Romance scam letter(s) from Paul Berty to Lynne (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Lynne, Thanks for your lovely e-mail. I am delighted to read from you even though it was a brief one. I am sorry I should have replied you earlier, I have been busy. Thanks for the compliments regarding my profile, I appreciate that a lot. I am a single and searching man, I am searching for my other half, a woman I can love, cherish, adore and value so much, who knows, you might be the woman I have been looking for and I could be the man of your dream. At the moment, I don't have much time to write you, I just want to send this short e-mail to you so that you can know that I got your message. I will take my time to write you more about myself later today. In your next e-mail to me, please tell me more about yourself and include some picture, I will do that in my next e-mail too. I will like to keep corresponding with you and see how it goes. I hope this message will meet you in good spirit. Thanks a lot.
Yours Truly,
Letter 2

Hi Lynne, I presume you are doing great over there, It is a beautiful day here and I am a bit less busy at work at the moment. In response to your e-mail, I decide to send this e-mail to you in order to tell you more about myself and I hope you will enjoy reading more about me and after reading this e-mail, you would love to keep corresponding with me. Thanks for your message and thanks for telling me more about yourself. I will be glad if you can send me some pictures in your next e-mail. I'm Paul L Berty, 52 years old I stand 6ft'1inch and about 190lbs, fair hairs and blue eyes. I was born in London, United Kingdom to a Scottish father and A Spanish mother and raised in Valencia Spain. I attended Delft University of Technology, Delft Netherlands where I where I obtained my in Civil Engineering. I'm very laid-white and down-to-earth. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment for women. I'm an occasional wine drinker but a non-smoker, have a great sense of humor and like to spend time with people and make them happy especially people that I mostly love. I am not a perfect guy, of course we all have our flaws but I am the type of person that appreciate people for who they are, I believe that different personality makes this world an interesting place, if we all exhibit the same personality and interest, the world would have been a very boring place. I relocated to the United States with the influence of my friend who owns an construction firm in Florida but I'm presently in Africa for a construction project. I am a contractor, and we shall be covering 5 different countries In west Africa, Ghana, Nigeria , Togo, Ivory Coast and Benin republic, but I should be back to the State in less than a month, I didn't expect the project to take this long but because of the weather, the project has been delayed and its taking longer than anticipated. Anyways, we are at the last country now, which is Nigeria, and the project would be done within now and the next two-three weeks. So, I should be in the state in the next three weeks. I was married for 5 years and I lost my wife to cancer 18 years ago. that should be in 1995. It was a very devastating moment in my life as she left nothing behind for me to remember of her, no child, apart from the true love she had for me, Which I have been looking for ever since her death, After some years, year 2002 to be precise I re-marry to another woman and she has a child for me few years after our marriage. A lovely girl, I am sure you will like her. She means a lot to me and I cherish and value her so much. I'm divorced now and completely unattached and would be glad if I encounter a woman of high caliber, good attitude, self respect and ambition. A woman who knows what she wants and know how to get it. She has to be understanding and sincere that way a relationship would be smoother. Well, my ex was not honest / truthful with me, she was caught messing around, I decided to end my relationship with her due to her infidelity and ever since I have vowed never to get married again because I was hurt badly and that almost gave me a bad Impression about all women but my mother made me to understand that all woman are not the same using my late wife as an example and that brought me hope and courage.. More so, this life is very short and I do want to get married again because I am afraid of growing old alone and I know that God has the right woman for me when the time comes. I love Maria (My Daughter) so much and I'm trying to raise her to be one of the rare breed out there: a gentle lady who owns her words, who is independent, self-confident, knows her worth, loves God, treats people, and especially women & older people with respect, focused, disciplined, be playful, be fun and have a very good sense of humor. I want her to be a lady with a tender heart. As for fun: I like mentally stimulating activities and also I like fun. I adore traveling, to feel and research the culture of the countries and learn new things. I enjoy reading, classic movies, swimming, dancing. I like nature: forest, ocean, mountains. I am passionate about flowers, basically nature! I like camping, fishing, cycling, biking, movies, golf, all kinds of sports - like the indoors too, I also like the city life. I take a walk out when the weather's mild, but go to the pool with my daughter, or sometimes the beach when it's sunny.

