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Letter 1

I have an honest belief that life is what you make it, so never be shy about going after the things that matter to you. To be fair, this sometimes results in truly spectacular disasters, but as my mom always said, "the things that don't kill you make the best stores later." So, I've accumulated my share of good stories over the years, but I have no regrets. If you can't laugh at yourself then you need to do a reality check- we're all accidentally funny sometimes. As far as self-description goes, the things that come to mind are cheerful and persistent. I don't judge and I have a very open mind. I've discovered that I really like people- everyone has a story to tell and hearing them adds to the richness of life. Last but not least, I'm absurdly optimistic. A given situation may be dire, but I always believe that something better is just around the corner. My life has reached a really good place and I'd like to meet someone to share the journey. I value and intelligence tremendously, and I've always had a soft-spot for the athletic tomboys of the world. Along those lines, I can handle snark. I've always taken it as sign of an active mind, and it seems the athletic girls are really good at it sometimes. That's me in a nutshell- if you're in the market for a cheerful, energetic, relentlessly positive person I'd like to hear from you.




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