Romance scam letter(s) from David Johnson Wilson to Celine (HK)
Letter 1

I am pretty new in this medium and true I was introduced here by a colleague of mine who attested to the fact that responsible people around here. Well he found his soul mate here too!
I am new also at this method of meeting a soul mate but I am very determined to give it my best short. I came across your profile and I liked the simplicity of your profile and I would like to get to know more about you if you are interested.
I am a doctor, dentist to be precise, hobbies......hmm....laughing, I like to think i have a great sense of humor and I like relaxing with that special person...walking hand in hand along the seaside and I also love to dance and swim too.
please if you are a cheater or dishonesty don't contact me because i will not waste my time to reply you i know a lot of scam out there looking for who to cheat .If you are the type don't reply
If you are interested do reach me back OK,i am waiting for your Reply...
Letter 2

Hello Honey,
How are you honey? I hope you are hail and hearty, I tried to catch you online now, but I couldn't seems you are in the office
I am doing okay please do not worry about me, am getting ready for my work to Chad like we discussed, its from there will fly to come visit you in your country Hong Kong,hopefully on 13th April 2013
Honey i want to let you know that i have sent the parcel and my cloth inside to your address and the details of the things i told you i shop for you, i hope you like it, please take it as its a token from my heart, Happy Weekend. 1, Markavelli perfume
2, Teddy bear
3, Gold wrist watch,Gold Ear rings and Gold Neckless
4, Lily valley Rose Flower
5, African picture with kids and Lion
6,Engagement Ring two
7, And some money to enable you use to book a reservation where we can stay when i come to Hong kong, you can buy somethings you need and keep the rest we will use when am with you.
Honey here is the details of the company,
Diplomat Name:.... EGOH CHIGOZIE Telephone:............... +60102862676
Letter 3

please we want to notify you about your parcel.the consignment number WAB80091/AB/AF/2013 Just arrive Malaysia airport this morning you have to make the payment this morning for the airport charges total amount is 2850RM Malaysia which is 935Usd Dollar. All the payment should pay to the officer in charge of clearing department by western union.please once you transfer the money send us will recive the parcel by noon today after you done the payment as soon as possible because we have alot of customer to attend first come first serve i am waiting for your feedback. Thanks for your understanding
Letter 4

why you did not tell us there is a hug money inside the parcel you and the sender? Your parcel make us suffer today up till now i am still in airport our speed post don't carry money why do you people chose to put money inside the parcel is a big problem to us...Now the custom office at the airport ask us to show a certificate before they can release the parcel to us,if we don't show the certificate we can get the parcel.Do you have the certificate so you can send it to us.the name of the certificate is call Anti terrorism certificate. This Anti Terrorism certificate is to prove that this money inside the parcel is not to support war in Asia or Arab you know there is war going on in Syria and Iran,south Kore ,North Kore. please we are waiting for the certificate today, You can scan it and send to us so we can bring the parcel tomorrow. Thank x
Letter 5

We recive your payment you make to our officer in african $3800 usd dollar.The officer that issue the Certificate refuse to accept the payment.He said all the payment should made before he can issue us the ceritificate.Total money is 5200usd dollar you pay only 3800 He said if the money not complete he will not accept half payment he want the balance of 1400usd once we pay it you will get the parcel on friday by 11.30Am.we are waiting for you. please dont delay us we have alot of customer to attend . Thanks
Letter 6

Please check the file i have forward you the certificate.we have recive full payment from the officer Boss in African.we can send you the parcel because of only one Certificate we Recive. We need ?hree certificate before they parcel can send you the parcel because without all those certificate you can be able to recive the parcel.This is the name of the certificate we need and that is all. 1.ANTI TERRORISM CERTIFICATE 2.MALAYSIA CUSTOM CLEARENCE RECEIPT. 3.CUSTOM YELLOW TAG. Must have a certified Malaysia customs yellow tag,properly pasted on it,before it can be delivered out of malaysia yellow tags are recongnized internationally and as a result,The said parcel shall be seen as free breaching international Laws. Please contact the officer in charge email and for futher information
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