Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Derrek to Ili (Hungary)
Letter 1

baby thanks for your good reply, you are a woman of words thanks I love you for being caring I will send you my photo, this my photo is specially for you...because you are the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with thanks for bringing back my happiness, I want you to always keep in touch with our communication because I will be coming for my vacation soon, I want you to be fully prepared with your family, I will be coming with my also, I will be very happy to see my baby in physical, I can't wait for that day, the day is getting slower by the day, I wish I can fly to you very night in my dream, I always thought of that all day before I sleep, missing you always in my mind baby I love you so much kissing you the first day I will be very very happy and my mum can't wait to see you, she said if that will be the last thing she will weakness before she pass away, baby I'm so so glad to have you, all thanks to God that give you too me, I love you my angel ,always waiting to hear from you my baby, do send your photo to me God bless and protect you for me? kisses
Letter 2

My love thanks for making me still have feeling, I'm so so happy to have someone like you in my life, It's been years I felt this for a woman, I believe I can't do without you anymore I feel you in whatever I'm doing, thanks for being there for me, my day was very nice last day I'm very happy because I meet a old friend of my, my very good friend in my school day, my love I'm always busy with my work but now I know I have found something more special in my life, my princess I want to be with you, I will be having my vacation by MAY next month I will be flying to your country to see you in person and marry you I'm looking forward to that day, I can't wait to have you all by my self I miss you whenever I'm sleeping lonely I will forever love you with everything I have, my baby thanks for the time you always write me I love you I will more and more take good care of you self and always do kiss kisses
Letter 3

My love, I have good news for you, I want to inform you that I’m preparing a trip to Malaysia, there was a project that I did there three years ago and it happened that they didn’t release my payment after the project until now due to there was a change of government administration then, which affected the release of my payment, but god never asleep. I was surprise when I received a call last night and the person asked if I am Mr. Mark Derrek, I said yes I am, the person told me that I should prepare and come down to Malaysia for the release of my payment. Darling, I am more than happy because, it was self-sponsor project then and I invested so much during the project, which affected me financially. My plan now is this, I will arrange for the trip and as soon as I get the fund, I will fly directly to meet you in your country, I want us to get married and plan our future. Kiss and hug you and do take good care of yourself.
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