Romance scam letter(s) from Gunta Rakowski to Lourdes (USA)
Letter 1

oh my Dearest,
the cloud are beaming blue, the moons so full, stars are twinkling and grass ever green, in my heart bubbles like foamed detergent soap b/c of you.
i saw a virus at the blood of my vain and only finding out that it is your love, now living without you is so hard... and i don't wanna and only you my heart long to be with.
As spider web freeze a fly so your love has captured my heart.
Qua, quick, queen,quack, quit, quiet. i need you has U is to Q.
i want to love you eat you, kiss you, hug you, squeeze you,smooch you, carry you, keep you,all i want to do with you.
i feel happy more than a new elected president, more than a man who win jack pot, more than kids playing on the street, my smile is bright as the sun.
for U made my love fly free baby, you made me feel what no woman have done, like a thief in the night u stole my heart away from me and replace my sadness with joy..
Thank God for your love. like a gift from above you are sent from heaven.
now there is a piece of you inside of me every were i go.
i promise to hold and don't let go, cherish more than treasure, love as myself and carter to every hour of my life.
you will always be one woman in my life

your dearest love Gunta
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