Romance scam letter(s) from Grant Doyle to Irina (Belarus)
Letter 1

How are you doing today Irina? Please you can tell me some more about yourself so i can know you better and I will also say more about mine too. Have a nice day Grant
Letter 2

I am glad to hear from you and Yes i can understand how busy with work and other personal issues. Well i will have to say some more detail things about myself so you can know me better. I am from America. widowed with one daughter. I work as an Independent contractor in oil field, I live in my own house and am very hard working man, kind, honest and passionate. I like sports, cooking, travelling and music. I find very good attraction in you there from that Okc dating and hope we can keep in good contact because i really like you at first sight and I want a good relationship with you. Meeting in person is never a problem for us because i enjoy travelling and am willing to get into a closer relationship with you. what is your kind of job there? have you met some other men there in Okc dating before me? you date with a foreign man outside your country before in your life? Yes i have facebook before but i forget the password as i don't use it for long time. But we can as well communicate directly with yahoo messenger if you have that and your always free to ask me any more questions that you still want to know from me okay. I am very honest and open minded man. Take good care and I look forward to your next letter, Grant
Letter 3

Hello Dear Irina, Hope you get my previous letter above? please read and reply me so we try to keep in good contact and continue to know each other more well okay. Take care, Grant
Letter 4

Hello Irina, I am glad your fine and yes i can understand how busy with work every where but yes we can try to always make out some nice time for our good communication will be good for us OK. My daughter is 16 years old and am single for for 4 years now. Oh you have met some man from the Okc dating and why you seprate from him? his from your country? Is just you i choose from there and I will be glad that we can share beautiful relationship together. I do not use skype because is complicated here and viber now. The facebook i have but long time ago i never use so i have forgotten the password but for yahoo i have and hope you can try to open that will be good for our direct communication okay. So what are your hobbies? what month were you born? I wish you a happy day there and I look forward to your next letter. Grant
Letter 5

Hello Dear Irina, I just hope that your really serious with me to share nice relationship because i do know that no matter how busy at work then must always try to make out some nice time for the ones special for you. I wait your reply to my letter above and Take good care of yourself. Grant
Letter 6

Dear Irina,, Nice to hear from you and am about to go for my lunch and now you just replied my letter. Yeah your right as everyone in life know that the kind of partner he wants. But as for first sight from that Okc i really like you and hope you like me too! Your the only woman that i communicate with now and am very serious to build something very close towards you. I like sports, music, going for concerts, cooking and travelling. I like pets too and nature. Please you can try to create the yahoo mail account so we can use for direct in chat sometimes will be good for us okay. If you have more photos your free to send to me and please your always free to asked me more things that you still want to know from me okay. Have a nice day there too and Take care! Grant
Letter 7

This my most personal email so you can write me here and how have you been doing? Grant
Letter 8

Hope your enjoying the Xmas period there with your family? And please here we can continue to communicate OK. I wish you a good weekend there, Grant
Letter 9

Dear Irina, Yes all is well with us here and we all have already went for shopping and is already Christmas peroid and we celebrate all day. But am still working and not on vacation yet but towards 25th i should have and what about you? have you get some presents for your family and yourself yet? Remember that i told you am single for while now and that is why i register at the Okc and only you caught my good attention there so hope we can always keep in good communication from now and see how beautiful this relationship can lead us and sure when in the right time i can travel to your country and meet you in person. So please be aware that our distance means nothing between us. So for how long are you single now? do you communicate with some other man there in Okc or just me? Are you willing to share closer relationship with me? Please send me more of your photos and I will also send mine as well OK. Do enjoy your weekend and my regards to your daughter and what her name please? I already save your phone number to my phone and I will call when i can and do you use WhatApp? Grant
Letter 10

Hello My Dear Irina
I really feel so happy to hear your sweet voice the other day and I like you true from the very first sight. I just hope that we will always make out some good time for our nice communication and if possible to delete our both profile from that Okc dating. Because we are both adults and as we like each other then we just need to focus on us and build good relationship to a beautiful future together and when in the right time i can go there in your country to meet you in person. Anyways i still wait for your reply from my previous letter above and here is my WhatApp number, +1(619)468_8871, So please you can try to add me and then write me there and I will reply immediately i get your message. You said on the phone that you dont know how to use the WhatApp application right? but just try to download first and then see if you can add me but if hard for you then just let me know and I will direct you on how to do it OK. Please take very good care of yourself and my regards to your family there. Some sweet hugs, Grant

