Romance scam letter(s) from Matthew Sebeluis to Robin (USA)
Letter 1

Sweetheart above is my home address and land line in Turku,Finland.And my current address in Iran just incase Ok.The land line(Home phone) is not working at the moment just so you know.I disconnected the phone line cos my uncle's drug addict son has been a pain in the ass,he has been miss using the phone line,my cars and so many other stuff in the house which i dont want to talk about now

Attach below is a pic of me and my daughter,we took the pic during one of our outing in UK

I love you so much sweetheart,you are family to me,i trust you with my life and daughter don't mess that up OK You have my soul
Your hubby
Letter 2

Hi Debb,

Thank you for you for giving me your email id,having said that let me quickly tell you about myself,apart from being a 51yr cool,caring,amiable,hardworking,and honest dude who desires loving,compassionate and an understanding woman for a lifetime relationship(marriage).I am a widower and a father currently working in Birmingham,UK.I have a 20 year old daughter,she is my source of joy and inspiration.i lost my wife in February 2004 through auto crash ever since i have remain single.

My daughter Yvonne she is studying Diploma in international law here in the UK. I was born in NY,my dad is a native of NY while my mom she is Finish.when i was 2years old my parents moved to Finland no thanks to mom's influence.I am planning on relocating back to the US at most by September 2010,i am already in contact with a realtor.That's the much i can say for now,you will get to learn more about me as we get along ok.I like taking things one step at a time,i am a strong believer of time,cos time tells it all, right?

By the way I'd love to learn more about you
Are you an early Bird or a night owl
when was the last time you were in a relationship
what do you look out for in a relationship
what kind of relationship do you seek for
Where and what kind of work do you do
How long have you been on a dating dating site
How many online relationship/dating have you had in the past
How long have you been single
Do you have kids
Do you like outdoor activities etc
I await your response.

Note:Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work.i am a one woman man,i expect you to be sincere with me too OK.Attach below is 2 of my most recent pics i hope i am not too ugly for your liking

Hope to hear from you soon
Your Admirer
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