Romance scam letter(s) from Gary Manson to Enid (UK)
Letter 1

Hello En, Thank you so much for responding in the way you have to my email. When I opened my inbox and saw your name I was excited, yet apprehensive, as I was unsure of the contents. Needless to say as I started reading, my smile got broader!!!!!!!!! I'm jealous that you want to hug Electra and not me!!!! Ha Ha. I know its not so easy to know someone via email as you cant really portray your true self. But on the other hand I think its a great way to start getting to know someone before one makes any decisions. Yes we sure do seem to shear much in common which is wonderful. I actually find your jokes amusing and quite entertaining. Due to complication my wife was unable to give birth, but we shared a love so great we never allowed the situation to come between us. Like yourself if I am ever sick there is no one to call. I am an only child and my parents died many years ago, but I have an uncle who lives in Germany. I was born and educated in South Africa (College) in the city of Cape Town. I came to England to further my Education after collage. I went back to South Africa after I was done with my Education where I lived and worked until 2011 before deciding to move to England to inherit my father home and live here permanently. Father was British and my mother was South African. I've lived in or visited over 60 countries. I was married for 32 years and I'm defiantly a one woman man. I lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago. It is so sad to see someone go through the ravages of cancer but its all part of life. I am now retired. I retired a year after I lost my wife as dealer in medical supplies. I was supplying equipment's like hospital beds, crouches, syringes, x ray machines, wheel chairs and many other hospital equipment's. My business took me to all over different countries and I have experienced and learned so much over the years. I don't like travelling as much these days simply because I don't want to go on my own, its definitely so much nicer to have that special person by your side even if you are only going for a walk or shopping together, there is so many little things you miss when your on your own! My father was also a dealer in medical supplies, its been a family business for years and such an amazing career its been. Father's home is lovely and has a large garden where I like to spend time reading or just sitting whenever the weather permits. In the glasshouses there is a peach, apricot, olive, grape and Kiwi trees. We ( my gardener) also grow lots of veg in the spring so I am usually pretty self sufficient with beans, potatoes, tomatoes etc. I love being able to go and pick fresh veg.. You mentioned things did not go so well the last time you joined the dating site... glad you didn't give up or I would not be emailing you right now.... who knows maybe another chance! Keep in touch! look forward to hearing from you soon. Much care
Gary PS If there's anything you ask which I forgot to mention, please kindly point it out in your next email!
Letter 2

My dearest En, Sorry its taken me quite sometime to write to you. I went over to see my GP this afternoon and when I returned home I was a bit tired so I decided to take a short nap to relax the body but seems I dozed off into a deep sleep. Sorry to keep you waiting love, its now a good thing I have phone numbers numbers so I can just pick the phone up and give you a ring rather then go through the long process of switching my computer on and waiting for sometime to set up before I can message you although I enjoy writing to you but I think hearing your sexy low voice would be better ha ha. By the way all is well just went for check up!! Yes I just caught a cold and nothing else. En honestly speaking I feel I can share anything and everything with you and at this point in our new found love if I should say there is nothing I will hide from you. We are now one!!!! I must admit you leave me speechless with your emails, there just so lovely and informative unlike mine! I am so glad to be loved by someone very special like you. I thought all along that nobody can ever make me happy and win my hardened heart until I met you. I think about seeing you, hugging you, and kissing you. At times I can't find the words to say what I mean in person, so writing it down when I think about it, helps me get my point across. All I know is you are someone I want to spend time with, and have fun with, someone I want to get to know better. I don't know quite what it is about you that drives me so wild, but I hope in some way I make you feel that too. Anyways, I just felt like letting you know. I'm going to fix myself dinner now so I will say bye for now. Speak soon my love Thinking of you in many ways, Gary PS my sign is Cancer and Electra ear is fine, shes just been over doing it with the scratching but shes fine.
Letter 3

you are just so impatient... at least wait to hear from me before you start going off again... I'm sorry but i can't deal with this... you have serious trust issues and your words hurt too much for me to even give you an explanation.
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