Romance scam letter(s) from Eric Smith to Pet (Canada)
Letter 1

Good Morning Monica
I just attached some pics sof myself so u can see what i look like..LOL....Do you chat with your Hotmail account??I really wanna get a chance to chat with you Eric
Letter 2

i love you too babe,Hope u had a great night..I told you i will BUY You a new car dont worry about the wrecked car
Letter 3

Good Morning babe
I m soo sorry for that scary email i sent you yesterday i was frustrated because my phone was stolen and i was mad.Please forgive me for making you cry.I still Love you.You can get me at this new phone number 0112348123812771 ,Try and call me i miss your voice,Honey i want you to send me your phone number so i can call you...Miss you soo much.If you got half of the money you can still send it Via western union to Nigeria with mr Charles Information.Hope to hear from you soon
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