Romance scam letter(s) from Christian Taylor to Katy (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello there how are you doing
Good morning babe are you at work already
babe we need to talk
babe send me your home address i am sending package i am gonna surprise you
Babe hit me up on the cell phone babe
Letter 2

Thanks for your kindest message how is your work i hope that you are doing good i really miss you i was so worried a bout you well i am sending you some goods including Diamond ring i would like you to send me your home address so that the package will be delivery to your doorstep however i am waiting to receive your address so that i can give to the carrier thank you kisses hugs i love you darling
Letter 3

I am glad to hear from you how is your work? babe i do miss you a lot how is your family? babe guess what? i am coming to meet you in person soonest, it will be my pleasure to meet you in .... Darling i think that you and i, will travel to the state together cuz i would like to spend the rest of my life with you in the state babe i have taken the package to the courier service office there's a lot of things inside the package i am so pleased to have you honey kisses i love you. babe i am so happy that everything is going well right now kisses i wish to read from you soon God Bless you
Letter 4

I'm so in love; I get this warm sensual feeling every time I think of you. When i sleep at night, all i can dream about is you. I wish i could hold you in my arms. I dream of the day when i could kiss you passionately on your soft sweet lips and listen to your heart beating because it's sweet music to my ears. All i can say is let me be the one you love; let me be the one whose love you need.
Love always
Letter 5

You seem to capture my mind all the time. There is never a moment when I don't think about you or miss your presence. Your love takes over me all the time. I feel so excited in your love.
Letter 6

Good morning darling how was your nite
Babe i am here i wanna talk to you
babe i want you to send me your email so that i can give to the courier service today i am waiting for your email ok kisses
Babe i am calling your cell phone babe i wanna talk to you it is very urgent babe
Letter 7

Good Afternoon darling how are you doing today well never knew that you were in a meeting yesterday
How is your day going with you over there
Hello babe are you there i am here i want to talk to you
babe i want to talk to you on the phone
Letter 8

Hello there how was your nite babe did you work everyday ?
babe i was calling you yesterday you don't pick up the phone babe i was so worried
i miss you
kisses, jugs
babe have a nice day ahead God bless you
Letter 9

Good morning my dear how was your nite babe i was thinking a bout you i hope that you are doing fine, well i would like you to send me your cell phone number you always use cuz i do call the one that you sent to me before Nobody is picking it up babe i really i want to speak to you on the phone however have a blessed day ahead God Bless my dear
Letter 10

HellO, thanks for your wonderful mail well i do understand that you were busy at the office, but i guess that you should be at home right now however i will call you as soon as get to the hotel. well i will be living to the state very soon cuz i missed my daughter so much i can't wait to see her but i do call her every time. to the regard of my inheritance the bank told that the found will be release to me when the present my wife to them so i was waiting for you to write to the Union Bank of Nigeria plc. my company paid me some money which i use to payed my hotel bills here

Letter 11

Hello there, thanks for your mail well i told the bank that my wife is late. and they insist that is the will that my late father wrote so i can not change it. that's why i am looking forward to see if you can write to the bank and the Lawyer. said that he can do anything without me paying him his money now the bank need urgent lawyer that will stand by me so i would like you to write to the Lawyer however i will leave for UK TOMORROW NIGHT
i am waiting to read from you soonest remember to send me your new email ok thank you kisses hugs
Letter 12

Hello there how are you doing today babe I am preparing to go the airport well the courier service just email that the package has been sent off to today however I want you to be alert and always check your. Mailbox as well so I will for UK to night ok I hope to read from you as soon as possible. Kisses hugs
Letter 13

Well babe the courier service sent me a mail yesterday that your package has been sent off
i would like you to check out your email
Letter 14

Babe i know that you are going to bed but please tell me if this your cell number
Babe i will be praying for you my love It is very unfortunate to know about that. Please take a very good care of yourself. However, note that the courier service had notified me that they have sent you a mail. So, do try and check your mailbox and endeavor to send me the tracking number.
Hi there how is your health i hope that you are doing fine. well i don't have the tracking the courier service told me that the tracking was sent to your email well i will tell her that i found a wife in South Africa yes babe i wish to be with you soon i love you
Letter 15

How are you doinG..and how is your work...Hope all is well with youI need you, darling.I love you so much.I spend my time dreaming of your ife is so beautiful but nothing equals this.I thrill tothe thought of your precious kiss.In you, I found something that Inever knew--each day is more beautiful when someone loves you.And I'mso thankful for this gift of love.You're everything that I everdreamed of.My heart searches for you everywhere I go,hoping to see atrace of the warmth I found in your smile.You are ever on my mind,thetide that dashes upon the shore,keeping my heart awake and my dreamsalive.And I could never still these thoughts of you,because you turnthe gray sky blue when winter calls.And when the night falls heavy,youmake the stars
Thank you
Letter 16

My name is Mr. Adnan Mahadir, the deputized official of Equity Express Logistics, Asia Zone. However I am here to notify you that the courier package addressed by Christian Taylor from Nigeria to the aforementioned name in South Africa has been withheld on its transit at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA),Malaysia by the Malaysia Customs.
According to the Malaysia Customs, during their normal rummaging on all the packages on transits through their Country, it was discovered that the sender of the parcel paid only air freight fee for the parcel but did not pay for the due tax fee on the parcel’s items from the point of origin while the quantity / nature of the items in the parcel are not duty free items thereby the concern parcel has been withheld by them. Through this process, the Malaysia Custom has imposed some levies of penalty fee on the package in the sum of 1,550 USD that must be paid within 48 hours as the Penalty fee make up for the evasion of tax fee by the sender on the parcel’s items, before the package can be released on its transits for the onward delivery to your designated address in your Country without which the parcel shall be confiscated by the Malaysia Customs after the expiration of the 48 hours ultimatum given by them.
Hence the said penalty fee need to be promptly advanced to Malaysia within 48hours in order to prevent the parcel from being confiscated by the Malaysia Customs Authority. You are hereby advised to urgently get back to us so as to find urgent solution to the aforementioned issue. Meanwhile the Malaysia Customs made us understood that once the requested penalty fee is paid, they will issue the receipt of International Tariff Fees and stipulate it to the parcel in order to free the parcel from being subjected to any duty or tax fee again upon its arrival to your Country. You can call or email us through our email address or phone number below for the prompt arrangement on how the said penalty fee imposed by the Malaysia Customs can be paid to facilitate the prompt release of the parcel for the onward delivery to your designated address before the expiration of the given ultimatum of 48hours.. Awaiting your urgent response, Best regards, Adnan Mahadir +60143236289
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