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Letter 1

Hello Diva, what you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful. you are such an Angel that others pray to have your decent beauty. please accept the little compliment which i present to you this day so today shall be blessed for me. wish to hear back from you

Letter 2

Am glad to hear from you and looking forward to know you more. here is a little about me. my Name is Frank Allen Cruz. my Father is a Spanish and with South African background and my Mother is from Portugise. i live at Krugersdrop but i work under the Shell Company as a Freelance. i do Contracts on Oil pipes services and drill-age. i have worked for 12years now and been very successful. is a bit stressful but i do enjoy it cause i make much profit after doing the Contract. i have a Project currently in UK and is almost done, i have been here for over 8months now but am glad my Project is coming to an end now. am Single because i lost my wife in an auto crash 5years ago. she was my everything and the reason for my happiness but God knows the best. i was so depressed after her death. it was so hard to cope and carry on without her and is hard to find a woman that will love, trust, care and support me like she did. now, all those things belong to my past now and am ready to move on, remarry again and create a good future with my soul mate. that is why i joined that dating site to see how good it can go for me in my quest for a life partner cause i really don't have time to go out and meet with people because of my Contract, that's why i join that dating site. am not there for so long time now and i don't intend to stay for so long on a dating site. am just giving it a try coupled with all my busy day at work, i have a dog,her name is Dugan, She is so beautiful have a daughter as well, her name is Crystal and she is 9years old now, she needs someone to call mother. i have my Mother around me and she lives now in Eastern Cape with her younger sister, she takes care of my house with everything in it whenever i travel. my Father died when i was just 10 years ago and am the only child and we are from Eastern Cape. i love my Mother, my Daughter, my bird and my Dog so much. i also own my House in Krugersdorp and have my Car packed there. Am planning on quitting working on Contracts because it takes me away from home. as soon as i found my soul mate, i will stop working on Contracts and start doing investments with all the Profits that i have made in life doing the contracts. i would love to investment on Properties and any other thing my partner would love us to invest. i have a very special way of loving and caring. am very romantic and passionate man who wants to be loved and love as well. I enjoy meeting new people and my attitude toward life is a positive one. I think people like my honest and just simple way of thinking and living. i have a loving heart in me and wants to share it with someone who loves and wants to be loved. i have many goals but still have no woman in my life but now, i seek someone to grow old with. i can offer trust, sacrifice, freedom, care and validity.

Letter 3

I think that will be all for now and i wish to have a chat at messenger with you cause it makes our conversation more faster and brings us closer emotionally as well.thanks for the time you have offered for us to get to know each other and as i can see something good unfolds for this relationship soon. i really do wish that after reading this, you will still have much interest to meet me. please, tell me more about you as i did for you, Thanks

Letter 4

How are you today - I hope that you are well and ready to face the challenges of your day (big kiss to you). Thank you as always for your beautiful words, and for sharing your feelings so honestly and openly with me and for being in my life......I know that I have waited a long time for this moment..........and I can't stop thinking about you - even though I have never met you. ( I have also had moments where I thought that this is crazy, as I have never met you and we are talking to each in cyberspace and on the telephone). I took a chance on contacting you on the dating site – it was a brave move on my part - I also felt completely weird about it at the time but i am glad that I did - else I would never have met you and be talking to you now).

I can feel your love - my body and spirit is consumed by are constantly in my thoughts - and I have not been able to sleep since I have met you.......i am totally and absolutely in love with you.I want to share with you something that I have not shared with many people, only those that I trust. I was born with a gift of seeing....... I have been blessed with the good fortune of seeing life events (good and bad) before they happen.... i am very intuitive and psychic. I have seen in my life (when i was 8 years old) that I would

Letter 5

I miss you so much. I want you to hold me so much. When time allows, and we can be together the way we want to, I'll hold on as if it was my last mission. I miss you so much, I wanna' run away with you far away so no hurt would taint us. But that is just a fragment of my imagination and fantasy. It helps to fantasize sometimes to dull the hurt of things I experience. I miss you, my love, and want nothing more than to be in your arms until you kiss my problems away. Love Always, Frank.

Letter 6

what do you mean by what you just said now? why are you so like this when you are not suppose to be? i came here just with my small PC that i only use for work and not for pleasure. IT DOESN'T HAVE A WEBCAM SO I CAN'T DO SKYPE. am getting sick about all these and if this is the way you are gonna be about this whole thing, QUIT.

