Romance scam letter(s) from Eric Kolberg to Dianne (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Dianne, Before I write anything, I want to wish you and Happy Mother's Day today...I do hope you spent it very well. Nice to hear from you again, good thing we made a connection on Oasis. I am sorry for the late reply. Email seemed to be the only viable option as I am not really an expert with the dating site. I was introduced to oasis by a couple that met on there and have been married for 2 years now and they told me since I've just been adjusting to life in Australia, maybe give it a try. I am very new to on-line dating and I am willing to give it my best shot as we only live once after all, and I am not about to grow old lonely. A little about me, I am 63 years YOUNG. I am living in Claremont at the moment as I have a beautiful serviced apartment that I am renting here while I am still getting familiar to life here and looking at real estate as I have just been around for about couple of months now. I have always been in Melbourne severally in the past, but I just haven't lived in Australia for a larger period in my life. Yes I have a very complicated family history, mum is Australian and dad is Swedish. I will tell you all about it in my next email. I have just one daughter and she is 26 this last October and she is currently studying at the University of Los Angeles, California. She is a finance Major and also a pro tennis player. She has been on scholarship all through high school till university, I am very proud of her. Career wise, I have spent 27 years in engineering and construction, fairly well-traveled...Scotland, Britain, Greece, Italy, Czech, France, Mauritius, U.A.E, Kuwait, Philippines, New Zealand, Kenya, Thailand, Japan, Korea. I enjoy playing sport and keeping fit, I had an 8 golf handicap and shot the "dream round" once. I prefer to call myself a semi-retired professional because I still get some contracts where I either work as the project contractor or just a consultant, I would tell you more details about it later. I am interesting in meeting a partner that understands what trust, love, honesty means in a relationship, I am not interested in games or liars. I have some photos and more details about me to share with you as I see that you are a genuine person and I would like to explore possibilities and know whether we can share a common ground that could lead to something genuine and true. Thats just a little of my happenings...... do hope you have enjoyed reading this. I look forward to continuing to get to know each other if that is what you would like. Take care and have a good night
Letter 2

Hi Dianne, How are you today? I want you thank once again for making contact with me on oasis, I joined the site because I was lonely and I want to genuinely have a truthful and trustworthy friendship and eventually a bond with you and as such I will share some more information about me with you with all sincerity. As you must have seen in my profile I am a 63 years YOUNG. I am widowed and I have been so for 12 years now. My mother is Australian and my father is Swedish and that's where I get the looks from. My parents met in Europe and moved to America after they got married. I was however more multicultural, haven spent most of my teenage-hood in Sweden and across Europe. I have always been on and off in Melbourne and Warrnambool over the years. I have a 26 year old daughter whom I adore so much and she is so special to me. After the painful loss of my wife, she was the reason why I had to live and continue my life. It was very traumatic for me because my daughter was without a mother. So in the last 12 years I had to put all my energy in making sure that she grew up into a strong woman with out the trauma of her loss and I supported her through her adolescent and teenage years and made sure that she never lacked anything and most of all LOVE.
My father, an international tradesman died on 7 years ago and my mother who is 84 is still alive and has just recently decided to relocate back to Warrnambool so that she can spend the rest of her life there with her relatives and now that my daughter is old enough and she is in college and has a boyfriend and they have moved in together so I believe it is time to look for someone special and meet and give love another shot. Like I told you earlier I am settling down here in Oz. Although I have been around the world, Australia is my home and I have decided to come back and settle down here and judging from the way my mother was a good wife to my father before he passed on I pray that as I come back home finally, I will meet someone that would fill the empty space in my life. The family home in Warrnambool is undergoing a face lift for my mums transition back home as she is still in Florida at the family home there and I am very open to meeting someone I can have a bond with and can fill the void in my life and vice versa back here in Australia. It feels great to me to be advancing towards a fresh start in my life and I hope that I would find luck with this on-line dating thing. I like to think of myself as a pretty fun loving, caring and super generous YOUNG guy. I have a big heart and sometimes that gets me in trouble because I always give people the benefit of the doubt......I was married for 27 years. I love to travel and see new things and l love to play golf and take care of my body and live healthy. I am not the typical old guy that everything has to be perfect all the time and perfection is the end…. I do my best but I love to live life and if that means going out to dinner and eating way too much or indulging in too many drinks or desserts be it...I will just work out a bit harder the next day at the gym. One thing you need to know is that I am an animal lover and a respecter of nature.
Anyways enough of my boring tales let me tell you the lively part of myself. After taking a break from the years and years of civil engineering and construction career, I took time out and traveled the world in a cruise and visited 17 countries, an experience I cherished so much. I took my mother and daughter along and that moment was the most lovely time we all ever bonded after the loss of my wife. I still do some little bit of consultancy in the area of construction contracts. I figured that now is the best time to look for someone nice and caring to settle down with here in Oz since I am semi-retired and have so much available time now. I am willing to relocate to anywhere if I meet the right person. Apart from bikes which is amongst other interests I have, I also love adventure, swimming, golf, tennis, bowling, dancing, romantic moments and all other good things in life and love to give back to society in my little way. As you know already I love pets, I have a horse, 2 dogs and a cat. I have so much to say and share with the right woman but at this point I will rest my pen and if I hear from you, I will share more intimate details with you. I have attached a couple of my pictures with this email so that you can get more vivid look at me. By the way I have only one sibling and her name is Leanne and she lives in England with her family. I have had my own fair share of travels and ups and downs so now I feel I have time to look and pursue my dream of finding true and sincere happiness. I must say that your email is by far the best email I have ever read since joining this dating site and I would love to read and write to and from you on a regular basis. I will be hiding my profile and will take it down completely later today, I feel like it will be a distraction while getting to know each other. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability as you know this is my first shot at internet dating, so I am trying my best to open up my life to you and I am looking forward to reading from you in more detail. I have attached some of my recent photos for you, hope they don't scare you away. I will give you my mobile number again, seem I gave you one number short the last time, so that we can text and talk sometimes, I hope that my accent don't scare you away hahaha. Here it is 0415 901 489. Please share your mobile number with me as well as I would love to hear you voice. I will be waiting for your response with full anticipation and I want you to know that your email did bring a smile to my face.
Take care and have a good day
Erik xx
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