Romance scam letter(s) from Basten Boadu to Hana (Czech Republick)
Letter 1

I am 14years i school London.
I am in my 6grades.
my father is a soldier in the Army ..he's currently in a foreign mission in the middle east..
he's strong and very friendly he's my best friend and father in the whole world ..i missed him all the time and i know soon his mission will be over and we gonna go back to the USA
i missed him all the times and it's very difficult for me to cope without him around me all the time..according to your mail you are from the Czech.i hope it's a nice place .i know my father love and cares about me thank you for telling me that.according to your mail i think you are a nice person. where did you meet my dad? where you in Afghanistan? yes i wanna be a medical doctor in the future not a soldier like my great dad.. my hobbies include ice skating,singing, bike riding,sports rugby, watching movies,travelling,reading ,dancing,swimming,and playing long tennis.

soon my school is planning to take us to one month excursion programme to the region of west Africa to study and learn about the culture of the Africa people our destination not yet disclose

Hannah please tell me something about yourself your hobbies, places of experience . i will love to meet you somedays

thanks for your friendship i really love to make new friends abroad soon after my father mission in Afghanistan i shall go back to the USA.i will miss my friends in the Uk i really hope to hear from you again

yours faithfully Kelvin..
Letter 2

Hello Hana ,
it good to read from you again, you are really a good friend and a nice person my father is lucky to have you has his friend and me too.
a friend of my father is also a friend of mine ..
i am glad to read that your job is your hobby shows you love what you do and appreciate your career.
when i becomes a medical doctor i hope to love and appreciate it all through a my career.i want to be an international doctor without a boundary i want to work with the poor nations of the world .
country which citizens are denied right to good medical care due to their poor economy and poverty, in Asia there are millions of poor people with out good medical attention and also in Africa when i see them on the TV i feel sp sad for them ..some days i wish to be able to help them and treat them for a good humanitarian services,
my friend mother work with the World Health Organisation (WHO) she travels round the world as a doctor.
i also want to travel to all nations in the future to help people.
i shall tell you when i know the state my school is going to in Africa ..and after the trip i shall send to you all the pictures if i do have a camera to take the photos on our trip
how old are your grand children are they same age with me? i will love to know them in the future and be their friend too.
I'm also a lover of pets i used to have a dog in the U.S a German Shepherd i lost him a long time ago he died ..i miss him so much ..i dont have a cat but i love cats..
do you love skating ?can we skate together some days ? thank you for writing to me Hana
i wish to hear from you again
your friend kelvin.
Letter 3

wow hanna i love your cats they so beautiful.thank you for sending their pictures to me i am doing fine here and you ? i hope you are ok over there?
i miss your letters and i hope to get them more often for your sake i promise i will always check my box on time to see if you sent me letter.
dont worry about the skating i know you are old and no longer as you used to be we shall think of a easier sport together ..
my regards to your cats ..
your friend kelvin
Letter 4

hello hana.
how are you?thanks for your regular mails it really makes me joyful, i like your photo it's very nice you are pretty and full of smiles .my father love golf but i do not ..i love skating and biking .
but i love watching golf games since it's a good sport and my favorites is Tiger Woods.
what is your weather over there is it raining every day in Czech?may be you and me shall golf together with my dad ...since you are too old to skate..
how are your beautiful cats ?i hope they are fine .i love the picture of your cats and i look at it every day hana.and i really miss my dog.
my excursion is near and the school said we are going to Ghana in Africa ..i am very happy that i am finally going to see Africa the land of the black people have you been there before hana?we got so many black people in the United States ..they said their fore fathers where slaves brought from Africa to America. i am finally gonna see the black people can you imagine that ,..i am very happy.
when i come back i am gonna send you the pictures of those black people hana.
i wish you can come with me but it's ok hana i am so happy to be your friend..
thanks your friend kelvin.
Letter 5

hello dad.
how are you doing how is your mission in i am really worried about you being over there in war zone it scared me all the times i am only praying to God to let me see you again dad i pray God to keep you safe and bring you back home safe.
Dad i wanna tell you that i write to your friend Hana always ,she's really a nice person.she sent me pictures of her cats..i really love and hope to have mine too ..
dad the destination of our excursion has been chosen it is Ghana in west Africa dad ..the fees needed for every student is 1,800pounds dad my welfare money is finished and i need money to pay for the excursion dad please i need you to send me the money through Money Gram so that i can pay on time for the Excursion Programme my friends has already paid please dad send the money on time ,
i missed you so much dad and i love you
kelvin,,, kiss you dad
Letter 6

