Romance scam letter(s) from Kevin Andino to Judy (Canada)
Letter 1

You came in my life like a ray of hope. You came to me like someone who had just one purpose in life and that was to love me to the core and set my soul free. Your love has completely changed everything around me and made every single moment of my life so beautiful that I am mesmerized to the core. You have brought the brightness of a thousand splendid suns in my life. I want to spend every single moment of my life wrapped up in your arms. I want to keep my head on your chest, close my eyes and let everything else around me fade away. I love you so much that one lifetime is not enough to show you how much my heart and soul are brimming with love for you. Sometimes I wonder is this the right world for a love like ours. I wonder are we placed perfectly in this world to love each other just the way we want to. I wish we could together fly away to a far away place where it?s just the two of us and our splendid love. You are my soul mate ..You are my true love! You are a gift for my soul from the heaven above. I wish to thank the entire universe for bringing us together. Out love shall forever remain honest, deep and true. I am madly crazily and hopelessly in love with you my shining star. Thank God for giving me a perfect gift; In your arms i gonna be forever my cutie princess. Love ya always. Xoxo Goodmorning
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