Romance scam letter(s) from Donald Moore to Diana (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello baby, I'm so excited to hear from you, sometimes I reason that this world is not a better place for me to find love in. I almost gave up on love and I think on how my life will be lonely. I have worked all my life and God has really blessed me, but I think how my heart aches for my true love, these thoughts make me stronger and gives me more hope of finding my prince charming I am Spanish American originally from Miami Florida and now just relocating to Australia. I am managing my family business, I acquire and sell Arts, Paintings and Antiques.To me age or distance should not be a barrier to relationship what really matters is the mutual feelings that most grow in between us....I am so glad to hear from you, I thought I had lost you when I open my system each day and I didn't find your message, I love everything you have said about yourself, With the way you write, you sound like a responsible and matured woman a man can entrust his time with, sometimes life is full of ups and down but I know through courage and boldness we will always come over it. The day I lost my partner to Cancer, I felt like my whole world was over but I thank God that has always been a comfort to my spirit, soul and body. Oh, yes you might wanted to know about my Son, his name is Collins and he's Nine years old. He told me Dad I think you need a woman in your life to make you more happy than the way I am , soon I will have my own life and I don't want you to be bored for your entire life. I reasoned that out and that made me register on that site seeking for someone with high sense of humor, and one thing I like about you, Is your sincerity and I will really willing to be your very good friend and see how things goes between us, I was operating my Gallery store before back in the United States but now I have it all closed down and am planning on Opening a new one in Australia, Am Spanish American just trying to Relocate to a better place from the US.... I am currently staying in an Apartment here in King Street Sydney.... I'll really love to know lot more about you and what you really feel about all this, looking forward to hearing back from you
Letter 2

Hello baby, how are you and everything with you over there, i never heard from you in a while, i hope all is good and okay with you out there.. please get back and let me know you are doing well okay... I CARE
Letter 3

Hello darling I am so delighted to read from you and thank you for the compliment because i'm really interested in you, not just sound like that alone, I want us to build this relationship or friendship on Honesty, Sincerity, Love and Care as the Key to our Relationship. A relationship is Like a Bird with Two Wings. The Right Wing is Trust, and The Left Wing is Sex The Bird Itself is the Heart. If One Wing is not working What happens to the Bird? It will Fall though still alive but it will not be able to Fly. So If either Trust or Sex is lost in a Relationship it might still be alive but it will not Move. OK when one Wing is down The bird can't fly and either Run for survival from been killed or Fly to search for Food and what Happens to that Bird Later. Its either the bird starve to death or be killed. And that is exactly what Relationship's are all about. I have great hopes and believe in everything you said and I do strongly agree with you and something in my Mind tells me this is really going to work out well between us because we seem to be searching for the same thing which is True Love...... I have really been thinking about you since I read your email, You sound like a wonderful and lovely Woman. if there is anything you like to know about me please do not hesitate to ask me.... Like I once say in my previous email, I am one man who is very sincere when it comes to serious relationship, I don't play mind games and its one of the things I hate been done to me as well...You sure as well sound like a responsible and a matured woman, A woman a partner can entrust his life and future on... I already have a son and his name is Collins, I really do hope you don't mind that, He's a good and brilliant boy and I really do think you don't mind this.....To me age should not be a barrier to relationship what really matters is the mutual feelings that most grow in between us, The age factors does not bother me, My late partner was 10 years younger than me and we love each other to his point of death, All I need is true Love and affection and I believe together we can make this world a happy home and nothing will be able to come in between us....... I know its not easy to trust because trust is not built in one day, its a gradual thing but I know and believe along the way if we find some chemistry between each other every other will fall in place.......I also really do hope you are having a good time over and hope as soon as we keep moving on we could arrange to meet and spend some quality times together....Please take good care of yourself....and will be looking forward to read from you again soon....... Regards
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