Hello my dear Hannah,
it is very unfortunate and sad to me that after all the love and feelings that we have for each others and the trust and passion , you could suddenly begin to have a change of mind because kelvin needs money to go to excursion and i am not in the right place to send the money needed to him , and that was the reason why i asked for your help as my lover and a good friend..
i have been in the Millitary for 28years now and i have not be found with any bad records at home and abroad..why my love why must you allow money to brings a pain into our lives ?
i love you and i can do any thing for you if i am in the right position to assist and to care for you without fear or doubts about you why can you not do the same for me if really you love me beyond words.
i really wanna spend the rest of my life with you my love not because you are a very beautiful woman but because you have a good heart and i love you .
in the past weeks since i meet you i have be very happy always because i have found a woman that i trully wanna spend the rest of my life with when i leave the foreign legion.
kelvin my son is a nice kid and i love him with my life.he has be very close to ,me since he was little boy and i have been very fond of him .
here are some of the rest of my photos with kelvin when he was between 7 years 9years old my love
i love you so much Hannah remember that always
Letter 7

hello hanna how are you ? do you mean you wanna send the money for my excursion? did my dad ask you to do that? thanks very much you are really a nice friend .yes i can pick the money from western union my teacher Mr felix always help me to pick up money he's a nice man.the money needed for the excursion is 1.800pounds that includes our tickets and Accomodation.i will be happy to go to the excursion if you can help me ..i shall write to my dad now .thanks
Letter 8

hello hana,
thanks for making my excursion possible i shall enjoy the trip, and write my story around you.
i shall keep my eyes on the mail.
thanks your friend kelvin.
Letter 9

dear hana,
i am so excited that i am going to Africa, thanks to your kindness for making it possible for me to be in this excursion programme i shall always dedicate it success to your name as a wonderful friend and a mother.
you have makes me smile and happy today.
i thank you for every thing you have done for and i am happy that you are a friend of my dad .
i wish to visit you on my holiday to see you and the cats if dad will allow it i shall be happy to .
thanks your friend kelvin.
Letter 10

hello my dearest love,
how are you my sweetheart and my sunshine ,i know you have gone to work ,my love i just wanna say goodmorning to you my dearest love .i love you so much and i shall always love and miss you .
kiss your love John

Letter 11

my dearest love,
thank you my love hannah for the love and care you have shown to me ,,,i am very happy to have you in my life. you put smiles on my face always honey i promise to love you forever.
your love John
Letter 12

dear hana,
how are my you,i hope you are ok i really miss you .i am fine and ok i am getting ready for my excursion .hope to hear from you soon
your friend kelvin
Letter 13

dear hana ,
how are you i missed your letters ,sorry for writing you late .i have been very busy getting ready for my excursion .i love the pictures of your cats i printed them and i look at it every time and i really wonna have my own cats too.i love you like a mother. and i wonna be a son to you some days and to look after you and care for you as a son. when i finally becomes a doctor i wonna give you treatment every thing you might get sick.
hana can you imagine my birthday is gonna be in Africa this time .i am so excited my birthday is JUNE 8 ..and i am still gonna be in Africa then .
our team leaves for the trip tonight..
i am writing you to inform you. thanks for making this possible for me i shall forever be thankful to you.
i shall write you my next letter from Africa.bye
yours lovely kelvin.
Letter 14

