Romance scam letter(s) from Greg Cox to Elite (USA)
Letter 1

I am Greg. I have been divorce for 4 years..I wonder sometimes why we get hurt by the people that we care about...I caught my ex cheating on me,that's the reason I divorced... My achievement with my profession at its peak means nothing to me until I can have someone to share my dreams with.I own a construction company Oasis Maritime construction Company..we are involved with oil rigs construction, we build/install and maintain oil website. I am Originally from Poland, I attended Gdynia Maritime University where I obtained my BSC degree in Marine Engineering and obtained a MSC from Warsaw University of Technology. My friends say I am humble, understanding, friendly , funny and some just say I am a good friend with a basic understanding and value for true friendship. My wealth of experience gathered through work trips is really a plus to my person and if you don't mind I could share lots about my experience. Life is a great teacher and I think you just might be in a better position to tell me what kind of person I am which I am optimistic would be a positive remark.Spontaneous is a word to describe me. Work has provided me the best of life experience although it’s very stressful but the bulk of experience would further assist me in managing my life with that of my special woman. I like swimming and exploring nature on the walking trails of the state parks. I love to spend time walking on paths in natural gorges with running water and waterfalls.I like animals, my dogs are special to me (Coco and Prada). I don't smoke ,drink socially and have a very straight sexual orientation. I love to go tent camping in the woods. I also love taking a jet ski out on the lake! If I am home. I really do enjoy yard work taking care of the bushes, flowers and cutting the grass, I take pride in my lawn. I enjoy watching humor movies, and when it comes to music, i prefer to listen to r&b.My favorite romantic activity is any outdoor romance. Favorite Music Video- RUSH in RIO DVD, the concert in Maracana stadium. Current Favorite Artists / Bands I don't have a clue about the new music artists playing on the radio nowadays. I haven't watched the Gramme's in years. Favorite Movies My favorite movies are Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The soundtrack in that movie was non-stop and kept the action moving. I love the line "Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones"!! Favorite TV Shows I enjoy watching are the old television shows that are on Nick at Night such as the Andy Griffith Show, Get Smart, Partridge Family, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Quincy MD., Love Boat, Fantasy Island, M*A*S*H, Three's Company. Ok, enough going down memory lane. If you would like to talk about television shows that are on nowadays, I enjoy watching; Power, Katla, The Outpost, The Kingdom, The A list, Oz.
I am a news junkie so you will frequently find the TV turned on to CNN OR BBC news Favorite Books -Anything written by H.A. Rey!! Hope you understand, if not look up what he wrote. Vince Flynn is one of my favorite authors. His protagonist character, Mitch Rapp, is the epitome of what all American males would love to be. I also enjoy books by James Baldacci, some of his bests novels are Split Second, Hour Game, Camel Club. You may know who Mitch Album is, he wrote Tuesday with Morrie and the Five People you Meet in Heaven. I also like John Grisham novels, and his novel BLEACHERS will touch the hearts of every guy who remembers his high school sports days. I have read all four of Dan Brown's novels, I read The DaVinci Code long before it was common and popular. The movie was predictable, it followed the book page by page. Favorite Quote-To start, press any key. Hey, where is the ANYKEY? Please feel invited to say anything, to share your intentions, your objectives in detail as much as you feel fit doing . Love knows no bounds but what you put in is what you get out of any venture in life..hope to hear from you. Greg
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