Romance scam letter(s) from David to Ekaterina (Russia)
Letter 1

how are you doing? dear you look cute, please permit me to say i like you. i would like to communicate with you. i wait for your lovely response. cheers,
Letter 2

greetings from my heart; i got your message, i wouldnt mind to say i like you. how are you doing today, and how about everyone around you? i hope you all are good and healthy. am single (widowed) with one son, i am from a very simple family and i am the only child of my parents. i am a petrochemical engineer by profession and you? how old are you? whats your job?
Letter 3

hi dear, i received your message, im also glad that you responded. i guess the best way to get acquainted is to let you know few things about me. i’m a private contractor; i specialize on corrosion treatment in oil pipe line both offshore and onshore. i am from arizona, usa, but live and brought up here in scotland, united kingdom. i was born a single child and raised by a single mother. i dont know my dad, but i learnt hes from arizona. i have never seen him all my life, dont even know what he looks like like. my sad story starts immediately after my high school graduation. i lost the only thing i have in my whole wide world (my mum). it was very hard on me then, even till today i cant imagine that i survived the tragedy that befall me. there is a say that says that "there is always a light at the end of a tunnel" i guess god was my strength. i later got scholarship to study metallurgical and materials engineering in university of manchester. i met my late wife (aliz), a hungarian during my school days. she was in the same faculty with me and we later got married after graduation and decided to go to tucson , arizona my home town for our honeymoon. god blessed our marriage with the fruit of the womb and she put to bed a baby boy james .
Letter 4

life bounced back on me again when aliz started developing problem in her breast, at times she will wake up with a blood stains on her blouse. we thought it was a minor thing until it got worst, and then we went to a specialist who diagnosed her and found out that it was a cancer in her breast. the doctor recommended chemo treatment which she refused because of phobia for chemo. after sometime, it got worst and she was scheduled for a surgery. she died two days after the unsuccessful surgery. i lost the very woman that makes me a complete man to cancer. i wish i could turn the hands of time but god knows the best.....he gives and takes every good thing in live.
Letter 5

A year later it was a hard thing to take care of James all alone; coupled with the nature of my job. So I decided to take him to stay with the grandparents where he could be taken care of: though it was an agreement between me and the grandparents. I visit him regularly most especially when I’m free or when I have a contract in Europe. I miss him so much and he means the whole world to me. My dream is to get married and bring him back in the states. I want to watch my son grow... I want to be the best Dad he would ever have in life.... I want to take a walk in sunset and go to park with him, buy him Ice Cream and let it splash on his face just for fun, because he is my world. Are you in relationship now? Who is your ideal man and what is the deepest desire you required from an ideal man?
Letter 6

I look forward establishing a quality relationship with you. Cheers
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