Romance scam letter(s) from Timothy Baxter to Veronica (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hi Veronica,
How are you today? Its your friend Tim from the dating site. I know you must be surprised to receive this mail. However, I hope this mail finds you in good health. I am writing to inform you that this my personal email address. You are welcome to write and keep in touch as here is more private and gives better space.
I wish you all the best and a great day ahead as I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards
Letter 2

Hi Vero,
Thanks for finding time to write me. I really appreciate it. I hope you are fine today.
Glad to learn your son is returning from the Rugby camp. I wish him well and hopefully one day, he makes the Springbok team. Anyway, my weekend will be a relatively quiet one....don't have much schedule for now but will know how everything will be by evening. I would love to learn more about you as we progress. I will write again later to tell you more about me. In the mean time, do not hesitate to keep in touch.
Stay safe and take good care of yourself. I will be hoping to hear from you soon.
Letter 3

Hi Veronica,
Thanks for finding time to write me, I appreciate it. Well, as we both look forward to good times ahead, I think its time I tell you more about me as I understand it is very necessary in building and sustaining a good relationship….. As you already know; my name is Tim Baxter. I am a South African but was born and bred in the city of Stockholm Sweden where my parents spent almost all their lives. I am the first child in a family of two, myself and my sister Natasha who now lives in Milan Italy. As a family we spent a long time living in Stockholm and I must confess it was a great experience for me growing up there. However, I would say that I missed one great thing in my life and that is the love of a mother. I lost my mum quite early in my life and that was when I was just six. I went through school in Sweden and later got a degree in business administration and management. I lived my life relatively quiet until I lost my dad and that was precisely on the 14th of April 1996 and it was such a painful experience which has remained indelible in my mind.
In 1998, after my dad’s death, the immediate environment became inhabitable for me and I had to move back home to SA after such a long time in Stockholm. However, I will confess that when I came here in August 2000, I discovered that this country was such a beautiful place to stay with such nice weather condition. Before long, I was able to fit into the society and moved on with my life and ever since I have been here. It was not long after I moved here; I got married to a woman whom I would regard as the love of my life. By God’s help, I was blessed with two lovely kids Ivan 10 and Maria 4
However, I must tell you that life lost its taste for me after I lost my wife precisely on 20th March 2011 after a long illness. It was a devastating shock for me to learn that she is no more. I felt so lonely and devastated because of the very close bond I had with my wife all through our marriage. I was so lonely in my life that my job almost became my companion. I was having such a difficult time having to cope with the kids and running my business. So, what I finally did was employ the services of a nanny who helps take care of the house. For me, it has been burdensome on my mind having to live alone for the past two years. I need happiness in my life. I need to move on. I need someone to love and cherish and possibly spend the rest of my life with. This was the reason I decided just recently to register in the dating site. I decided to give it a try just to see if I could be lucky enough to find my soul mate; I wish to find my princess whom to be happy with. I must say that I feel good about you and that is why I am taking all this time to write such a long mail. I have really missed having someone to love again, to cherish, to adore and to shower the love in me. In this circumstance, I came to understand that life has no meaning without love and happiness. Initially, I thought I could live alone all my life but at a point the loneliness I feel became just too much that I asked myself why would I waste my life living alone when I know there is a good woman out there probably in the same circumstance as me, with whom we could forge ahead in this life and ultimately find happiness together. I am ready to give my woman all the love she need, stand by her always and possibly spend the rest of my life with her.
Talking about hobbies, they are reading novels and good book, I read the bible but not always, movies especially adventure stories, I like rugby, I am fan of the Crusaders, and I like soccer especially teams from the English league. I like the cinema and I like the beach. I love to walk barefoot on the beach sand while holding hands with my woman. I love places of nature like the mountains, hunting, walking in the forest and seeing animals. I like open expression of feelings between partners. I like to hold and cuddle and I like to kiss my woman in the public.
In my business, I have been doing well. I run a consultant firm and we specialize in outsourcing for materials and manpower for construction companies.
I have to tell you that I have adapted to almost every style of life in this country but one thing that remains for me is to adapt well to the language style here having been raised in a non English speaking environment back in Sweden. There are too many languages, dialects and accents. Well, I believe I have written quite extensively and think that will be all for now.
I wish you all the best for today and do take care of yourself. My regards to your son our future Rugby star.
Best regards.
Letter 4