Well, it is said that when a relationship ends and you've tried your best, God knows, it is best to move on, there is someone waiting, someone special, until then we have our life to rebuild, to do unto others, to bring joy, even to those we have left behind. The universe has a funny way of circling. Rotating, we can not go back unless it is foreseen. There are no rhymes or reason to love. You either love or you do not. I am ready for friendship, relationship or marriage depending on who I meet. I am looking for someone is secure and who knows what they want in a man. I want someone who is not afraid of commitment, someone who can communicate well, both with words and feelings, and someone who will treat me as an equal and not an object. A good sense of humor, outgoing, likes horses and all other animals too. A romantic person and someone who is not afraid to cook dinner once in a while. Someone who will walk beside me and not in front of or behind me. Someone who loves kids, travel, and is able to get dirty one minute and get dressed, to go out the next minute. Diversity, maturity, stability, independence and just all-around, Angel sent from heaven. :) . A magic relationship, a special place in the world. you know when you are sad, when you feel alone, when the world look out so terrible, when people punch or even kill each other, then you need some place to run away, some play where you can feel save, there you can feel that nothing, none can touch you, hurt you. Exactly that is a relationship for me. I want a family, my home, full with tenderness, sincerity, faithfulness. And love of course a lot of love. I do believe in soul mates and I know that God has the right woman for me when the time comes; I'm a nice person as well, I am affectionate and romantic, friendly and confident. I am open-minded and cheerful. I work hard and I want to grow in my job and be a successful dad to Maria and a loving husband to the lucky woman and I hope you will be that lucky woman. I am romantic, caring, and faithful. I hope to find and meet a lady to fall in love with. I am clever, communicative, honest and ready for commitments but also I would like her to be sweet, faithful, caring, comprehensive, family lover, elegant, cheerful and love kids. I want someone with whom I can plan my future and have a nice family with. I am very romantic, responsible, kind, calm, serious (just when it's necessary), confident, purposeful, persistent, smart, honest, modest, loyal, flexible, sociable, communicative, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, considered, responsible and with sense of humor it's like an advertisement but anyway I am a bit.... stubborn - in a good way, of course! I would love someone who is fun to be around, likes to laugh, funny, enjoy being outdoors going for romantic walks, enjoys looking at the stars at night, and watching the Sunset rise over the ocean. I am looking for someone that enjoys the simple things in life, just as I do. I would like to meet someone special that I can grow old with, and that we can always look into each others eyes and know that the love between us is just as wonderful and exciting as the day we met. I want to love a woman for who she is, to spoil her, and adore her, and let her know just how much she means to me, by the little things I do or say to make her feel special. While at the same time she treats me in the same way: With love and respect! I am looking for that special someone that I can spend the rest of my life with and grow old together. Even on our worst day we will still be happy in love and can work through anything that comes our way. We will spend countless romantic days and evenings together just enjoying every minute of our time together. I definitely want to find someone that is stable, serious about a relationship and secure. A woman who knows how to treat her man special, I want to find that person that I can't wait to talk to and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with, and that feels the same way. I am looking for someone that is down to earth, but can also be spontaneous, someone that likes to travel, likes sports, and loves kids. If you like to dance that is a plus but not someone that is into the club scene. Hope I haven't bored you with this long email. I just felt within myself that: "What's worth doing is worth doing well" I will be looking forward to reading from you and all about you plus what you want in a man. And I hope I have been able to express myself in telling you the type of man I am to the fullest while I wait to get to know more about you and your lifestyle. I attached some pictures with this e-mail and I hope you will like them. From your e-mail, I like everything you told me about yourself, congratulations regarding your daughter that is graduating this Saturday. You are a wonderful woman and I would love to keep corresponding with you and see how it goes. I believe we both have the same views about relationship and how important trust is in building a long lasting relationship. Thanks a lot for your pictures, you are a very beautiful woman. I respect your views about life and your views as a woman, I really like what you are looking for in a man and that truly describes the kind of man I am, I am sure with time you will get to know that. I really love the picture of you and your children, what a lovely picture. Take good care of yourself!

-Paul L Berty.
