Romance scam letter(s) from Liam Alexander to Dobby (USA)
Letter 1

Hello madam... We the vacation UN unity receive your message. And we will have to inform Dr. Liam Alexander if he is aware or you contacting the UN vacation unit. Give us 15mins time before we get in touch with Dr. Liam Alexander and if he is fully aware of it then we the UN vacation unit will guard you on the steps to follow and also on how you can pay for the necessary charges. Yours Mr Ferguson
Letter 2

We have successfully confirmed from Dr. Liam Alexander and he said he is fully aware of you applying for a leave to join you in United States of America. Now our leaves here are varies on how many months and you can said applying from this below: 1. 2 weeks cost $5,795 2. 1 month cost $11,590 3. 2 months cost $23,180 4. 3 months cost $46,360 So you will have to choose from the list above how long you want your fiance Dr. Liam Alexander to be with you? To proceed with the leave for your fiance Dr. Liam Alexander you have to make payment immediately or inform us the vacation unit on when you can make the necessary payment on whatever of those list you choose above. And please note that we are always here to guard you and direct you in whatever way. Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3

Ok Madam... When do you think you can make the payment and when you are sending the money it should be through Bitcoin
Letter 4

HELLO MADAM... GOOD MORNING... madam yes it in US dollars... Dr Liam Alexander came to the office this afternoon telling the office manager you would want to send the money in cards... We the UN permission has no problem with that just that you should be faster so he would be the next person to be approved...
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