Romance scam letter(s) from Johnson to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello.... how are you today. can i be your friend, if you don't mind....thanks
Letter 2

I'm doing good too..thanks Is really nice to meet you my look so humble and beautiful....what is your name? Good....I'm Johnson by name, from Aberdeen United Kingdom...I'm a widower, single father to a boy of 13 years old now......I'm a civil Engineer by profession 18 years experience now....i'm single now, and seriously searching for a good and honest woman to spend the rest of my life with.. Can you tell me little about yourself?
Letter 3

Hello my dearest are you today? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend dearest? My is good too thanks Merry Christmas to you my are you today? I'm celebrating it alone, because my family is not here with me, and my work here in Asia doesn't give me the chance to travel back to my country this Xmas.....but i have already spoke with my mom and my son and wish them Merry Christmas also. I'm just all alone here in my room. So how will you celebrate yours? Yeah, that would have been a good idea......but i prefer staying alone here in Asia, because here is a Muslin country, and i'm a Christian. Are you married, and do you have a kid
Letter 4

He's a big boy already, I'm so mush happy for you daerest You live with him or you live alone?
Letter 5 remember me in your prayers okay? I prayd for all my friends Hello dearest, how are you today? Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Holiday?
Letter 6

Good....i'm happy to hear that dearest Oh you have facebook ID, maybe we can be chatting from facebook okay. How are you today dearest. Send me your facebook name, so that i can search you from here okay..thanks. Maybe you don't want us to be more close and know each other more better. Why are you giving me conditions....if you don't want us to be friends no problems okay.......I'm not here for fun......My reason of chatting from here is to fined a good woman to marry and settle down with okay....maybe you don't like me.
Letter 7

Age doesn't count okay.....age is just a me what that matters so is what we feel for each other okay......from your picture here you still look so young and beautiful..if you are really the person i'm seeing here in this picture. All we need now is constant chatting okay.....i believe from there we can be more close and know more about each other okay........Or don't you want to keep a relationship any longer? Just put age aside okay....I'm a matured and responsible man...i have my choice and i go for what i want okay...i saw your age here before writing you. And what you have to consider is, if i don't like you from here i won't have send you a message or to reply yours let's be matured here and be very open to each other okay.
Letter 8

If you are concern of my Happiness, then you have to accept me okay......because is you that i like, and will love to know more and live with together forever okay........The more you sound these way, the more i like you okay....Lets give this relationship a try, and i promise you will never regret it okay. I don't mind or care about your age my dearest...all i care for is my happiness and i sincere believe that i can get that love and caring from you okay Hello my are you today?
Letter 9

Hello dearest...happy new year to you and your family Happy new year to you too. Sorry for such a late answer Hello my are you today? Hope you are always in a good health my dearest?
I'm doing good too..... How is your family and everyone around you dearest?
Letter 10

Yes of course dearest.....but for me here, i never had any holiday i'm still working everyday here my dearest...

Letter 11

Hello are you doing today? I'm doing great too......what are you doing now, and what's the time there now?
Mine was so lonely..but never mind. How are you today? Are you working today...hope you are always taking good care of yourself?
I'm doing good here also...but always busy with my work here in Asia Will you mind to call me on phone someday?
Letter 12

I'm just doing my best here my dearest Hope you are doing good as well? Woow!! i wish i'm there with you this season of snow I really miss you my dearest
Can i hear your beautiful voice is my can call me now my love
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