Romance scam letter(s) from Bernard Balraj to Shabana (India)
Letter 1

Hi Dear,
This is Bernard, i received your expression of interest on "Shaadi matrimony" and i have accepted you.
Let me know the best way for you to proceed further for you. But i have only one question for you, are your ready to take this further, i ask this because i know a lot of people are on the site for time pass and just for contacting sake, please don't get me wrong and i know a lot of people find it difficult to leave there locations to any other place in the world.Because i was born and raised in UK , i hope that will not be a problem for you.? And also give me little insight about your life and your family. I have made note of your contact details and have also added you on gtalk messenger and my Mobile is +447624053782.
Let me also know about your timings in other to give you calls at the right time. Please see attached, Warm regards, Bernard.
Letter 2

Hi Dear,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and well arranged mail to me.I appreciate so much.
I must say that you look very pretty to me and i have forwarded your Pictures as well to my Mum in UK because i am stationed here in Damascus, Syria for my current phase of contract. I was born and raised in UK and my siblings are also born there.SO we all are citizens by birth.
However,my Dad (expired Medical Doctor) also met Mum (Retired Lecturer) in UK at a very tender age but my Mum is alive and stays with me in my House in Leeds, UK. I had my first degree from University of Liverpool on Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineering and Mastered in Electrical Electronics Engineering from University of Amsterdam in Holland and extra degree from National Open University which enables me to me to be able to execute my personal contracts. After passing through a lot of training i concentrated on Consultations and training of up-coming engineers and currently i am contracted by United nations in Syria under the UK/USA joint military force as a Military Engineer,hence i have worked in different parts of the world including Libya and Afghanistan on a One year Contracts each. I lost my immediate elder brother to a car accident in 2004 and my sister is married to a Pakistanee and they reside in Rio De Jenerio in Brazil with one naughty daughter (smiles) i love her so much, please also note that my sister is the last among us.
The above is a general detail about me and i expect you to reciprocate accordingly. I hope that we continue writing till we get there, possibly, please shear your working Mobile number and let me know the actual time to hook up with you daily on GTALK if possible.
I just hope and pray it works out between us. Hope to read from you soon.
Regards, BEN.
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