Romance scam letter(s) from Paul Smith to Ribi (Indonesia)
Letter 1

How are you doing??Hope you are doing very well.Thank you so much for the email address,i just write to confirm it and will write you again when i hear from you..
However,all we need do first is to start by knowing ourselves with effective communication.Here is my pictures and hope to see yours.Looking forward to hear from you soon and do have a wonderful day.
Best regards.
Letter 2

How are you doing??Hope you are in the very best of good health.Thank you so much for your reply and will be Glad to see your sweet and lovely pictures,i really appreciate.You can call me anyone
Let us be serious to build a very good friendship with efficient communication and hope something meaningful could be possible for future.All i needed from you is just open mind and understanding.
However,we really have to start by knowing each other very well...if i may ask,are you in any serious relationship??what are you doing for a living??Please tell me about yourself..Looking forward to hear from you soon.Do have a great weekend.
best regards.
Letter 3

Thank you so much for your reply,i feel glad to hear from you again..Thank you also for telling me brief about yourself....But i want to see your pictures....Yes you are very right,we are not getting younger anymore,and we don't have time to waste
However,if i may ask,what are you doing for a living???and did not understand what you mean by 'you just follow what GOD gives you to do'?? Let us be honest and open minded and believing God will help us thru to know each other well and plan how we can meet to discuss our future together if you are serious and ready to build this relationship together with me......
Hope to hear from you and do have a wonderful weekend...
Best Regards.
Letter 4

Thank you for having time to reply me again and again,i feel glad whenever reading your emails..So what is your WORK???
However,for easy and efficient communication please send me your phone number...If i may ask,are you willing to relocate???Yes God gift is always the best..So know it also that our meeting is plan by God and we must try our best to work together and see what God really have in stock for us..Looking forward to hear from you again.
Letter 5

Honey how are you doing??Hope you are alright...Thank you for been there for me,i really appreciated..Please honey can you tell me why you don't call me???
However,i am always busy,and i do have time for you,you are very important to me and i am working seriously to make sure we meet as soon as possible for us to plan our marriage...Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Love you.
Letter 6

Honey i happy to read your emails,i feel glad for having you there for me...Please i really want us to always talk on phone at times your network is not clear that i can't hear you very well each time i call you...maybe i will change the time to call you..
However,honey we can only have time to chat during my lunch time or when i wake up i the morning before getting set for office...Honey i am not here to play games or for fun,i am serious and want tohave you as my wife,all i wanted now is to plan how to meet in your country.i will try to put you on my daily schedule please.i love you and will always love you..Do have a great day and looking forward to hear from you soon...Love you.
Letter 7

Honey how are you doing??Sorry i was not able to call you today,it was as a result of a tight work at hand,i was not even have time for lunch,i came online but you was not there..i willl call you when i wake up tomorrow for a chat..Hoping we can have time to chat by weekend....
Love you and will always love you.
Letter 8

Honey sorry we were not able to chat today,i was online when was not there.Please bear with me,let's chat tomorrow..I am sorry if it makes you sad.Love you with all my heart.Do have a great weekend..
Letter 9

Thank you so much for been there for me i can't wait to see you..I just want to tell you this because i Love you.
I have something important to share with you..I suppose to have let you know about this,but i just wanted to know you more,But now i am comfortable sharing this with you because i noticed that you are a responsible,careful and honest woman.please honey i want you to keep this issue secret because it's a family issue,..
My late father was a contractor before his death,He worked in so many countries but the last contract he did before his death was in Malaysia and Malaysian Ministry of works is owing him the sum of $10million (Ten million dollars)I have been trying to get this money with the help of my father's lawyer who is sick now.but last week Monday i received a call and confirmation letter from Malaysia Government for the payment of the money..The money will be paid by cheque..I will be coming to Malaysia by weekend as i told you..I will be meeting you on Tuesday 19th..Honey please,keep this matter secret...I shared with you because you are part of the family.I believed you brought this luck that the confirmation of this payment came to pass when we meet.. i will be sending my flight schedule by thursday..Always take good care of yourself and pray for me.
Love always
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