Romance scam letter(s) from Kevin Lennon to Mary (USA)
Letter 1

Good Morning Mary Ann, Thank you so much for writing me, it was very nice reading your email. I completely understand the disadvantage of long distance relationship, but have you ever considered this : what if the one for you is far away and not someone in the area, what if your soul mate are not even residing in the country. I have made up my mind that wherever I find the woman for me , I am ready to relocate and start a new life with her because am very flexible.

I am new to this dating things. Someone who actually got married to the women he met on match told me about the site and I decided to give it a try, because nothing is impossible until you have tried and it did not work. Like I said earlier on my message on, I am a widower and father to a lovely daughter 11. I was also the only child to my late parents as well, apart from far relatives back in Ireland, both of my parents are Irish but I was raised in England ( Manchester ). I have just one best friend, we schooled together and were like brothers, we used to work together in England also, but he now resides in Thailand, he is working there now, we relocated at about the same time but he decided to go to Thailand while I came to MI. My daughter ( Flora ) is a very interesting young lady, full of energy and care free, she is smart and makes sure does not go out of my

My wife died of Cancer 4 years ago, when she died we ( flora and I ) were but dejected and down but we helped each other through the situation, we were there for each other and now we are both happy and have moved on, she as asked me once if I was not going to remarry and I told her yes and she thinks its cool. I work very hard just to take my mind of relationship but when I turned 49 almost a year I realized that I needed a partner to grow old with me. Working alone is challenging but great also for me because it allows me utilize my own ideas very well, not that I don't like collective Ideas but I don't like to be sidelined and that happens when you work for someone. I love traveling a lot , especially traveling for fun, in the future I will travel a lot with my partner.

I am ready to build a relationship. I am ready to give a try and I hope we get along,know more about each other and we see how it goes,I promise you that it will be worth trying, i am a fun loving man and I am experience enough to treat my woman right, I happen to know so much about relationship and am ready to input it on that special one, I am looking for someone to love and get back love in return, someone that I will grow old with, someone to share my dreams with me.

There are five keys that keeps a relationship strong, going and healthy. I applied this keys to my relationship when my marriage was in rocking and it worked very well for me and my partner, we loved each other quite alright but after few years we started loosing touch and then we both worked it out together by applying this keys, the keys are :

Friendship :- we reminded ourselves that we are not just spouse but friends
communication :- we created time to chat more, talk about our days, and talked about anything
Respect :- we respected each others decision in all issues
Commitment ;_ showed more commitment in areas that we lacked
Love ;- We reminded each other of our first love for each other and rededicated our love to each other

After applying these keys, things turned around in no time and we were basking in love again till death took her from me, may her soul rest in peace.

If there is anything you will like to know about me, please feel free to ask any question.

Once again its a pleasure meeting you on and thanks for taking the time to write me back via my private email. I will tell you more about myself after I read from you again.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

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