Romance scam letter(s) from Clifford Johnson to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Thank you for accepting my friendship
you are sweet
yes dear. i want to know more about
eveAre you married with kids? What kind of work do you do ? Do you live in china right now Did you go to work today? How many hours you work daily
i want to know everything okay
hello sweetheart how are you i hope you are sweet and fine has always
am great dearest. do you have mail so i could write you
Letter 2

Hello dearest is Cliff,am a contractor,i lost my wife 6years ago,i have a daughter she is 17 years now I'm basically a very positive person who also loves humor and laughter and would like someone with an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude who can see the funny side of life, someone who is open and willing to learn new things. I like to share things I learn and am open to learning new things as well. I have a passion for music and a curiosity for life. To find a woman who loves to dance would be a miracle, but not impossible I believe, even if rare, but definitely a bonus, but not a requirement! lol I also love a gentlewoman who knows how to treat a man like a baby and a baby like a man. Romance and passion are important as well.i Like everyone I talk to I want the whole enchalata, including chemistry tell me more abour yourself because i want our friendship to be base on our past and present,
i want to know what turn you on and off,what's your favourite colour,your favourite food,have a house,your pet's name,
what are your hobbies,Sorry can i ask you a question,Tell me more about your love life.
Your favourite place which you will love to go to if given the opportunity,
What is your ideal man,Your favourite colour,Do you smoke or drink,
Letter 3

hello dearest does age really matter in a relationship,what matter is love,my love how are you doing,i hope that you are having a great weekend,i dream of you last night,i was thinking about you and feel that how it could be when we are together,i really looking forward to come to you very soon,i want you to know that i will treat you well and love you for life,i need you with all my heart
my dearest i love you from the heart
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