 1000dollars to send to the nanny in Singapore to help Richard out before she can get the money from the bank because of the processing and she could pay you back once the processing is done and verified. Please let me know Thanks
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