Romance scam letter(s) from Anthony Mark to Holly (USA)
Letter 1

thanks for the mail i really appreciate it...i really understand about the distance part but to me i believe relationship is all about LOVE and not distance..'where your treasure is. there lies your heart' so my young lady if i find a treasure in you it means my heart would always be with you that would enable us to meet sooner than you i would like to know you get back to me about what you really looking for on here. Anthony
Letter 2

Thanks for taking your time to reply me...well about your question i am an expert bidder and am also hired for exhibition and bidding and i buy and sell antiques i have my store and you tell me more about your job. yes i do travel for my business but only travel twice a year.
Letter 3

Lol really why did you say that?? i want you to know a constant thing in life is changes and i think the feelings i have for you is real and i think we should try and be optimistic and not pessimistic about it ...and when you have someone special in your way it happens like a dream and you would believe it would never come true. but believe me i am for real and know what i want and desire. so let just get to know more about ourselves and see if the chemistry works out between not a crime giving a trial about things in life and i believe working hard for what you want in your life is about to turn around for the best. cant wait to chat with you later.
Letter 4

Good Morning and how are you doing today? i guess you are having fun over there and enjoying your time with friends and family,well i hope u are doing fine anyway cause i really am interested in knowing you are ok and you are looking healthy .
Thanks alot for your words and i truly appreciate and respect that,it gives me so much joy writing you cause i have seen you as a sincere and honest person,someone i would really love to get to know her inner personality and get to learn alot about her,i know with time we will be able to share more about ourselves to each other and learn more about each other,i really believe in being honest about who i am cause that's the only way i can help u in getting to know the kind of person i am so it wont be like i am a changed person when u get to meet me in person.So i believe been opened to each other and been honest about the things we speak on here is very necessary and i think we are building this friendship on trust .
Your words seems to fill my heart with so much joy and i am ready to share more about who i am with you and tell you more about the things that i am made off,i just have to be honest about it right now cause i believe by doing that it will be easy for you to get to know my kind of person.I believe that once the connection is made between two of us and we get to trust and have faith in each other then there is nothing to worry about cause i believe the only way we can get to know each other even more and more and get to understand alot about each other is just to be who we are and be honest about it cause i truly believe that when u are honest about who u are and what you say.The person u call your friend or your spouse will be so happy to share more about them with you to get closer knowing u more and more .I think its has really been a great time getting to learn alot about You and i am still looking forward in getting to know more about ur true feelings and what u think of me and the kind of Man u see me as getting to really open up the feelings inside of us will help in trusting each other even more and more and i think we have built our friendship on trust and faith and i think it will develop to more in life which i am really looking forward to read more from you.I wish u will be able to share more about your kind of personality with me and alot of what u are feeling inside of you with me right now so i will be able to know my stand in this Friendship cause i am working towards having a faithful and loyal connection with you and which i hope u are doing the same as well .Me being here is not for play hehe cause i have alot to accomplish in life.
With time our true feelings will help in bringing our heart together more and more
Letter 5

Good morning my pretty angel, how was your night did you sleep very well i am so happy to read from you this morning and it really made my day that you love my voice cos i love yours too, how are the kids doing? i had a dream and it was all about you and woken up this morning with a smile i believe you are special and different out of all the woman i have been meeting online so far and i want you to know we don't have to wait anymore ask or tell me anything you think we need to know about our self cos i am ready to know the real you the inner you and i know with time i would. now back to the mail you sent yesterday that i didn't reply.. lovely house you father left happy for you all you just have to do is take good care of the house cos it is your property and you have to make sure it is neat and fine so when people see what you have done to the house they would respect you and say good things about you...I went to bed last night with a vision of you next to me. I slept like a baby all night, because I was not feeling alone. When I awoke this morning to see if it was real or if it was a dream, realty hit me that it was only a dream. Very soon, I know that you will be right next me, and that I will not have to dream of it again because you will be right there so we can hold, hug and squeeze each other tight. Baby, I long to be there with you so I can help build you and support you, so that we can accomplish a whole lot together as husband and wife. am so sorry if i am moving this too fast but it just my mind and i have to be open.
Letter 6

