Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Helena (Denmark)
Letter 1

hello my are you doing...i hope to see you online soon because i am online waiting for you my dear..
Letter 2

Hello my dear are some pictures of me...i hope you like them...See you online in the evening okay...have a lovely day and i will be thinking about you as well..bye for now
Letter 3

I'm a widower, and have been alone since February 2009. My time to date has been filled with: making choices, finding myself, devotion to fatherhood, my career, and building on friendships, making new ones, counting my blessings and facing the challenges that life has presented.What am I like? My child would say the best dad in the world, my friends would say.... A true friend and lovely kind gentleman.... I would say:I'm level headed, realistic optimist! I don't believe in entering into anything unless it feels right & unless I can give at least 100% to it. Since my widowed the time never seemed to be right for me to enter in to a steady relationship as such, coupled with not yet meeting anyone that I want to be with long term. But with time comes change & now I have more time to give to 'me' and the things I'd like to do, the time is also right to share me with someone special ''A WOMAN with a slow hand '' (as the Pointer Sisters sang) would be a bonus.To now meet my soul mate would be just 'PERFECT'.I'm a very proud Father of one handsome son Mark 15yrs,. I don’t want to be with someone for the sake of having someone if you understand what I mean?I was born 23rd December 1960 (Capricorn) in United Kingdom..I am the youngest of my 4 siblings; 2sisters & 2 brother They all passed away. My father passed away in 1993,and my mother too.I'm a down to earth, caring, loving, & loyal person with morals and virtues of my own, yet fairly open minded, pretty easy going, witty,smart, and quite sassy at times..... I am quite humble and really appreciate the little things in life and that people do for me and that I am able to do for others. Nothing would give me more pleasure that to make someone feel special, loved and wanted and cared for. For the right woman i would give my all.I try to cherish every moment of whatever i do, wherever i am, who ever it's with & I value all that I have. I am taking this opportunity to tell you something about me as we are both behind the screen trying to know more about each other..i work as a Doctor a cardiologist specializes in diseases of the heart and blood vessels for the military men in UK..And also i am very much happy and interested with your great personalities and your good sense of humor on here and the way you expressed your honesty in our friendship... the reason why i contacted you on that dating site is that,i am really interested in your profile because it tells me that you will be a caring,loving and trusting woman alot and also you have all the qualities i am expecting in a woman..I have also deleted my profile because there are some women over there asking me how much will it cost for a sex but i told them that i am not into that....To be highly honest with you,I will like us to have a stable and a solid relationship because ever since i lost my wife i haven't tried internet relationship before even though i have tried a few dates but it didn't work...This is my first time of doing this internet chatting and i am hoping to meet my dream and perfect woman as we all know that most dream come true..I hope you are also interested in a relationship as well..?I will be very glad to chat with you online everyday in the evening,get to know more about each other and then go ahead with the flow of meeting each other in person..I hope that sound great to you my dear..?Can you send me some pictures of yourself.?See you later online..
Letter 4

Thank you for you interesting pictures my dear..can you come online on skype now.?i am online my dear..You really look beautiful,charming and lovely..i really like you my dear
Letter 5

Hello my dear sorry for not coming online earlier Internet connection was very just came and I decided to write you this mail.I hope I will meet you online tomorrow so that we can have a chat.have a sound sleep and good night as well
Letter 6

hello my are you doing this morning and i hope you are having a lovely day with you my dear..well my dear sorry for not coming online yesterday..i was really having some problems in the hospital so i couldn't arrive home early...Tell me when will i meet you online so that we can have a chat because i really miss your chat and also i am always thinking about you as well..Can you tell me the time you will come online in the evening so that i can also meet you.?Have a lovely and a nice weekend as well..bye for now my dear
Letter 7

I'm a widower, and have been alone since February 2009.I'm a very proud Father of one handsome son :Mark 15yrs,. I don’t want to be with someone for the sake of having someone if you understand what I mean?I was born 23rd December 1960 (Capricorn) in UK.Bristol,. I am the youngest of my 4 siblings; 2sisters & 2 brother They all passed away. My father passed away in 1993,and my mother too.I don't have any woman in my life that is why i am interested in you my dear..I want you to be my future woman i can spend all my lifetime with..i hope you understand..I am alone for 4yrs now..I have no woman in my life and i live alone...Understand me so that we can have a stable relationship...I want to meet you in Denmark so that we can see each other and then see what will happen next..I am really serious about you my dear..I hope i will meet you online soon on Skype
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