Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Veronica (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello V,
Thanks for your time to chat with me last night, I find you so interesting and I think I have find a friend in you.I notice that you did tried to sent me a photo but couldn't received it because my Skype get disconnected, you can sent through this email. I hope you will agree with me that communication is a good way to understand and find out much about each other and hoping that as we take time to find out about each other we would be able to find out if indeed we have the needed chemistry to enhance a healthy working relationship, I wish to know more about you and a possible friendship with you would be very much honored. I believe that a friendship starts with an introduction, a relationship with a friendship and a union with a relationship. Just as it takes time to grow ( from cradle to adult), same goes with relationship. I just want to take time to know and learn more about the person that I am willing to share my feelings and thoughts with...Am not asking you out for a one night stand or short romance but I want to be able to make it last forever. I am an open book and am open to friendship, feel free to share with me what ever you wish to know about me, I am sending you some of my photos here, Hope you will like it..I pray you have a blessed day.
Letter 2

Dear V,
Hope you having a blessed day? Once again I want to thank your time to write me back, you will agree with me that good communication is a very big step in getting to know more about each other,Like I have told you before I am Rafael Hans but those days back in orphanage home i was raise they call me Raffy, Am German. Recently I have to move from Germany to the UK to start a new life after I lost my wife 4 years ago and was living in the shell of loneliness,and now I think there is a need to have a life again.and am sure you are ready to fill that vacuum in your life too..

So God willing am desiring for a complete honest, genuine woman who wants to "have a life" again. And I know how important it is to find the RIGHT person to fill that void.One who truly loves and respects me as a person and as her man.One who is true to me.A person who can share in enjoying our older age together whether it might be just staying home and doing the routine things or whether it is traveling and having new experiences together.Am looking at building a wonderful relationship with that special lady and I hope that when she comes along we both would be able to share so much more.I am seeking to spend my life with a very articulate woman who truly knows what she is seeking in a life long relationship,I do not believe any one is perfect but one can try to be perfect in every way but it is not a thing to expect from some one and you do be saying yes I am just too perfect,we can both try to be perfect in this way we will be able to compliment each others fault and be able to understand the situation depending on the level of trust and faithfulness built on each other, to be able to make any relationship work so well one should be able to put some things into consideration like for instance you do not have to compare me with any one in any way am who I am and I am totally different in every way and I won't do the same too, our ability to be able to forgive each other and over look each others short comings will go a long way in making things work out well for both of us, every healthy relationship must be able to stand the test of time that I do agree so long as there is
unconditional love. I hope that with good communication we both would be able to build a wonderful chemistry before we finally decide to meet,in your next email I do like you to share with me some details about yourself more.

I will take my time to tell you more about myself and make sure I leave no questions unanswered.Actually am new here in the UK, I live in Manchester, and I do have a daughter who's my only family and friend I have on earth, I moved all the way from Germany to start a new life and be able to forget past memories,after so many things that happened to me over there ,it all started after I lost my wife, I used to be a successful Marine Engineer and a Oil Services Consultant my work was based on contracts, I worked in a part of Asia country, got contracts awarded to me and made trips to some Asia countries to work, I had everything going on for me all I needed and wanted.

I was happily married until my wife had an auto crash and was hospitalized. I was in Japan on a contract when my wife got admitted into the hospital due to the accident which resulted in some kidney problems,she had Kidney failure as a result of the impact of the crash, I had to leave the contract so I can be able to be with her and take good care of her, she was hospitalized for 14 months, she went through several surgeries, I prayed so greatly for her, stayed with her and took good care of her,my contract in Japan was terminated due to my absence from work and was awarded to someone else to finish and I
lost everything there. after her final surgery then I lost her, it was so hard and terrible on me, the Doctor's said there were some complications with her tissue and gave some medical reasons, I was shocked because only when I thought she was going to be alright and be fine for me then she left me, I couldn't bear it but I know God knew best, I was disappointed then, I lost faith and suffered so much depression at that time.I tried my best but it was so hard on me and my daughter I had to stay strong and live for my daughter,she is all I had left so I had to stay and take good care of her, nothing else mattered to me apart from taking good care of my daughter, I wasn't even seeking for contract anymore, I gave her all the best life can offer from what I work in the past just to make sure she was happy and had everything, her mothers death was so tough and hard on us but we both got along and became best of friends, She's my world right now, I survived not because I was too strong but because God loves me and wants me to survive so I survived but it was so hard because I lost virtually everything I've earned in years during this period,I was
emotionally and physically weighed down but I was able to get through the emotional stress with the help of my daughter and God and my finances am just trying to build up again...