Letter 7

Hello Angel, Thanks for your email, at this point in our life i don't know what else to do or how to prove myself to you anymore. all i can say and tell you is that i Love you and you are the only woman in my life. i believe that God brought us together because we are perfect for each other and that's what makes us soul mate. i have tried as much as i can to explain all these to you but you are still insecure about me which makes me go crazy because i can't believe that after everything we have shared, you still have this grate doubt about us. it would be better if you don't help me anymore so i will look for a solution to my problem. my Agent couldn't sell my house because i can't come home to turn in the papers because i need to do my transfer and have my fund paid in SA before leaving here other wise i have a %70 chance of losing all i have worked for all my life. further more, you know quite well how the process of selling properties in SA and you know it will take months to get my house sold that is why i plead with you for help. but i can understand that you are not secured anymore about me because we have not met yet and am asking you to help me but one thing you must know is that i have the same heart as you and i would do more than that for you if you are in my shoes. you know you can help me secure some fund to settle this at once and come home and you can't help me because you have not met me, then all i can say is you can do whatever that is on your mind. i will be discharged today and still placed on drugs. what killed me most is my Blood Pressure and high fever. i don't have any one to help me now and by next week, my draft will be completely in the account ready for transfer and i also need to pay R15,000 to secure the fund into a trust account before the transfer but no money to do that. if you are in my shoes, you will understand the way i feel about all these and stop being negative in helping me. i have nothing am doing here and all you can do for me now is raise the fund you wanted to raise for me and then see me do everything and come home. i can promise you that you will never be disappointed and you will be glad that you did helped me because everything that i have promised you will be done. Yes, there is us and there has always been us, right from the first time i met you i knew you are my partner, soul mate and my wife. there is nobody else i want in my life and i know that i can never love again. you are the only one that i need in my life and after you comes nobody. i do rather be single than to be with another woman on earth cause you are all that matters to me and all i can ever wish for. you have been my very best ever since i met you and you will always be the same till the end of my life. Money came in because of my current situation when we met and you also showed yourself as my life partner when you willingly accept to help me and you did. you don't have to let the devil speak to you cause God has already directed you in his part and you followed his lead in helping me so i believe that you should follow that same lead God has placed you in my life. what matters to me is that i love you and i want you to decided after reading this email that you are still going to help me or you are backing off so i will know on what to do with myself here. my love for you will always be the same if you still help me or not. I Love You Always, Frank

Letter 8

I've experienced both love and what I thought was love, and found pain and hurt. The real definition of love is You, who's given me everything and more. The time we share with one another is breathtaking. I feel safe in your heart, you embraces me; touching every bone in my body as it tingles to the touch of your warm flesh. Your presence i feel in my heart lingers in my mind when you isn't physically with me, always on my mind, and in my heart. You cares for me, the way no one can and ever will. Our time spent with each other is blissful. The sound of your voice lets me know that I am safe from all danger.The laughter we share is like no other. All is serene. My problems, which you has not caused, are but small deteriorating objects that escape my mind when you comforts me and take care of them all. You respects me, not just as a Partner but as a person and your soul mate. You waits patiently for me, no matter whatever it may be: getting ready, brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, waiting as long as it may be take to make love. You are always honest with me, giving me advice which helps me to become a better person. You brings out the "Frank" in me, The Frank who has been shut away from his feelings, worrying too much about the well being of others rather than yourself, neglecting what means the most. Our relationship could not, and would not survive without forgiveness. The friendship we share is like no other. You looks out for my best interests. Helping each day with the patience I need with others. If I fall, you are right by my side to lift me up. You are perfect in every way, shape, and form. Happiness describes every moment we share. We've gone beyond our limits, surpassing each other's barriers. What we have may become stale at times but will re-make and once again be fresh. When I am in pain you re my remedy. You replenishes the holes made by others in my heart, mending them with his thoughtfulness, kindness, and well-being. You quenches my thirst, whatever it may be. You serenades me as if I were a King in a royal family. Oh, how I cherish you my Queen. We were once strangers, but have become the love of one another's lives. Thank you, Angel, for stepping into my life; you mean so much to me. I love you! Love always, Frank

Letter 9

thanks and kisses to you my Queen, with lots of love and your thought inside me, i say bye for now and hope to pretty soon so i can't miss you too much. thanks

Letter 10

I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, your magical eyes, and the sound of your voice. and I love the warmth I feel when am thinking about you. I can't stop thinking about you when we are apart like this. I need you by my side. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I share with you. Before we met I had doubts that you would be everything you portrayed because I didn't think it was possible to find someone so perfect for me in so many ways. You have shown me that love can be true, pure and genuine. I knew from the beginning that you were special and that it was only a matter of time before I fell helplessly in love with you. You make me so happy and fulfill me so completely. I thank God each and every day for bringing you into my life. When I look into your eyes I see a future of endless possibilities and everlasting love. A., you are my forever .... i believe in true love and your love is the kind that i have ever wish and prayed for and here you are, i promise you that i will be that soul mate you will grow old together till forever ends. you have me now and never gonna lose me, i trust in your love and you will always be my life partner in every day of my life. am almost done here and hopefully i will get my payment and come home to be with you forever. I will miss you till tomorrow when i hear your voice, Love You Always. Frank

