Romance scam letter(s) from Jeffery Adams to Winnifred (Canada)
Letter 1

Good Morning Winnifred,
I enjoyed our conversations last night night,As i said,it's worth a try to discover each other.. i'm new to this online thing. not quite sure how to begin,but i would give it a shot. It was really nice we got acquainted to each other and it caught my attentions the way you express yourself was so honest and sincere and i really do admire that from you. hmmmmmm! my day is just starting up by writing you this email and full of life, a typical day for me would range from busy to not so busy.
Writing about myself seems to amazes me but I think introduction is a good way to meet quality people in life.So, I would describe myself as an average young gentle man, by name Mr Jeffery Adams. Am a (British) Citizen by nationality. I happen to be an orphan But thank God for what he has made me today having Micheal beside me always . I was given birth to in October 10th 1964 . I speak one language,English but i have a accent due to long stay in German.
I grew up on the West Coast i lost my wife 2rys plus now and it really heart broken to me .
I am a self-employed drilling engineer running my own engineering consultancy and also exploring business opportunities in third world countries.I'm an Engineer by profession, I work as sole contractor, In Supply of Chemical's from China, To Scotland Oil Rig, England, In other to prevent & Control Oil Spillage and also Iron rusting.. It is a nice job. My job is a seasonal job . Traveling has become my passion because of the nature of my job .
I am a real active person, always need that constant positive energy going on.i have a lovely son whom i love so much, he will be 8 this years soon.I am compassionate, gentle, perceptive, intuitive, communicative, loyal, reliable, trustworthy,analytical, ethical (Hmm I sound like a boy scout don't I)
however I decided to use this chance to find my second half my beloved one Perhaps, you know the legend that God has divided a person into two halves and scattered these halves all over the world and now they are looking for each other to be the one complete again.
I believe that my second half is walking somewhere in this world waiting for me,I dream of love, love that inspires, love that makes you feel passion and desire, love that makes you feel complete. I have so much love,tenderness, warmth inside of me and I want to give this all to one person who deserves it Here are some things i believe and love doing, I believe in romance.... I believe in holding hands in public.... I believe in treating a women with respect, and am a very generous man.... Call me old fashioned, however I believe in holding the door open for her, whether it is making an entrance somewhere, or guiding her into the car, and pulling her chair out at a fine restaurant, and standing up when she arrives back to the table.... I believe in the small of a women's back, and long slow deep kisses that last for days and days....I like treating a woman like a "Queen", all of this is what i will offer to my princess when i meet her. Looking with so much curiosity to knowing you more better and hope we get to chat soon?
What does a typical day look like for you. Tell me a little about your daily activities. Do you live alone or with the Kids,? Do hope all is well and hope we get to talk more and read from you as well.
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