Romance scam letter(s) from Victor Francis to Sara (Egypt)
Letter 1

Hello my dear my name is Badie francies Awdallah I am 62 years old an Egyptian citizen living in madinaty city new cairo.
I work as a surgeon for the government here.
I am very lonely and seeking a beautiful woman like you. Please my kitty can you be my wife?
Letter 2

wow my love thanks for the lovely photos you are very beautiful and I would love to marry you immediately.
please I have money and I promise to pay you back
my dear but at the moment my money is frozen in the banks
could you send me the money my love and I’ll book you a ticket.
Letter 3

Thanks my sweet kitten I can’t wait to marry you.
Letter 4

Hi my sweetheart do you have the money yet I am so lonely and lost without you.
I downloaded all your photos on my phone for .blank. you excite me as you are very beautiful
please baby the money send your hopeless romantic
Badie Francies Awdallah
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