Romance scam letter(s) from Enrique Padilla to Cynthia (USA)
Letter 1

my name: Enrique Padilla 45 yrs old man born in Guadalajara,jalisco. Mexico... in our family are 3 brothers martin 42. I'm 45. and my older brother Raymond 50years old.. and 2 sisters.Teresa 36 and Patty 41years old. my two sisters are married and my younger brother married as well. my older brother is the wild in our family he end up in jail in Mexico. the sentence he has is 18years in prison. i pray every night to god to give Marcy on his soul and forgiveness of his sins. my father Ramon, had a work shop as carpenter things went wrong after my dad past away so i had a job offer here in Ghana, am in right now but will be relocating to the states as soon as i get the job am into right now done.i want you to do me a favor..i was paid by checks and its cant be cashed my wife to be and i trust that u wont hurt or harm me and i want to believe that if i send the checks u can help me get it cashed and send the money to me so i can be able to get my flight and all the paper works i need to get done...the checks is in the amount of $5,500 i want u to take it to ur bank back get it cashed and send the money through western union to me i will give u the information in the next email deduct the western union charges and send the me the MTCN number so i can be able to go pick the funds up and as well get my self in the next available flight and be in ur arms...i love u baby and i need u so this number..+1 408-386-8484 if u are having any difficulties with sending the money...he is a friend of mine his name is RUDY..send the funds to him he can then forward it to me... and in case there is a delay in casing the checks due to verification and all that i need u to borrow me the sum of $3,000 when i get over and cash the checks i will pay u back i have some money in my bank account in the states its in my saving account and i would need u to trust me that's why i want to send this to u....
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