hello dad,
How are you doing dad? father i am writing you to inform you that we are already in Ghana in Africa. i am sorry to write you so late dad .it is because i just gain access to the internet for the first time since our arrival here.
The environment is so poor but it is very peaceful the people are not so civilize dad.their way is so different from the Western world.they are not like us dad.
Dad their food here is so bad and their water is bad we can not drink their water here my friends are already falling sick and i am so scared to fall sick. dad can you imagine they do not have constant electricity here some times we stay in the dark for nights .
i know you are used to different environments since you are always in one place or the other i pray to get used to such things very soon
Dad what they told us in school is different from what we are seeing here .our accommodation is so poor dad my friends parents has already sent money to them to book into good hostels and a good accommodations,i can not sleep at night because of the mosquito bites i get at night and i am already having the sign of a malaria fever dad the food they give to us is so poor that some times i can not eat them.
i cry some times and i told my teacher that i wonna go back to school but he said we have to wait till the end of the programmes.
dad please i need good accommodation my friends families has already sent them money to get their own food ,good water , hostel and internet dad.please dad i need money to get mine i do not wonna get sick father . dad please i shall need 4000usd to pay for my accommodation and water and food and to get good internet dad.and i also need good medical care because of the's so dirty please dad send the money through my teacher's name Mr Alfred Andrew via Western Union .location Accra Ghana
i love you so much
kelvin .
Letter 15

moje fotka s mym synem, kdyz byl maly, poslete mi svou vlastni fotografii
Letter 16

hello hannah good to hear from you again but i am still treating the wounds i got from our relationship,i was so much hurt because you called me a liar because i asked you to help my only child,who serious needs your help.
how can i know that you still love me and trust me since you said can not help kelvin .if you can not help those whom you love that is not a real love .
i still love you and wonna spend the rest of my life with you hannah .but ti be sure of love to me i still want to help my son please he needs your help then i am gonna be sure you still really love me as in the first time of our relationship.
i am not forcing you but try and understand my love tommorow it can your turn to ask of help from me.
i am glad you choose to bear my name now.thank you my darling .
your love John.
Letter 17

hello Hannah ,
how are you my darling my darling ,that pictures are not mine i am not the guy on that pictures,i am a real CIA agent in the middle east.i got to find out that ,that pictures has no origin on the internet and i can not be using my real pictures on the internet since the US government will not appreciate a secret service agent exposing his identity on the internet so i choose to use that pictures ,that is why you see so much of it on the internet my love,myself and my teams we have being trying so hard to detect those persons using those same pictures of one man ,the case of that pictures is on the CIA list of investigation for two years now.
for the help i think it is a coincident that i fall among such person it happened at a very critical time of my assignment since my son kelvin as not ask of any kind of help from me before when i am away in a mission like is because i have spend more than the usual time i used to so i guess he's out of money to keep on till my mission is over here,please if you really me and kelvin you should help my son till i come back .i still love you with all of my heart.
your dear John.
Letter 18

Hello Hana,
i am happy to read from you again the last time you sent me a mail ,you said that it was gonna be the last one,and i was very sad lose a friend like you,you are like a mother to me i cried and remained sad for days.
i am very happy to hear from you again.Hana i have been passing through difficult times here as i am not as fortunate like the rest of my friends.
I will be glad if you can really help me since dad has not be able to help me .please Hana whatever money you can send to me now will be appreciated,things here are different .your name is now Thomas?you changed your name?
that's good .maybe dad likes it and i like it too i am happy that you and dad are back together.
please you can send the money you will be able to afford ok,you have done so much for me on this trip not dad,if you can send me 2,000usd will be ok.please send it through our tour guide name Mr STEPHEN AYITEY ANUM. WESTERN UNION ACCRA GHANA.he's good and a caring friend of mine here he has be helping me .
glad to know that you still care about me
your friend Kelvin.
Letter 19

Jak se vam moje laska? Chci vam rict vice o sobe, jsem jedine dite svych rodicu, jak jsem ti rikala, mam jen jedno dite, moje zena zemrela pred 4 lety, moji rodice jsou mrtvi, muj otec zemrel na rakovinu a matka zemrel na onemocneni ledvin, takze chci, abyste rad ja a syn muj, celym svym srdcem a budeme te milovat celym svym srdcem a ja vam bude nejstastnejsi zena na svete. Thnaks polibky
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