My Pretty Holly
How are you doing thanks for the mail and the questions, i want you to know my feelings right now for you is so strong and i really appreciate the feelings you have yourself getting to know more about ourselves we need trust in other to love and we need love in other to trust so all we just have to do is trust in each other and make sure we care about our self, try to know how our days both went.... i am really surprised you printed my pics really..well i was thinking about you so much and cant wait to have you in my arms cos you sound different and like a responsible and honest and caring woman. i appreciate your honesty and i believe it is leading us to a good stage.
i want you to know nothing is moving fast between us, i believe this is how God want it to be and we have to be ready for love is not about me loving you nor you loving me but it is all about creating building a relationship from the beginning till the end. i believe we have both had bad time getting a serious partner but now we met each other and we are meant to be together cos if we are not we would never met and the feelings i have for you is so strong. my middle name is Mark and i am 5:9 tall i went to high school in Florida jasper. i am an Italian American. i have my U.S you dont know where i live well i live in fort worth TX, cool that you know we have enough time to discover ourselves
I am ready for you if truly you are ready just like i told you that if you are willing to trust in a person when all others tell you to go against it, If you are willing to risk getting your heart broken because you believe in that other person, Then that is true love to me cos i believe life is all about risk we have to risk to win or we risk to loose but we all pray to risk and win..i would relocate for you if you truly want me to. i am not a kinda person that has so much friend i dont really believe in friend's as much i only have two friend's one lives in TX and the other lives in New york and i trust and believe them both cos we have been together for long. well talking about my business really i am not that rich but my business can be done anywhere cos half of we Americans we love antiques and most especially sculptural antiques and which is the one i really deal in. and i am very sure we would never regret anything. i want you to know the heart is the most important place to read LOVE cos Love happens whether you want it to or not. Don't try to control it....Don't use your eyes to look for love for it's your heart that knows it. Let yourself make mistakes and do learn from this. It is from this that you will accumulate your knowledge as to whether the person met is the one or not.Everyone is someone's dream..Holly you have been my dream....Love purely and be happy it came in your way If it hurts you then be glad because you've been touched by Love... but i promise my love for you will never hurt you as far as you promise you would never hurt me. so now back to you AM I FOR REAL OR NOT??
Letter 7

Hi My Queen,
Good morning how are you doing this precious morning, how was your night did you sleep well....and how is everyone around you and how are the kids...i really appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know the kinda person you are are someone of a mature person that has understanding and knowledge about what true love and relationship is...i believe we both seems alike on the lie part cos i am too old for liars and cant stand it so i am opened and tell you about it before we move forward in anything cos life is too short....well the true feelings i am asking you for is not you having feelings for me lol the feelings i am talking about important your feelings is when you are in a relationship.
So here goes I am sorry for being nosy and you can tell me it's not my business but I have a question for you. It is a hard one but I was wondering what happened about you and your ex? I realize I may be overstepping but I am curious?
Okay on to more questions what would be your favorite first kiss or kiss combination? Passionate Tongue Twisters,Casual Cupid's Cheek Trick, Tangled Lips and Eager hips, Lips, Ear and Throat,Locked Eyes and Lip Sensations, or Bedroom Bound Body Chargers~ Where do you like to be kissed? How old were you when you got your first romantic kiss? Your first innocent kiss ? Do you remember who they were from? When a relationship is new do you like to take it slow or start with a bang? How many serious relationships have you had? Do you have any that you regretted? If so why? How much personal space do you need in a relationship? How long was your longest relationship? Why did it end? Which characteristics could you live without in a life long partner? Sexiness, intelligence, or nurturing nature~
Where did you grow up? What games did you like to play as a child? What did you want to be when you grew up? When you were a child who was your hero? Tell me a favorite childhood memory? Are you a pet person do you have any pets?
Lastly for now is this something that you truly want be honest are you really ready to put our hearts on the line? Do you feel a chemistry with me? Do you think we would have a passionate relationship?
Letter 8

I am so sorry about that my computer messed up so i had to reload it and it didn't work till now..good morning i will give you a call to start your day.
Letter 9

Good morning my sweetie how are you doing this precious morning how was your night did you sleep very well and how is our kids doing?? i am so sorry for last night i have been busy so much with work and i am having a contract on my way i would reply your e-mail later today and try to be online later tonite.
Letter 10

