Romance scam letter(s) from Robert Stewart to Erica (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Erica,
Thank you for the messages you sent in Twoo,I just came back from a long deliberation but it was good though the meeting was successful.I had my dinner at a Lovely Italian Restaurant over here.My Name again is Sir Robert Stewart,60yrs old.i hail from Colorado the United state and partly England. i came to south Africa with my mother for several holiday when i was still at war collage at west point Mom was a major farmer here in South Africa.After schooling i worked with the US Army and i Retired as a Brigadier General. I usually travel out of the country to dispatch my duties,i was posted several times to the middle east working and protecting our world from terrorism and Insurgent Activities attacks, i care about other peoples standard of Living . i have the interest of innocent Citizens living under a less secured Environment at heart.i have this burning passion to protect, to save the world. After my retirement and the death of my wife i came down to south Africa again because of my long interest in Mining.i shuttle between the US and South Africa.i have been in south Africa and i am enjoying the weather here But one thing i lack in my life now is the true love from a woman .i need a woman to spend the rest of my life with building a future together.becoming one big family with her kids and my kids. i am very serious about this am not here for games,i need a woman to give all my trust.One thing that interest me in a woman is someone who will trust me and believe in me with all her heart.believe in what i do.i need a partner who is compassionate a great companion to spend time together honest,Trustworthy,understanding,patients ,caring, a compatible heart that we can share almost everything together. I am a widower i lost My wife 2007 from a Cancer operation.she was a chronic cancer patient.I am a honorable and respected man who have won Medals of Honours in and out of My country.always posted to the war zones especially the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. on several occasion i have put my life at risk just to save the life of Innocent people. i was very good at service to the people. 27th March last month i was called by South African Department of Defense to support the country Defense relating to the killing of 13 south African soldiers and 27 wounded at the conflict in Central African Republic peacekeeping. it was a slap to the country defense.Based on my war experience at the front line people like us have to come in to beef up the National defense network I have three grown up kids,they are Young Adults now,Jefferey is 25,Winston 23 and chattel 21 ,with one grand daughter Lucy on the picture.they live in Atlanta Georgia While i am away.At my spare time .i like dancing,and listening to like to watch the sunset and the sunrise,i enjoy Golfing,I enjoy the beach games,Tanning at the beach ,like to pamper a woman and be pampered in return, also like laughing and talking jokes most times.i love Nature though,Lawn Tennis,i love camping mostly when i am on Vacation,going on boat trips across a lonely Island.i am fun loving and i enjoy life to it fullest.i like listening to Jazz,ones in a while hanging out in a Jazz Bar.check the attached file you will see more of my pictures.i have to leave now,i am going to Armscor Building the Defense Headquarters in Pretoria here for a meeting.Hope to hear from you soon. Now tell me more about you. Yours Sincerely Sir Robert
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