Hi Veronica,
I thank you for finding time to write me such a detailed mail telling me about you. I appreciate everything you have said to me. You are so kind with words and I really felt flattered. In fact, it takes a good heart to appreciate something good.
It really mean a lot to me that someone as unique as you is coming into my life. You must be a strong woman who knows what she wants in her life and I really commend you. Anyway, I must let you that I am a very simple person by nature. I appreciate good things and always have learn't to leave the past behind. The events of our past relationship should not be allowed to determine the present and the future. Every new relationship should be treated as new and without prejudice. The future holds the best for everyone and happiness is all that should matter in our lives.The need to find my soul mate, a companion and someone to share my life with is what led me to the dating site. Its my first time and I consider myself lucky enough to have met someone as unique as you. I must confess there is something about you which really fascinates my interest. I can't really find the right words to place it but something in my heart tells me you are a good woman. As a human, I know I'm not perfect but I'm ready to do my very best and give my all to sustain this beautiful feeling we share. Its my nature to love deeply as I am "a one woman man". When I love its total and I give my all to it. I want to once again appreciate you for finding time to write me. I wish you all the best and a safe trip to Capetown. Thanks for everything. If you have bbm, do send me your pin, so we could chat much more easier and keep close. I will tell about my kids when next I write or hopefully we chat over it through bbm assuming you have one.
Be safe as I hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 5

Dearest Veronica,
I'm very glad to receive your mail with lovely words. Thanks a lot, I appreciate everything you have been to me. It really mean a lot to me. I'm very happy I could make you smile with the song. Its just another way of expressing my heart feelings. I feel you are very unique and all that hungers my heart is just to make you happy. Its such a good thing that we both have such good understanding existing between us. That's such a positive sign and I'm so loving it. I always love to follow my heart in relationship and I must tell you that my heart is very positive about you and I'm ready to be your prince kissing away those pains and you my princess doing same to me; then we both shall remain happy.
Its a new month and another holiday. I am wishing you blessings and unlimited favors in this month of May.
Stay safe and know always that you mean so much to me and I care so much about you.
Letter 6

Hi Vero,
I hope all is well with you today. Thanks for writing and for your kind words. You look quite beautiful in those pics. Your son has such a charming curly hair which I find quite attractive. It really feels good to learn more about you and to have your gorgeous pics. I will surely keep them with me to always have a look at you each time I think about you and miss you.
Anyway, I hope you had a good day today. I'm just returning home and decided to drop you a line.
You must take care of yourself and have a good night rest.
Letter 7

Hi dear,
Hope you had a good day as mine was fine but hectic as usual. I was thinking about you all day and it was a lovely feeling for me. Its been a hectic day and I'm on my way home. At least tomorrow is public holiday and there will be some time to rest.
I want to use this time to say a special good night to you.
Be safe and enjoy this song from me.
Yours always.
Letter 8

Hi dear,
Here is my pin 27C3C4FE.
You can add me, then we could chat. Just feel free to ask all questions.
I believe we are on a right track and that all shall work out fine for us with the right attitude.
I will be hoping to hear from you soon.
Letter 9

Hi darling,
Hope you are having a good day. Just thinking of you and hoping that all is well with you.
Do enjoy this song from me.
Miss u
Letter 10

Hi darling,
Yes, it felt real good chatting over the bbm.
I enjoyed every bit of it.
I'm good darling. Hopefully we chat again this evening.
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