Romance scam letter(s) from Victor Siwik to Mary (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Mary, I'm lost here. Please can i get the direction to your heart? It's a great honor to meet you, and with faith in my heart i believe to get your permission for us to know each more better!
Letter 2

Thank you for your polite and profound respond . Wow faith never faiths and see what it has brought to my path.
What a privilege to read from you. Well we all have another view about life from a different angle. I've learned to accept people the way they are, and from there we can work on something better together. Late last year was very tough on me. Life was so unfair towards me, I've to give some time off this platform for a while. I just got back online not quite long. After a great break down of life that i experienced. Sometimes we can't change, sometimes we can't choose. Such is life I really enjoyed reading all you wrote, and i look forward to most of then. I own a small business called Wik Constructions based here in Connecticut( basically what I do is home renovations & repairs, Home improvements, Single-family housing construction, and the like); a work I love to do the way I like to enjoy life. I hope you enjoy what you do and always give your best for it
Letter 3

Well thank you for your heartfelt concern. I lost my sons to a fatal accident as of last year. They were both drunk after celebrating the birthday of Ryan the younger brother. I couldn't even recognizes my sons after the incident. It's has being the worst moment of my life , but life go on. I'm left with my granddaughter , who doesn't even know me. She's turning 3 June 28. What more can i say.....i believe if we learn to move on, that's when the path way becomes clear.
The annoying path here is that i already updated & verify my profile before the incident. I've sent several mail to the support team for assistant to make adjustment on my profile, but still waiting for their help so that i can update my profile again. Sometime mistakenly going through my profiles refreshes the memories of my sons, i know it's not something i can't wave it off easily , but to live each day learning. I decided to take this time to explain to you what really happened in my life and the agony of losing my sons same day.. It' the harshest storm of my life...
Letter 4

I have been clicking on that for a while now, and it keep popping up errors. Maybe because they already verify my account before the incident. Well let me not bug you too much with so mush sad story of life.
Letter 5

How about you, what happen to you ? Sometimes when life shows us the sad part of itself, it breaks us down and most time left us with no option to choose from . But when life shows us the beautiful and love part of itself, then you get to see life differently and learn to move on when it sad, uncertain, rough, devastating.
Letter 6

Thank you so much for taking your time to express things about yourself, i haven't had a deep or actively conversation like this with no one here. The mourning of my sons has really occupied my mind and thought for long. That wasn't the plan though when initially wanted to register this site, i was excited and ready to meet someone then, before the whole incident of life happened. So ever since it has been self isolation period for me, the idleness was getting much and i had to let go of everything and move on . I just recently came back on here actively and then i met you, before the day i came across your profile, I have already had a short chat with some women here, which was not productive or profitable. 3 of then want sex and hook up and the other 2 don't even know what they want. I check spirit and and the quality of heart also. And i haven't found any one match my spirit and heart just like you. I feel comfortable taking my time reading and writing to you. I haven't really had bad experience on here because it's my first and last place to search for love, if there's. I am new to this internet dating things and i am willy to learn from you if possible.
Letter 7

Yes my birthday was 13th. few days ago. It's my most horrible birthday. It was a sad one for me. I miss my sons and i miss life itself. I am waiting of for a called up to work in one of my big project very soon. After the project, i am willy to move out of here, move far away from my past and hurt. Together with the love of my life, to be happy again and explore life together. Life has really show me the dark part of itself, now i hope life will be fair to show me the brigt and lovable part of itself again
Letter 8

You said, you are not new to this internet dating of a thing. Please tell me, havn't meet anyone seriously interested in you since? Because damn, you are a beautiful of your age. So super amazing
Letter 9

Well. You found love, but you chose to live without it. Don't forget, everything is going to be okay.. you found faith, but you chose to doubt it.
Letter 10

Look at the stage of life you decided to leave. The past ten hours have been hell for me. I find myself in the hospital in the condition I am in. In the process of trying to get money and panicking, above all, the thinking of losing you, because i was not having any luck as well as accumulated stress and anxiety issues which had accumulated over time, it increased my high blood pressure and caused me to pass out and i was unconscious for a hours only to find myself being resuscitated in the hospital. I can not even account for what happened in those hours I lost. All I knew was that it was total emptiness, like death. Being in this situation is a major setback. I am sorry if you doubted me in any way. You can choose such a choice of such thoughts in your head. I can eventually get the money together, But not having you in my life forever. Is a bundle of shame that I will be living in for the rest of my life. It's not your fault, it's our world.
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