Letter 3

Good Morning , I'm very glad to hear from you babe and I so much appreciate your time and effort on sending me a well constructed e-mail about yourself. Before I proceed, I apologize for my late response due to my schedule, I'm sure you know how work could get you so busy at times. How has your day been and how is everything around you? I enjoyed reading your e-mails, you sound like a very good hearted woman with great personality, A woman who knows what she's out there for & I'm finding it interesting , getting to learn more and more about you every day, it gives me a beautiful feeling. I was very Intrigued the moment I saw your profile and I believe you felt the same way about mine, I am a very sincere man and I am not on here for any sort of head games, I enjoy the fact that you have a dream which you are seriously working towards, I love hard working women who are ready to face challenges . I'm a very open minded , honest, caring, understanding, easy going and romantic man. I find it so interesting walking down the beach with my woman and having a perfect moment together, I haven't done this in a very long time ( I miss it though ) and I really wish when I will do it again it would be with a great woman and I hope that woman will be you. A woman of high caliber and a woman of great integrity. A woman who is really willing to start a relationship, a woman who is very honest, open minded and not afraid to share her love and feelings with her man . Lynne, I believe we are both matured and we've both had good & bad relationship experiences . I'm not scared to start a commitment relationship , but I really want a very honest and trust worthy woman, I believe that trust, honesty, and understanding are the root and pillar of every successful relationships and I'm also willing to have one someday. I vowed never to get involved in any long term / serious relationship again, after my divorce, but I was advice by my daughter (Maria) and my mum before she died that all women are not the same , mum actually used herself as a very good example , stating that I can still find someone to love and would love me back in return out there, Maria is here with me in Nigeria .. More so , I really don't mind a woman's body size or look or beauty, what matters most is her heart and those beautiful qualities she has to offer . Our inner beauty is our personality, our personality stays the same forever, but our physical look fades with age so if a relationship is base on physical look alone, it won't last. The love will fade with time. But I am not saying physical attraction isn't important in a relationship, it is but falling in love with someone goes beyond the physical attraction. I really want a woman who would be a wife to me and a mother to my daughter, I really want to raise my daughter to become one of the greatest women in the universe but I later realized that firstly, I need a woman in my own life, someone of my own interest, a woman who would show her love and care, she’s only 8 years and she needs more parental care than I can offer. I don't ever pray to have a daughter that would go astray because of lack of attention, love and words of encouragement from her parents. This happen to most of the corrupt children all over the world. I'm also a very hard working man & a man of integrity; I'm working hard because of the future of my daughter and my future partner. My dream is to become one of the greatest contractors in the universe and I hope to achieve this goal. Life has been very stressful for me down here in Nigeria and I wish I could finish the job in a minute and get back to the states, where its more safe. Although things seemed well when I came down to Africa, but Nigeria to me seems to be one of the worst countries in Africa, The country is known for her bad economy, bribery & corruption, bad electricity & also a bad government, I have seen many cases of kidnapping and SCAMS on TV, which motivated me to be more careful with the kind of people I deal with here , but most of those things don't really happen in the part of Nigeria I am in, they happen in the south south of the country where they have their largest oil production unit. Thanks to God I am in a very safe and secured area and everything is working out fine for me and my daughter. Sweetie, I am in my office and I need to go to the construction site now, I will check my e-mail later this afternoon. I hope to read from you soon .. :) I hope I haven't bored you with this long e-mail. Thanks a lot for the pictures, they are lovely and you are damn gorgeous. You're blessed with lovely kids and truly you are a very strong lady. I appreciate that about you. Honestly, I am glad we are corresponding, we both seem to have similar views about life and we have both been through heart break and we really wanna give love a try again and I am hoping this time around it would work out fine. You appear to me to be a very hard working lady, I am a very hard working man too. I like my woman to have integrity and moral and you just seem to be that perfect woman I have been waiting for. You said something in your e-mail that really touch my heart, you said you are not a huge drinker because you don’t like to be out of control and it is very unlady like. Some women don't think this way. They always want to get drunk and tipsy and that is no so cool with me. I am not a heavy drinker too and I don't smoke at all. I believe in high moral. I am not saying I am a disciplinarian, I love to enjoy life and I like to live a good life but I do my things with decency. Where I am in Nigeria, isn't where you can see wild animals. When it comes to wild animals, I think they are very plenty in East Africa and Nigeria is a West Africa country, I have been to Tanzania before and it is a very beautiful country with a lot of wild life and natural endowment, it has one of the tallest mountains in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro and if this works out between us, we could travel a lot together and see a lot of beautiful and historical places. I like tourism a lot and I enjoy the fact that I have to travel a lot for my work but that would stop when I found the right woman because I would love to spend most time with my daughter and my woman and I hope you are the woman I have been looking for in a long while. Take good care of yourself, Kisses and hugs to you
-Paul & Maria.