Good Morning again sweetie before saying anything about my answer let me first say this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WOULD NEVER LET YOU DOWN.
I guess you at work now. Love purely and be happy it came in your way. if it hurts you then be glad because you've been touched by Love.......when it comes down to it, there are only 3 questions to ask yourself: when, where and how. The who and why are beyond your control....the space between what's wrong and right is where you'll find me hiding, waiting for you. don't use your eyes to look for love for it's your heart that knows it. Let yourself make mistakes and do learn from this. It is from this that you will accumulate your knowledge as to whether the person met is the one or not, i really appreciate you asking me enough questions and the more the questions the more we get close and closer i feel we are already close.ever since i have met you online i have been having a big smile on my face like Dallas...
Now back to our Question well telling you about my late wife each time i think about her i cant hold it but tears on my face cos we had the best relationship, the best home,the best family,cos she is most worthy in my life and so each time i talk about her i miss her...but God love her more than i do cos he created us all and knows the reason for everyone of us and we all most die one day and leaving our good works and names down to the generation that follows.well she is a nurse she died while trying to rescue some children and a soldier at the war ground in Iraq....cos she was in the Army nurse.
Well i believe meeting you was luck, getting to know you was God and i am sure loving you would be beyond my first kiss would be Passionate Tongue Twisters cos it freshening my mind and soul..i love to be kissed anywhere cos i am a kinda man that is a physical loving man hold hands in public and private i am not a shy type when it comes to my relationship cos when i say I LOVE YOU i meant it from my heart and could do anything for love,well i got my first Romantic kiss from my first girl friend in college she was adorable but we lost contact and never met ever since we end college. well the Innocent kiss was from her as well....i love taking things slow in relationship cos love is all about taking your time..
Well i have had two good serious relationship in my life the first one was my college girl friend and the second was my late. well i never regretted in any cos they where the best but though they have habits but i abide with it, i believe in one thing when you know someone of there habit just leave them by it and as more as they know you understand them they would always abide as well. i do like space in a relationship...relationship means the whole to you when you have a family you have to be always there for them cos there would never be anywhere like your happy home,so anywhere you are you have to take your time to let them know how you are, and you knowing they are alright i believe the space we just need to have is time for work, fun, meet friends and the rest as to be for family. well my longest relationship was with my late wife and we have been together for past 14yrs but DEATH ENDED IT.
Telling you about where i grew up..well i told you i am basically an Italian i was brought up in Sicily and Florida. GAMES...well i love playing Tennis and Football when i was young. well i have been what i want to be lol i want you to know any situation man found himself he have to be thankful and happy cos God knows the best so i believe where i am is my aim. when i was young i love watching INDIAN MOVIE and my child hood hero was AMITABH BACHCHAN. memory well the first time i felt in LOVE it was like a miracle...Sure i am a Pet Person i have a Dog
I just want you to know you have me and i would never let you down.

Letter 11

hmmmmm i have had alot of lost in my life just like i have told you, my parent are dead they died in an auto accident. thanks for all the compliment but that is just me i have two good friend's who are my close one they live in the state one lives in New york and the other in TX here as soon as we meet you would know them. well about Tamara she does had an accent too but she is quite cool at the accent lol... and yes she is my world and you are my heart.
talking about me in my high school i am just me gentle and responsible no bad gang but sometimes naughty and i love sport and the sport i play in school back then was basket ball.
the interest in antiques came from my father that is what my father does and very expert in it, so i am his son and thank God for him being my father..back in the days he calls me little Italian.
about meeting you i said that in my first mail and i would repeat it again here..Well i believe meeting you was luck, getting to know you was God and loving you is beyond my control. cos you are so special.
Letter 12

Lol sweetie i dont speak Hindi but i love their films cos it was an old film then and they translate it.
Letter 13

