Romance scam letter(s) from Chris John to Ell (Indonesia)
Letter 1

My dearest friend Elly.
How is your day there? hope you are doing fine. Wishing you a happy day full of joy.
Please bear with me when ever i was unable to reply soon. You meant a lot to me and this communication is important to me too. I am very very serious in getting to know each other. I want to concentrate in knowing you and do not want to continue searching for other women. It is not fair for me to pretend that i am serious in getting to know you while i have other women i will not do that because i really want to be serious in knowing you. If you do that,please think about it. Let us be honest to each other. I am happy that you are coping with your life there, even it might not be that easy, i will always be here if you need me. I pray that we can meet up so that we can accomplish our dreams. I do like you even never meet you,and i enjoyed every of our conversation here. Thanks for being a true friend dear. Well,i wish to have the opportunity to visit you in the near future. I will definitely love it. I love to travel,and it gonna be nice to make trip together. Sure it gonna be amazing to travel with you and have beautiful time together. I am longing to find that woman,whom i should call my own and treat her like my queen. Furthermore,i want you to know that distance will not be a barrier if we meant for each other. No matter how far we are now,we shall meet dear. What is important now is for us to trust each other,keep in touch and see what the future hold for us. I really need someone in my life, if you can give me a chance. I do appreciated knowing you and i meant it. With the warmest of hugs and wettest of kisses. Have a nice day dear and my regards to your family. and Mom will be glad to welcome you here some day..thanks.
Yours sincerely Teddy Chris John...
Letter 2

I am glad to received your message today. You sounds so nice my dear. I also came to realized that you are a strong and sincere woman. please always remember that your future is bright. Do not worry,i will always try my best to support you in anyway you may need my help. Mind to share anything you wish to know with me? I would love to be with you forever and encourage you and make you feel happy if God allow us. My dear,i consider myself so lucky to have met you. And i enjoyed all you have shared with me about you. I so much love to hear from you my dear and I believed the future is bright. Hope all will goes well for us and i am willing to welcome you in my life.

Thanks once again for coming into my life. My fingers are just shaking as i typing this message and my eyes is covered with tears of joy that i have found a woman who will be after my heart, who will always give me joy in that right time and most importantly someone whom i will call my own wife again in the future. I have to say this yet again that this has been my important prayer over since few months now and i had the confidence of meeting a woman special ordained and meant to suit my criteria. I am serious my dear and wanna be whatever you want me to be for you.

What else will I say about this than to trust each other and look forward to the future. But as this takes place let me use this opportunity to make it clear to you that i am thinking of you dear and cannot stay up to five minutes without remembering you. God has brought you quite closer to my heart.I believed distance has nothing to do in our communication. For in that due time,we shall meet.

I am a happy person,because God has made me to be the happiest person in this world.I enjoy traveling,shopping and never forget to visit the poor people and give them a helping hand. I do play some sports like golf after my work. My dear,ever since i started communicating with you, I have noticed a different things in my life; Multiplication of joy, peace sleeping and thinking about you like a little school boy who just got a new lover for the first time. I hope you get what I meant :)

How i wish you are here with me so that we could talk more than this. Look into each others eyes, hold each others hands and share our feelings. My dear, be rest assured that you are not alone. I am always with you in spirit okay? I am so happy to have met you here. As i previously said,we should not worry of anything,as long as the Lord is with us,we shall be there to help each other in all we are doing.

With you in my prayers and mostly thinking of you and longing to see the day we shall meet.I believe that soon we shall meet dear. No matter how far we are from each other now,its just a matter of time. Well,we shall take it easy and wait for the right time. With much love and respect. Regards to your family,mine are doing good.God bless.yours Chris..
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