Letter 4

Beautiful Saturday Morning Greetings to you Lynne, Thanks a lot for your lovely e-mail and honestly, I will continue corresponding with you. I am yet to meet you but I feel so connected to you. You are a wonderful woman with great qualities, your love for your children is wonderful. It shows you are a good mother and that is the kind of woman I want in my life. Maria will be comfortable with you and I am sure you will be comfortable with me too and I hope Erika and her brother will like me too if this works out. I wish myself and Maria are there to witness Erika's graduation. I wish her the best today, you guys should have loads of fun dear. It is a bright sunny morning here, I am not going to work today, I would spend more time with Maria today, that is what I love most about my weekends. I always have enough time to spend with Maria on weekends. We will be going to the beach and the cinema today. Which movie are we going to see? I am not sure yet but I have two movies in mind. When we get there, we will make up our mind. Thanks a lot for being so caring, I will stay safe here and surely Maria will be safe too dear. Lovely pictures, Kali looks great and I am sure Erika will be very excited and happy. I am glad you told your kids about me already, that is good of you. I am yet to tell Maria about you but since we started corresponding, she seems to notice something is happening in dad's life because I feel extra ordinarily excited these days. I will tell her when I think the time is right. I decided not to tell her yet because I still want to know you more and I want to be sure if you want me. I know you children will be protective of their mom and that is very good of them. I am not into any sort of head games, I am me, no faking it and I am for real and I am sincere about my search for the right woman. I know online dating could be challenging and some people are not so true about who they are, I am not that kind of person and that is why I said *Trust and Honesty* is a fundamental of building a long lasting relationship. I am a man of my words, I will always stand by my words, no lies, no pretense and no head games. I will always take you for your words to, I see no reason why I shouldn't because I believe you will always be sincere and honest with me and that is what you will get back from me too dear. I miss my mom so much and we were pretty close when she was alive, she was a strong and hard working woman. She had a perfect career and she was a great mother. Being her only child, I really enjoy her and she gave me the best up bringing and she was there for me all the time. My dad was a busy man but he wasn't a bad father either. Though, he doesn't have so much time because of his job, but I do enjoy the time we spent together. My mom was a pharmacist and she was a great woman. I was born in London but live most of my life in Spain and Netherlands. My mom took me to Spain at the age of 3. I had my elementary education there before my mom secured a job with a pharmaceutical company in Netherlands and we relocated there but my dad lives in London because of his business but he always come to visit us. Maria's mom isn't really active in her life. She is not a very good example and I wouldn't want her to influence Maria. I want the best for my daughter. I will have full custody of Maria till when she's 14 and then she will decide if she wants to continue staying with me or go to her mom but I am sure she would prefer staying with me but her mom is free to come and see her anytime she wants. Maria is an amazing girl, she's always shy at first but when she gets use to the person and feel very comfortable with the person, she will loosen up. Sorry about your dad, may his soul continue to rest in peace. Truly, the last 3 years have been rough for you but I am glad you stay strong. That is very good of you dear. Currently, I am working on an West Africa/Ecowas project. We are constructing government buildings, Ecowas buildings in various west African countries and Nigerian government always want us to construct an orphanage home here in Lagos and that is the last phase of the contract and that is what we are doing now and we should finish next week or upper week. I hope everything goes according to plan so I can return to the States and we can meet each other in person. I wish you the best today.. Be good and take a good care of yourself. Have fun sweetie. I will be looking forward to reading from you dear. Kisses & Hugs, Paul.
Letter 5

My Lovely Lynne, Morning to you dear, I miss reading from you. I know you had a busy weekend with your lovely children. How was Erika graduation? I'm sure it was great. I had a lovely weekend too and Maria and I really enjoyed the weekend. It is a sunny Monday morning and I am back to work. The work is going as expected and I am taking a very good care of myself and Maria and we will stay safe dear. I will be looking forward to reading from you today. I really miss reading from you. I have a lot to do at work today dear. I just want to send this short message to you to let you know you are on my mind dear, I will probably write more later. I will be looking forward to your reply dear. Kisses and hugs for you. Yours Truly, Paul.
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