"If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious." --1 Peter 2:3
If: --then, this is not a matter to be taken for granted concerning everyone of the human race. "If:" --then there is a possibility and a probability that some may not have tasted that the Lord is gracious. "If:" --then this is not a general but a special mercy; and it is needful to enquire whether we know the grace of God by inward experience. There is no spiritual favour which may not be a matter for heart searching.
But while this should be a matter of earnest and prayerful inquiry, no one ought to be content whilst there is any such thing as an "if" about his having tasted that the Lord is gracious. A jealous and holy distrust of self may give rise to the question even in the believer's heart, but the continuance of such a doubt would be an evil indeed. We must not rest without a desperate struggle to clasp the Saviour in the arms of faith, and say, "I know whom I have believed, and I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him." Do not rest, O believer, till thou hast a full assurance of thine interest in Jesus. Let nothing satisfy thee till, by the infallible witness of the Holy Spirit bearing witness with thy spirit, thou art certified that thou art a child of God. Oh, trifle not here; let no "perhaps" and "peradventure" and "if" and "maybe" satisfy thy soul. Build on eternal verities, and verily build upon them. Get the sure mercies of David, and surely get them. Let thine anchor be cast into that which is within the veil, and see to it that thy soul be linked to the anchor by a cable that will not break. Advance beyond these dreary "ifs;" abide no more in the wilderness of doubts and fears; cross the Jordan of distrust, and enter the Canaan of peace, where the Canaanite still lingers, but where the land ceaseth not to flow with milk and honey.
Letter 14

Thanks for getting back to me honey, i really appreciate you taking your time to write me and i love you so much, honey i am heading to Malaysia tomorrow morning and i would be back thursday unfainlenly and i would like to meet you by then as soon as i am coming from this trip i would want to come to meet you. just tell me the name of the nearest airport to you and a modereate hotel where i can lodge that i wouldnt spend too much what do you think let me know get back to me asap. Always
Letter 15

Good morning my Queen how are you doing today and how are the kids doing?? how is work going with you, i promised myself to write you this morning cos i couldn't come online last night i have been so busy with work..cos i am having a business trip i need to leave for this weekend that i would be back on Wednesday unfailingly that is all that has been making my day so hard. I want you to know all this are from my heart the feelings i got when going to bed last night was all about you.
Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you.
It might be all the things I see on the surface, the things that everyone notices and admires about you, qualities, capabilities and a wonderful smile obviously connected to a warm and loving heart; these things set you apart from everyone else. But it may also be the big things ... the person you really are that I hope to know more someday.
And it might also be the little things ... the way you typed and all your actions. I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes. If I ever figure out the magic that makes you so special, I'd probably find out that it's a combination of all these things. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You are really amazing.
Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. i got awake in the night thinking of you , I realize that you've been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing I'd rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you,
Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you.
Love Always,
Letter 16

"The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me." --Psalm 138:8
Most manifestly the confidence which the Psalmist here expressed was a divine confidence. He did not say, "I have grace enough to perfect that which concerneth me--my faith is so steady that it will not stagger--my love is so warm that it will never grow cold--my resolution is so firm that nothing can move it; no, his dependence was on the Lord alone. If we indulge in any confidence which is not grounded on the Rock of ages, our confidence is worse than a dream, it will fall upon us, and cover us with its ruins, to our sorrow and confusion. All that Nature spins time will unravel, to the eternal confusion of all who are clothed therein. The Psalmist was wise, he rested upon nothing short of the Lord's work. It is the Lord who has begun the good work within us; it is he who has carried it on; and if he does not finish it, it never will be complete. If there be one stitch in the celestial garment of our righteousness which we are to insert ourselves, then we are lost; but this is our confidence, the Lord who began will perfect. He has done it all, must do it all, and will do it all. Our confidence must not be in what we have done, nor in what we have resolved to do, but entirely in what the Lord will do. Unbelief insinuates-- "You will never be able to stand. Look at the evil of your heart, you can never conquer sin; remember the sinful pleasures and temptations of the world that beset you, you will be certainly allured by them and led astray." Ah! yes, we should indeed perish if left to our own strength. If we had alone to navigate our frail vessels over so rough a sea, we might well give up the voyage in despair; but, thanks be to God, he will perfect that which concerneth us, and bring us to the desired haven. We can never be too confident when we confide in him alone, and never too much concerned to have such a trust.
Letter 17

