Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Lubov (Russia)
Letter 1

Dear, how nice it is communicating with you of which am very eager to know all about you. I'm serving the British Army ranked Major General Robert "Bob" Jabron, born 2/2/1957 in Blagoevgrad, Southwestern Bulgaria and was educated at Staff College Camberley England. It is hard to generally socialize outside of the military community since I’m a widower and my peers are pretty much all married with children. While in England; I’m an avid athlete, having played most sports at one time or another just to keep fit for my work, everything from Adventure racing to Wiffle ball, I mostly play rugby and lift weights.

I have been in the army for more than 26years; I will be evacuating for my retirement but waiting approval from the MOD. I thought it was wise starting to get a date for marriage; I am Widower with a child. My son's name is Stanley Robert Jabron Jr. and he is studying foreign languages and information technology. He is a good and intelligent boy and I take him to high esteem because he is my carbon copy. Seeing as I'm heading back home soon, that also gives me a 'different' perspective. My Wife died 3years ago in auto crash while I was away on mission to Iraq. I’m passionate about making a difference, I believe that everyone has a responsibility to give back to their community and those that benefit more from it have a greater obligation.

Due to the nature of work here in Kabul couple with our military code of conduct, I can’t visit the site often for my security sake to avoid any problem from the government as well as the Taliban's interference in my data. I will deactivate and delete my profile off the site if really we are meant to be together.

I’m not in a hurry to find the love of my life, but I don't want to wait for months or more years because life is too short to spend it alone. The passion, beauty and excitement of being with the one I love is so wonderful. I'm looking for a serious partner who is understanding, faithful, compassionate, communicative... a soul-mate of my half who will complete me and let me complete her as well, a woman that will love me for who I am and let me love her with all my heart and soul, a lifetime part to grow with me and stand by me through the good times as well as the bad, who truly wants to be a wife; believes in the sanctity of marriage, and totally devoted to her man – 50/50 equal right in relationship.

Anyway; I've said enough now. I await your reply like the bird awaits spring with your photos.

Robert. =
Robert "Bob" Jabron
Major General
British Army {ISAF - Kabul}
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Letter 2

My Dearest Lubov, am very happy to read from you of which I will be glad you send me your lovely photos when replying - Though I have been extremely busy with my troop’s off camp due to recent happenings, it has been noted that Afghanistan over 240 incidents a week. We have been working with the Wardak provincial police after the blast in Jalrez district, and also coalition air strike killed a local Taliban commander and injured three insurgents.

I think it is very important sharing more details, to help us in knowing about each other feeling close in heart. I am very happy and I believe that God is about to wipe my tears after losing my wife about three years ago. I believe that our meeting was not by a chance or accident but it was predestined by God so that together we would be able to discover God's plan for us. I want you in my life to be the woman that makes my life complete; I know that the days will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you. The days would come when we would always be together to spend the rest of the days of our lives forever in peace and harmony, to even miss you when I am sleeping!

I’m the child of my Bulgarian Catholic-Christian parents - I have Bulgarian accent. My Mum, She and my Dad worked hard to bring me up. My father died when I was little. My mother was carrying everything all along; she’s been a wonderful woman and a great mother that I so much love. She brought me up very well in the ways to be of great man I think I am today by working for humanity; carried on working full time until she was surviving cancer and a heart attack. She never gave up on life and our family until the last day of her life; my mother passed away after been aged and weakened, she was 73yrs before death.

My son Stanley Robert Jabron Jr. 16years studying foreign languages and information technology in his England affiliated school, he will be more than happy to have a wonderful woman like you, and we will make our family a better place. The most important thing is for us to be transparent with each other, always try to make an amendment if anyone of does something wrong and with better understanding. Two most important things loyalty and honesty, without these you have nothing - speaking about our common future, discovering the interest of our kids and how to help them achieve those things that they think are difficult to them.

With thoughts of you, hoping you be the woman I will spend the rest of my life with - days would come when we would be together cooking in the kitchen, laughing together about how our relationship all started. I will be evacuating soon for my retirement because I need to take good care of my family.

My favorites food is Rice and Salad and also Japanese food Okonomoyaki which is similar I guess to an English pancake but it involves different kinds of cabbage and meat and an egg - mixed together and then in the restaurant you would cook it in front of yourself and it's very delicious and usually you have barbecue sauce and mayonnaise on top. I also like paella, which is Spanish food. It has yellow rice and lots of different types of seafood and sometimes it can be spicy.

Here is the available contact you can always use to reach me personally here, I got it working for our better communication - we can always talk on Skype instantaneously, to enable us feel closer to each other communicating always even while am busy in my office here on camp:
Skype Address: robert.jabron
My Mobile: +447928920017

My favorite genre of music is Blues like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, I dedicate this to you:
And Gospels like Don Moen:

And some other interesting music’s, please take very good care of yourself for me, right? =
Robert "Bob" Jabron
Major General
British Army {ISAF - Kabul}
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