Romance scam letter(s) from David Masson to Lucy (Italy)
Letter 1

Lucy, I feel terrible. I am to blame for all these.
I don't know if you would ever be able to forgive me. Please deny any affiliations you have with me.
Tell him you haven't known me for long and it's nothing going on between us.
Please try to pacify him in the meantime.
I would take responsibility.
I would be hoping for a reply from you.
Letter 2

Love, that would be great.
But you know Turkey's not my home.
And I am here on work purposes.
It won't be fair to have you here at this time. That's why I want you to pacify him or find a way to make things work.
I still keep my promise to you. I'll come to Sardinia and pick you up in the soonest time possible.
I am really saddened by this. Please let me know if you are safe.
I love you Puppy
Letter 3

It's alright sweetheart. I'll be expecting you in Turkey by Sunday.
I'm really sorry putting you through so much stress.
Please let me know if I can call you anytime.
Letter 4

I'm waiting to hear from you love
Letter 5

Please text me when you can
Letter 6

I'm beginning to suspect you are deliberately cutting me off Lucy. What went wrong Puppy?
Letter 7

Can I have the address of your shop at least, I'll be coming to Sardinia. I'm applying for a leave. I don't feel comfortable leaving you in this alone.
I'll call you when I'm settled in Italy.
Letter 8

Hey baby.
Just want to let you know I'll be in Olbia by the weekend.
I don't know if you will receive this message.
But I'll look for you my love.
I'll scour the whole of Olbia if that's what I have to do.
I Love You Lucy
And I'm coming for you
Letter 9

I'll contact you again Lucy.
I really wish you find the happiness I could not give you.
Find someone you love and do the things you said you would do with me.
You were the best part of my life during those 10 weeks.
I'll contact you again someday. Surely.
Until then, be safe and happy. I don't deserve your friendship, but I would appreciate it.
I am sorry for the obvious.
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