Romance scam letter(s) from Philip George to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

hello pretty , how are you doing today?
yes dear you welcome where you from?
ok im from uk dear how is life there ? longtime dear
Letter 2

wow that is nice im here to look for true relationship i want to settle my life now dear
Letter 3

In which country do you want to settele Down? Does your Work take you to different countries, so you could be in a exotic, warm and sunny place now? 11 hours ago
sorry for late reply dear you know i am working here in syria with my un government my contract finish next year
it scary here my dear what are you doing now dear
i am a surgeon doc general
yes but i really want to know more about you which country you are now dear? how old are you? and are you married with kids?
Letter 4

we can be friends right? ok thank you tell me when you will be online so can chat to know each other more
where you from ? and what is your name i am garrett by name and you?
ok are on yahoo mail i mean do you have yahoo mail? hello dear, are you still with me or you are busy now
ok dear i thought you are busy with your work
why you retired dear it a nice job? how old are you now?
it really good to retire dear do you have kids leaving with you?
ok that good dear will you want to meet me one day?
yes i know that but i still understand you so dont worry about it ok
Letter 5

i just come online now im doing fine and you?
how are you doing today? why dear? i really want to know you i like you
Letter 6

do you have boyfriend here
can you marry with me? i had strange feeling towards you ever since we meet here i know it is very difficult but that is how i feel i can't hide it any more i always see you in my dreams
I am very open minded about "the woman of my dreams". Age, circumstances,Beauty, distance are NOT important. You could be 25 or 55, live next door or 300 miles away, a waitress or a makes no difference... I'll know you are the one when we meet.
here is my email ( i am so much happy to chat you
Letter 7

i am doing well dear, i miss you here you scared me can we chat? mmmmmm.. do you love me? do you have yahoo messenger?
Letter 8

i am not doing fine why you don't chat me i am jealous
Letter 9

you know i want you tell me you real name my dear
i am doing fine by the grace of God, thank God work is also okay and you?
Letter 10

yes am doing good just that i miss you so much here i wanna chat with you dear please i miss you my love

Letter 11

ok, good morning my love
i don't care dear, tell you hate me don't tell me i am too young i am a man
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