Letter 11

Hello Dear Irina, I am glad to hear from you and I can understand how busy everyone with family over this Xmas peroid and so to me here too! I am with my family and we are enjoying here and everyone is very happy. Yes i was using the skype before and is complicated to me so i delete but i have the WhatApp and yahoo can also show video if you want. So lets try to connect in any of this two i mentioned is nice for us okay. I am very good man and I really need sincere relationship to a good future with you. Some questions that i asked you above from my previous letter and hope you received it? I asked so i can know more about you, past and present life now and your always free to asked me anything anytime as well and like this we will keep knowing each other more closer till in the right time when we can meet in person. I am willing to travel any where to meet you when in the right time for us. I wish you enjoyable Xmas along with your family and do have fun and be assured that we all are doing great here as well! Yours,
Letter 12

I guess your still very busy my Dear Irina and did you get my letter above before here? Well i will try to add you in whatApp so from there we can talk direct sometimes too because i can see that you hardly use your email. Take good care, Grant
Letter 13

Hello Dear Irina, I send you my photo with daughter and hope you like as well. My daughters name is Kelly and she is 16 years old, I am 48 years now and for like 6 years now amd widowed and never have a serious relationship till now and that is the main reason why i register there at the OKC dating and I find good interest in you. So you must be sure that your the only woman that i communicate with and no one else. I like you from the very first sight and remember i mentioned this before. I am a matured man so i always go after things i like and willing to get closer to you. I know that we live far away from each other now but the distance does not matter because when in the right time i can travel there to your country and meet you in person and am also willing to relocate. I live here in the city of New York, Manhanttan"in my own house with nice green garden at the exterior. I live with my daughter, mom and a nanny who helps to care for them, dad is late long time ago. I am the only child of my parents and sometimes it makes me feel lonely but am use to it and really want to settle down with a good woman and your the only one that i talk with right now and I hope we can focus on each other and build happy relationship to a good future together. I work as a Marine Engineer and sometimes we go for offshore work in the sea by ship or boat. My job is busy but i like what i do and now i already resume work but New Year will be off again and what exactly you do in your own job there and hope you like what you do as well? do you have some siblings there? what month is your birthday? I have tried to add your number in my WhatApp but cant find you there or you dont use whatApp? do you have viber? you can add my number there, +1 (619)468-8871. Please take good care of yourself and my regards to your beautiful daughter, I like we try to always keep in good communication will help us continue to get more closer and know each other more OK. My warm regards, Grant
Letter 14

Good Morning My Dearest, I can see your beautiful photos there too and is much snow there same as here in my city but is good you both always wear thick cloths to cover the body against cold. Your so sweet woman and do you know i keep thinking of you always. Even am busy here with personal things and work but i must always some nice times for you because your important in my life now and our good communication is very important for us for a success relationship and future together. And please be aware that i can always go there in your country anytime to meet you in person because am very serious to get closer to your life and build good future together. As am alone for long time and now your in my life and I am very happy. Yes please you delete your profile from the OKC dating and i will also do miine too so we can focus on each other and build happy future together, by Monday i will start my work again and I wish you beautiful weekend with your and family. My regards to everyone there! I send you warm sweet hugs and passionate tender kisses! Yours Affectionate,
Letter 15

Hello My Sweetie! I hope your having good day at your work over there? And please you must take good care of yourself and remember that we are together now and your never alone, so please anything just always let me know because i always want is your happiness because your so dear to my life now. Maybe you still not understand how i really like, cherish and want us together but am just working so hard so i can have my long vacation soon so i can go there in your country and meet you in person, we spend nice times together and then plan more for our future and be happy together. Just now all we need is good attention and communication, no matter how busy we are! Because we are important to each other so please we must try our best to always communicate well okay. Your free to call me on the phone anytime as well. Honey, I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know that you are the one that I love and I can't let you go.....and remember that distance doesn't matter if we really love the person, what matters most is our honesty and trust for that relationship to work we gonna be together soon. I send you sweet kisses and warm hugs! With Love! Yours Affectionate,
Letter 16

My Beautiful Sweetie, Since the day we first met from OKC,
I knew it was love,
Is our destiny to meet from there,
you came down from above... You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
for the first time ever,
it was more than just lust... Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared... Every day I wake up,
with a smile a mile long,
I know that we are solid,
I know that we are strong... So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you. I send you some photos of me and hope you like them! I love you Sweetie and I wish you good weekend there! Your Only Love!
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