Its been years now since I lost my lovely wife so I've really moved on with my life and have left the past behind me, God has his reasons for taking her away from me.My girl and myself moved to the UK so we can live all the past behind us, we came here in search of a new life, a new beginning, peace and love and both loved it here though she is in school now, she talked me so I can find someone to make me smile and laugh and ohhhh yes I took her advice but only to find out that I really needed more than laughter and smile, I've spent some of my years been there for my daughter, caring for her, leaving no space to
allow anyone else into my life to share with my happiness and my sadness and I guess she realized that too, so here I am, set and ready to find my soul mate, the woman of my dreams, I have so much love in me to give out to the right woman, Am one woman's man, don't play games, a perfect gentleman, my intentions is to find that woman and win her heart and love then sweep her off her feet when we meet so my intentions are good and I want to be straight with you here, you do posses those qualities I seek, we have so much in common but we still need to take the steps and get to know more and perhaps
exchange few more emails and constant communication, will surely do enhance our getting to know about each other and will also make us closer and feel comfortable in meeting one another when we do decide to meet .... I hope to build a strong relationship with you based on trust and honesty,am a very honest man and when you get to know me more better then you will truly find out the kind of man I am.Am old fashioned but I seem to adapt to things easily,I adapt to cultures easily, I can speak little of several languages this was due to my experience in the most countries I've worked during my past contracts.. Oh did I tell you that am a great cook and if we get to know each other more better and if you ever visit and spend the night, I promise I will prepare you breakfast in bed,you just have to let me know your favorite and I will have it made just the way you will love and like it..LOL. Am also a very romantic and passionate man, very affectionate,did I tell you that I love to kiss? hmmmm well I do.... ohhh yes I can kiss for hours but its been really a long time, well I hope and look forward to that just with the right woman, I also love to cuddle, love holding hands, snuggling.

Am a Christian and was brought up in a good Christian Orphanage home and have always worshiped the Lord. It was with his help and mercy that I was able to find suitable solutions to so many problems I had in the past.I need to know what you seek from the man of your dreams my dear? and also what are your interest and hobbies. My dear,I hope I've been able to tell you so much about myself in this email, It maybe very bored sending this long mail, I wish we can meet on chat for us to share all this rather than this long bored email..LOL, Anyway take good care of yourself, I will look forward to reading from you soon, perhaps this will be a start into a new world of ours.Am happy to meet you,
God bless you,
Letter 3

Hello My Dear,
How are you doing, I really miss you and reading from you, I have been thinking about you though I couldn't connect to you due to the issues with my computer playing up, I think it needs replacement but that I have to sort out only when am able to secure my contract as am financially down now..
Hope you did had a wonderful weekend?..So sad we couldn't connect to chat over the all the while but you are on my mind always..Please see if you can setup a yahoo account and a messenger for us to chat
I pray we can catch up later to chat...
I miss you so much
Lots of love and kisses
Letter 4

Hello My Dear,
Regarding your question like i told you earlier on that i am a Marine Engineer by Profession. I deal with oil and gas wreckage but since four years ago after my wife death i have not gotten any contract because my job base on contract. The one i was appointed to do four years in JAPAN was eventually terminated just for the fact that i left the site to come and take care of my wife during her sick period before she died thereafter. It is a difficult situation and experience because i am the one that takes care of my children, i miss her but God knows the best. Raffy
Letter 5

Hello My Dear,
i am so sorry my Angel, i am not a scammer those guys are the people i met when i was trying to fill the vaccum my late wife left that was when i met them but none of them could do the work because they have found the love of their lives. Mr Sweet Heart i promise you from the day i met you that i can never break your heart because i am not a heart breaker, i am God fearing Man. I swear from this day that i will love you forever and nothing will ever change my mind. I am waiting to hear from you Raffy
Letter 6

Hello My Dear,
Thanks for your understanding my Angel, leave that to me i will take care of the matter okay. i will contact the team and explain to them. I do not want this issue to affect our lovely relationship not now i really need to love and be loved. I never knew i will meet an Angel like you, i am ready to live the rest of my life with you provided you promise me that you will take care of my children by treating them like their late Mother. Raffy
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