Romance scam letter(s) from Ranjit Prem to Natasha (India)
Letter 1

Hi Tamaya, Of course we need constant communication to understand each other please kindly create yahoo id and add me for chat.this is my id
Dr.Ranjit Aja
Letter 2

My dear love, If writing to you can tell the special feelings i have for you,to tell you the treasure i have found in you...Then i have decided to write to you till we meet.If words alone can send this message that lives in me,the trust,love,even the sound beating of my heart rhythm with your name whenever your thought flashes my mind my body spartan follows the beating step ... It is like a dream but my body has taken over my behavior this time,only because of your thought.what a crazy,childish strange feelings?though i could still remember that love acts like a kid.every thing is pure and clear,there's no secret to be hidden. Should i call it a charm...It might be a spirit...But all i know is that i am feeling good.Nowadays,Love has been common to speak but remember it is very difficult to let it go when it is with us.real love is the love that overcomes a man's standards/personality.My darling,you own my heart.i believe that i am in the hands of the pure one,i believe that you are my woman and you will never let me down.i trust and respect your feelings as a wife. Dear,What else does a man want when he have all happiness in his life,when he have an angel living with are a blessing to me and i promise to keep this gift are like jewelries and i have asked God to let it be the vain that holds my heart,so that no other man can see the secret of my love for you.this feelings is special,at the beginning the feelings was a stranger but now i have come to realize that it is my ancestors,i will warship this feelings because it is like God to me... Honestly,the more i write down my feelings,more i get crazy with the tears has dropped so many times and each of the drop reviewed to me that you are my rib.i have found you dear.i am really touched with this thing in me.Obviously,i am incomplete without you,love.i vow to live forever with you.i have several times dreamed of us walking together,holding hands and telling this story of our love.and i wish to tell this to our kids. I love you and will love you forever sweetie... Your hubby, Ranjit
Letter 3

You are special to whom God has made for you to love and respect your feelings.if it is not the person it can never be some one else.if we were not made to be,we wouldn't have met in strange ways,you would have been been married to another person.but because there's time for everything that's why God created this time for us to meet.i guess it is the reason we took so much time' i know it is for us to understand the meaning of love and respect the time which we long to meet.It is not delay,it is not long time,but it is the right time to be happy,the real time to smile and the perfect time to love. Already,love is in us,but there right time to express feelings.we need a real place to share our love...a peaceful place like heaven,where there will be no jealous or wickedness,where there will be no this place' when you smile...your face flashes like moon light and your eyes is like a drop of coffee in the ocean. Oh yes! looking at your picture reminds me the beginning of the world,when there is no other person but you and i.i recalled how you were made from my rib...then i know you are from me and you can never go far was clear though it came as a dream.but i know very well i that i will find you nor matter the delay...i do not have any doubt on you starting from the first heart is strong with you,i believe in you and i know that you will not let me down. I am not saying it to entice you neither do i write down what is not from my heart.if i don't feel,if my feelings is not real i can never write to might call it poem or movie but if there's no love there will never be a movie or love words...that's why words are made to express feelings of love and movies was acted to impact knowledge,trust about everything goes to real feelings.if we don't feel we can never love and when there's no love relationship doesn't last. All though some times we are scared of heart broke,mistakes are made to learn but love is made for the pure heart.that's we won't live in past for us not to die young.we will keep life going with the good ones.Women are made to be respected by real men and men are made to be honored by dear decent darling.i want to build my home with heart is our home and i want to welcome you with respect if you will give me the honor I love you, Ranjit
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