Good Morning my sweetie pie how are you doing this precious Sunday, how are the kids and how has everything been with you and how has work been. i arrived here in Malaysia safely morning time here. i went for the meeting and just got back in the Hotel room and i decided to write you cos i have missed you so much it is 8:50pm here Sunday evening in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, i want you to know you have been on my mind all day when i couldn't e-mail you yesterday nor read your mail i felt as if i empty and i really enjoyed all the mail you sent me they did made my day and i love reading them and i am happy for you about what your father did for you. Tamara is fine as well and she said she cant wait to meet you in person and meet her brother's. what do you think about that.
I am really waiting for the day that we can meet face to face. I know it's has only been a few days since we met online, but I feel like I have known you forever.i want you to know you have been my family my duty and my everything we are now one,and about me coming to your house when i am visiting you i think it is fine with me and i really appreciate you for doing that, i would love to meet your family and our kids and if i may ask did you tell our kids about me and if you did what did they say are they ready to meet me and their sister?
Every time I e-mail you on the wed site, my heart skips a beat. You take my breath away. I love your words so much already and we haven't even met in person. I understand that you have a very important job to do and i do have a very important job as well but, when I don't get to chat with you I feel so empty. I miss you so much. I am really waiting for the first time that we will meet and talk about love. I know it will be an experience that we both will enjoy and cherish for the rest of our lives. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone like you if you would allow me and no one else.
Every time your name is mentioned, my face lights up and I get a smile on my face bigger than Dallas. I know us being apart like this is a challenge for the both of us. God is seeing if we can make it even though we are apart. If we can stay together until we can be together, then there will be no one who will ever be able to separate us or what do you think?
I had a good feeling come over me when I first saw you on my list. You are a very Charming woman. You take my breath away every time I get to see you. I have this feeling deep down that this relationship is going to work. You promised me that you wouldn't hurt me, so I am going to hold you to that promise.and i will never hurt you too,cos i believe our relationship is fresh and let just make it feel as if it has been for long .Love is a very powerful word. When you tell someone that you love them you have to truly mean it from the bottom of your heart. I have this feeling that you really, truly mean it from the bottom of your heart and i mean it also.
Baby, you are the best thing that has ever come into my life in a very long time. I have been hurt so many times in the past that it takes a lot for me to trust someone. The first time I saw your profile and chat with you, I had this gut feeling that you and I were going to be together, and for a very long time. still going to wait on you to what you gonna say about this. Please don't tell me you wouldn't give me a chance to love you forever. I hope I'm not over burdening you with all these love things but I do feel for you and you have me forever if you want me? Thank you so much for coming into the dating site so i can meet you. about your question yes i did ask if you felt any chemistry between us and yes i do and i believe God is by us and i love and adore you so much you are such a darling and a sweet woman so caring and understanding. i just want you to know i love you so much i want you to know you are mine and mine forever but i just need a proof that you wouldn't let me down or hurt me, that is why i keep on asking question cos i am scared because i have loved you more than you would ever think. You can ask anymore question if you don't mind..
Love always
Anthony M
Letter 18

Good Morning how are you doing this precious morning, how are you doing and how are my boys doing, i just came back from the meeting and submitted my proposal i came online to send you a message before heading out to catch fun and snap some pictures for you... you are the most special woman in my life i want you to know we immediately connected in such a way, that it lifted us above all else. Physically, it was so passionate, yet so spiritually uplifting... that's what "making love" is. It's spiritual, yet passionate, at the same time. Our intellectual, genuine approach of sincerity, and a pure and true appreciation for one another from when first we chat was the purest form of affection that I have ever experienced. Now it's gone, at least for now.
I have always been a very strong person, but as you can plainly see, I am hopelessly lost. Like a little child that's alone too long. However, on occasion I can hear you in the hotel and for a moment, all is right in the world. I haven't thanked you lately for shining your light on my life.
I woke up this morning, and hear someone in the shower,but it's just my thinking my heart, my mind. But I thank God for the heart, every time I feel it, because when you are apart from your one and only soul mate, you learn to appreciate the little things that you shared, even more than before.i couldn't believe i could share your feelings from all we say.
I have the strongest faith, and confidence, that neither one of us truly knew what a real love could be, until we met. Nor what real passion was before we made to say i love you for the first time to each other. We have made it; we just have to trust one another enough to not be afraid of how overwhelming our love can are my sunrises and sunsets, every single day. You are my heart and soul - never have I met anyone with your kind spirit and loving heart. I am truly sorry if I ever have let an opportunity slip by without letting you know how special you are.
I will love you always,
Letter 19

honey where are you?? i really need to talk to i am dead i am finished please come online right now !!!! I Believe If It Doesn't Feel Right. It's Not Of God !!!
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