Romance scam letter(s) from James Walton to Charmaine (South Africa)
Letter 1

I was excited yesterday that we finally got to chat.... I guess we can do better if we
How are you today? .... How is everybody in the house? Am so happy you're getting along so well, I just left what am doing to write you this email...
Let me start by telling you how i have been feeling about us...
I've been here thinking about you and wishing for the day i will be with you, I have been making so many imaginations and that is so crazy but i will tell you some and hold the rest till we see you face to face.
I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what i want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me basically. I keep thinking about these things and i realize they go hand in hand. I want this relationship to be my future.. I want to see you walk around our new house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are!!! Just feeling like this is all a dream but i know we can achieve what we want out of this relationship...I have never felt like this before in my whole life, I haven't seen you but already thinking of how we're gonna be together, I always stare at the pics you sent to me and wishing you're here with me...I want to share all the happiness,love and trust with you .i want you to know that i do miss and want to talk to you all the time... What is going on with my work: All have been going well although i haven't done much but everything is on progress, I have been busy I have some good workers to avoid mistakes cos anything that goes wrong will be on me, I have gotten about 14 and i think they're ok for me because what they have done for the past three days really gave me a good impression about them, They're friendly and am close to them, I wish you're here to keep me company during my lunch time, I will just leave the food and keep staring into your sexy eyes... It's almost 11:15 over here so am just rounding up now to go for break around 13:00, I hope to read from you soon and maybe chat on your convenient time.. My plans for the night : Am just gonna have a nice bath, Then check to see if there is any email from you that will make me smile and sleep with happiness.... After reading if there is any, Am just gonna lay on the bed, think about you for as long as i can and then fall asleep.. Am gonna stop here my dear, Just at the office and some of my workers are here staring at me while and typing and smiling, I know they'll be wondering what am Have to get back to work now my dear.... Do have a lovely day and am missing you so much like i've known you forever.
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