Letter 11

Hello my Angel,
You are so so sweet, thank you so much for your email and i really welcome that. I know right now we can't be together but I will be waiting for you when God reviews us and very soon we shall be in each other’s arms smiling and singing for each other because of the Love that we exhibit for each other. I pray every night and day that he sees the love I have for you. I feel like I can't breathe. I miss talking to you and just listening to your voice, and your sweet ways of showing how much you love me too. I have never been so in love with any woman the way I love you. I am so free when I am near you emotionally. You let me be me and make me feel so special. I know God has something good in store for us. He is not an evil God but a loving God. And when we are in each other's arms again, that love will be more amazing than what we have now. I can't wait to hold you soon, with God's Approval. In the Lord we will seek together and live a great and Godly life. I miss you and love you with all my heart. Till, we are in each other’s arms.
i have to answer your questions and clear you very well:
1, i did not call it risk because it is a good business and investment because what i stands to gain is what will set me free all my life. i have been doing this kind of Contract and i get paid at the end. i make good profit but this came as a result of doing the bestest Contract ever which i trusted myself believing that i can do it and i really did it all alone. if i had more money, you wouldn't have heard about all these and you would have been more proud of me when i came home with my profit and everything.
2, Yes i should have my PA around because he is a nice man. he works with me because he like my kind of person and i do like him. he has been helpful to me from the first day we started till now am broke even if my Job is done. he knows that i have no more money because he saw how everything happened and how we used all the money i got to work. i still owes him and when i get paid, i will reward him. he still does his own business and also help me with that when he can, i hope that has answered your questions?
3, Now, i have to clear this as well at once, i need that amount of money to pay for my transfer charges which is about R150,000 and that is they cost for the international transfer to South Africa. again, i need to pay the same amount to the Shell here that gave me the Contract cause they should get they own percentage which is R150,000. you see, that is why i asked you to raise that amount for me and why i said you should try and raise more for me is because if there should be any little thing i have to pay again but am sure nothing much. my Contract fund is insured and never should it be deducted because it should be paid complete to me the way it is. and i have to pay for every cost behind it or charges myself to clear it. it is a simple thing which i agreed on and signed and that's how i always do contracts with them. hope i have answered that as well?
4, The Contract is worth R15million, i invested R5m because is all i have saved for myself. i have also raise money to support myself and at the end of it all, i will be making a lot of profit and is should be much more than R1.5m after i have taken off the loan that i took for this Job and also my savings which i have invested as well. i will be making R1.5m to R3.m as my profit and that is rewarding. i hope i did answer that as well.
Please, try and help me finish all these and let me come home first so we can be together. you are the only woman in my life that is why i have to run to you for help and as one family. if not the risk of leaving my fund behind, i would have come home to sell my house and is still gonna take months for me to do that as well. i hope you understand all these now and i will be waiting for you to get back to me.
Love you always,

Letter 12

Hello A.,
i never wanted to email you but i think is the right thing to this with this mood. i was on medication after you sent me the last R7000 which i used almost all of the money for my meds. i paid some money for my rent after selling some little things i go even watch and jewelries i had. i was in a meeting with the account manager when you were trying to call me yesterday to see if he can help me get a loan from his bank and clear my bills so i can solve this whole mess and you picked a big offence for not talking to you that's why you started sending me those text massages. i never had anything against you as i know how much you have tried for my success which is appreciated every day and night i cry to be in your arms to show you how much love i have for you. i am a human being with lots of feelings and i have been trying to secure everything i have worked for us and our future but you think am playing games with you. honestly, am not really that man that depends on a woman to survive rather people survives through me. i never wished for you to stress and suffer anything because of me that is why am trying to stop you now from helping me. if is the will of God that all these happens to me, then he knows the best and i can't question him. God that brought me to this will see me through and i will smile at last. i plead with you to get a loan for me but it seems like you can't raise what i need. that doesn't mean that you have not tried already for me or am not interested in you anymore. the money issues am having is far different from our emotions. i have told you that my emotions are stable for you and you don't believe me. if you have found someone else that you want to spend your life with, let me know in a good manner. there is no reason for me not to want you in my life cause you are the only woman i can ever love and wish to grow old with, if not you they will be nobody else. only if you are tired of hanging on for me to come home and be with you. i will not talk about all these again with you because the more i think of these, the more it makes me sick. tell me in a good way that you are tired and i will not bother you again. stop putting all these negative thoughts in you so i can focus on what am doing here. thank you and enjoy your day.




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